Mind Pressure Quotient

Mind Pressure Quotient

by Alejandro Gonzalez


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ISBN-13: 9781462847143
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 07/27/2011
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

Customer Reviews

Mind Pressure Quotient 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
RoccoRyg More than 1 year ago
I met Alejandro Gonzales at an anime convention, where he told me about his debut novel. I enjoyed Mind Pressure Quotient as an indie novel for its interesting take on psychic phenomena. The story takes place in Central Illinois and the surrounding area, a setting I don't see very often in books, and the plot concerns an average odd-job worker receiving psychic abilities from a nanobot infusion into his brain. As he adapts to his new-found telepathy and telekinesis, other psychics reach out to him for reasons that aren't as simple as they seem. The author is clearly a science whiz. The plot involves genetic manipulation, nanotechnology, particle physics, string theory and other areas of science you don't read about in middle school. Characters use this advanced knowledge for the good of humanity, the good of themselves or easy profit, showing how such disciplines can be exploited. The characters were interesting, and the psychic fights were pretty engaging. I also liked the twists near the end; they kept my eyes on the screen begging to see what came next. It's not perfect, however. The author could benefit from writing classes and studying of other books in the genre so he could learn to eliminate unnecessary words and create flowing dialog and descriptions. I also didn't think the swearing was necessary, and there's a deus ex machina character at the end that could have been handled better. Still, it was an enjoyable eBook, and with practice, the author could turn in even more interesting work.