Minecraft: The Video Game about Breaking and Placing Blocks

Minecraft: The Video Game about Breaking and Placing Blocks

by Grace Rose


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The first thing to know, is that Minecraft is a game. It's a game that was made by the company Mojang, but now Microsoft owns it after buying it. It's a game where you build houses made of blocks, go on adventures, and overall explore the Minecraft world. It's a simple game, but one that is fun nonetheless. It sounds like a simple concept, but the truth of the matter is, there is a lot more there than what meets the eye.

Minecraft is a fun game that teaches you many things. Once you get started, you won't' want to stop, and this chapter highlighted what the game entailed, and why it's so much fun. You'll now learn in the next chapter about the different types of platforms you can play it on.

When playing Minecraft, you have two options when it comes to gameplay. That is, the PC or the Xbox 360. There are servers on both, and there are different benefits to it as well. This chapter will go over the difference between the two, along with why you would go with one or the other.

WHO is this Book for?

PC Gamers who want to experience Real Time Strategy on a new level.

Young adults who are into Real Time Strategy games.

Video game enthusiasts who are into new and interesting RTS games.

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This book will define Minecraft video game in the easiest way to understand.

This book differentiate playing Minecraft in PC and Xbox.

Learn the Mobs in Minecraft.

Learn the strategy of basic mining in Minecraft, and be a wonderful global player.

Do you want to learn the best activities in global Minecraft now?

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