Miniatures One+Two: Two Sequences of Tiny Masterpieces from 1980 and 2000

Miniatures One+Two: Two Sequences of Tiny Masterpieces from 1980 and 2000


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Release Date: 02/11/2014
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929136120
catalogNumber: 361
Rank: 63338


Disc 1

  1. Bum Love
  2. We're a Happy Family/Bali Ha'i
  3. Wreck of the Hesperus
  4. Green and Pleasant
  5. Mine Tonight
  6. My Way
  7. Rangers in the Night
  8. Opus
  9. Body Language
  10. Andy the Dentist
  11. Wagner's Ring in One Minute
  12. Entire Works of Henry Cow
  13. Look Beneath the Surface
  14. Weekend
  15. With Wings Pressed Back
  16. Cum on Feel the Noize
  17. Toscany In Blue (Last Minute)
  18. End To a Matter
  19. One Minute in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
  20. Alice
  21. John Peel Sings the Blues Badly
  22. Serrons Nous Les Coudes
  23. Sounds That Saved My Life
  24. Miniature
  25. History of Rock 'n' Roll
  26. Breather
  27. Enterbrain Exit
  28. Imaginary Orchestrina
  29. Stop the Music for a Minute
  30. Tetrad
  31. Sweetest Love (Lament After a Broken Sashcord)
  32. Tipperary
  33. Beach Double
  34. Scene De Ballet
  35. Brooch Boat
  36. Do Tell Us
  37. Miniaturization of Bartok's Sonata for Two Pianos and Percus
  38. Swift One
  39. Refreshment Break
  40. Night Touch
  41. Racing Poodles
  42. After Mendelssohn (137 Years)
  43. Paint It Black
  44. Arthur's Treat
  45. Talking World War III Blues
  46. 89 90 91 92
  47. Index of Ends
  48. James Mark and Me
  49. Hep
  50. Minute Warp
  51. Chorale
  52. One Minutes Silence
  53. Miniatures Miniature

Disc 2

  1. Jump Time
  2. It's Coming (A Fanfare for the Millenium)
  3. Beacon of Hope
  4. Chakras
  5. 2000 Lights
  6. Minute Quartet
  7. Atoms and Stars
  8. One Minute Blackout
  9. Jodler
  10. Newgrange Aeon Fragment
  11. Dog Barks at Midnight
  12. Here's to the Next One
  13. Panda Chant II
  14. Last Christmas
  15. Healing Voice
  16. Little Orchestra of Disaster and Hope
  17. Solo No 3
  18. Garland Hirschi's Cows
  19. Red
  20. Blast
  21. Un
  22. Oxalis
  23. Pythagorean Roll
  24. One Cell
  25. Feira de Asakusa (Asakusa Market)
  26. Shaka Shaka Shaka
  27. Light of Love
  28. Hunter's Dream
  29. Timeless
  30. Freedom
  31. Qui Sait
  32. Ashtanga
  33. Sae
  34. Invisible Guides
  35. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Miniature)
  36. Narrow Bridge
  37. Soundtrack For Sandin
  38. Ghu Zu Jun
  39. Another 21st Century Day
  40. Islands
  41. Lighthouse
  42. Gurdjieff
  43. Seascad Siocand I Dtreo Millennium (Sixty Seconds Towards A
  44. Fail Better
  45. Theme for a Peaceful Revolution
  46. Takeda No Komori Uta
  47. Passion Sauce
  48. Came Saw Stayed
  49. Flowers of Silence
  50. Gutan Yerg
  51. Introspection
  52. Six to Four
  53. Dead Dog of Kairouan
  54. Hope Street
  55. Have a Nice Century
  56. Cosmicode
  57. Snow
  58. Toorina
  59. Passionless Moments
  60. Alala Das Marinas

