Mind Empowerment: Unleash the Power of Your Mind

Mind Empowerment: Unleash the Power of Your Mind

by Instafo


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Enlightenment of Mind for Greater Intelligence

Enter the realm of your mind where human intelligence is stored. Those with the superior mind are always able to acquire knowledge, analyze information, and access thoughts much more readily than those who are less mentally empowered.

People's minds are fading faster than ever. Think back, when is the last time you met someone who was truly focused and alert, who was truly stimulated by the world in front of them? So many people live in a walking haze.

Would you like to pursue a greater mind in an effective way that will leave you feeling enlightened? Be more effective at work, at home, or at leisure by unleashing the latent power that resides in your own mind.

"Mind Empowerment" is not merely theories but methods for you to put each mind empowerment principle into practice as soon as you read about it. Think of this as an aerobic workout for your mind! Boost your mind's power to the next level.
  • Cultivate and maintain a sharp mind through constant mental stimulation.
  • Discover what "neurobics" are for mental strengthening and conditioning.
  • Reprogram your mind to perform at its best when you need it the most.
  • Get acquainted with natural stimulants to enhance concentration.
  • Work your mind into shape with a series of mental exercises.
  • And much more!

  • Backed by decades of scientific research, "Mind Empowerment" will revolutionize your mental capabilities with a variety of intellectually stimulating and easy-to-use exercises adapted from some of the greatest scientific and philosophical minds in history.

    If you are willing to follow the simple steps and powerful exercises, you will soon see the results and increased focus. And best of all? The pursuit of empowering your mind is fun and easy to do!

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    ISBN-13: 9781542717045
    Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
    Publication date: 07/25/2016
    Series: 4 Embodiments of Empowerment , #1
    Pages: 72
    Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.15(d)

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