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Trevor Wishart   Track Performer
Pete Seeger   Track Performer
Jane Siberry   Vocals
David Darling   Cello
Ottmar Liebert   Track Performer
Michael Shrieve   Tom-Tom
Linton Kwesi Johnson   Vocals
Gavin Bryars   Piano
Michael Nyman   Conductor,Track Performer
Residents   Ensemble
Terry Riley   Synthesizer,Vocals
Peter Laurence Gordon   Saxophone
Robert Wyatt   Track Performer
Lol Coxhill   Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Maggie Nicols   Vocals
Michael Bass   Marimbas
Kevin Coyne   Piano,Vocals
David Bedford   Track Performer
Ivor Cutler   Harmonium
Ron Geesin   Synthesizer,Banjo
Roger McGough   Track Performer
John Otway   Track Performer
Rico   Trombone
Quentin Crisp   Vocals
Jean Houston   Vocals
Dennis Bovell   Bass
Morgan Fisher   Keyboards,Vocals,Sampling,Track Performer,Rainstick,electronics
Jeff Greinke   Synthesizer
Meredith Monk   Vocals
Herbert Distel   Track Performer
Trey Gunn   Bass
Chris Butler   Track Performer
Martin Chambers   Drums,Vocals
B.J. Cole   Steel Guitar
Ken Ellis   Track Performer
John Fiddler   Vocals,Track Performer
Fred Frith   Guitar
Robert Fripp   Synthesizer,Guitar
Jon Gagan   Track Performer
Harvey Gold   Track Performer
Ollie Halsall   Guitar
John Halsey   Drums
Jack Hues   Synthesizer,Guitar
Chris Hughes   Synthesizer,Sampling
Guy Jackson   Synthesizer
Simon Jeffes   Track Performer
Ashik Peter Lynch   Violin
Talitha MacKenzie   Vocals
Martin Mayes   Track Performer
Peadar Ó Riada   Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Whistle (Instrument),Sampling
Hermeto Pascoal   Track Performer
Patrick Portella   Clarinet
Joseph Racaille   Vocals,Track Performer
Geoffrey Richardson   Ukulele,Viola,Penny Whistle
Silvio Righini   Cello
Liam Sternberg   Track Performer
Nurit Tilles   Vocals
Jerome VanJones   Organ
Dave Vanian   Harmonium,Track Performer
Mars Williams   Track Performer
Dick Witts   Track Performer
Hector Zazou   Track Performer
Tomoyasu Hotei   Guitar
Robert Een   Vocals
Hugh Cornwell   Vocals,Track Performer
Tokiko Kato   Vocals
Elisha Kilabuk   Throat Singing
Mark Perry & Alternative TV   Track Performer
George Melly   Vocals
Komitas   Vocals
Work   Ensemble
Andrea Goodman   Vocals
Naaz Hosseini   Vocals
Wayne Hankin   Vocals
Pascal Cuche   Pots
Johnny "Alig" Human   Accordion
Peter Lockett   Gong,Tabla
Gilles V. Rieder   Drums
Lorenz Viennet   Guitar
Cédric Vuille   Ukulele
Annebelle Thompson   Flute
Mary Longford   Track Performer
Norman Lovett   Track Performer
Bob Cobbing   Track Performer
Simon Desorgher   Flute
Alejandro Viñao   electronics
Shizuru Ohtaka   Vocals
What-Nots   Ensemble
Henri Chopin   Track Performer
Klaus Trabitsch   Guitar,Glass
Sainkho Namtchylak   Vocals
Melvyn Poore   Track Performer
John White   Percussion
Kazufumi Miyazawa   Keyboards,Sampling
Wolfgang Mitterer   Organ
Lobsang Samten   Chant
Paul Moschella   Track Performer
Pete Challis   Track Performer
Vincent Doherty   Guitar
Livia Baldi   Viola
Slava Dvinin   Bass
Carlo Feige   Violin
Daniel Figgis   Bass,Percussion,Harmonium,Brass,Mellotron,Tape
Ching Gonzalez   Vocals
Dagmar Andrtová   Guitar
Gong-Liang Cheng   Zither
Debora Tedeschi   Violin
John White   Piano
Woof Woof   Ensemble
Gleb Vilnyansky   Keyboards
Ellen Tenenbaum   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Stinky Winkles   Ensemble,Track Performer
Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool   Ensemble
David Cunningham   Guitar,Keyboards,Tape,Track Performer

Technical Credits

Trevor Wishart   Composer
Pete Seeger   Composer
Jane Siberry   Composer,Lyricist
David Darling   Composer
Ottmar Liebert   Composer
Michael Shrieve   Composer
Linton Kwesi Johnson   Composer,Lyricist
Gavin Bryars   Composer
Michael Nyman   Composer
Residents   Composer
Terry Riley   Composer
Robert Wyatt   Composer
Laurie Spiegel   Composer
Lol Coxhill   Composer
Maggie Nicols   Composer
Michael Bass   Composer
Piero Milesi   Composer
Kevin Coyne   Composer
David Bedford   Composer
Ivor Cutler   Composer
Ron Geesin   Composer
Roger McGough   Composer
John Otway   Composer
Simon Phillips   Production Mastering
Quentin Crisp   Composer
Jean Houston   Composer
Morgan Fisher   Composer,Programming,Liner Notes
Jeff Greinke   Composer
Meredith Monk   Composer
Herbert Distel   Composer
Trey Gunn   Composer
Chris Butler   Composer
Martin Chambers   Composer
B.J. Cole   Composer
Ken Ellis   Composer
John Fiddler   Composer
Fred Frith   Composer
Robert Fripp   Composer
Ollie Halsall   Composer
John Halsey   Composer
Chris Hughes   Composer,Programming
Simon Jeffes   Composer
Ashik Peter Lynch   Composer
Talitha MacKenzie   Composer
Jovino Santos Neto   Programming
Peadar Ó Riada   Composer
Hermeto Pascoal   Composer
Patrick Portella   Composer
Joseph Racaille   Composer
Geoffrey Richardson   Composer
Dave Vanian   Composer
Hector Zazou   Composer
Hugh Cornwell   Composer
Louis Hardin   Composer
Tokiko Kato   Composer
Mark Perry & Alternative TV   Composer
George Melly   Composer,Vocal Effect
Komitas   Composer
Work   Composer
Kevin Metcalfe   Cut
Ralph Steadman   Cover Illustration
Rudyard Kipling   Author
Mary Longford   Composer
Norman Lovett   Composer
Bob Cobbing   Composer
Simon Desorgher   Composer
Alejandro Viñao   Composer
Shizuru Ohtaka   Composer
Samuel Jonathan Johnson   Author
Henri Chopin   Composer
Klaus Trabitsch   Composer
Sainkho Namtchylak   Composer
Tetsuya Yamazaki   Programming
John White   Composer
Kazufumi Miyazawa   Composer
Wolfgang Mitterer   Composer
Christos Hatzis   Composer
Pete Challis   Composer
Jane Campion   Composer
Daniel Figgis   Composer
Dagmar Andrtová   Composer
Gong-Liang Cheng   Composer
Woof Woof   Composer
Ellen Tenenbaum   Composer
Stinky Winkles   Composer
Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool   Composer
David Cunningham   Composer,Contributor

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