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The Backstreet Boys finally broke (and broke big) in America during 1998, as if by design. They had been Euro sensations for a couple of years, but it wasn't until Backstreet's Back was unleashed in the U.S. in 1997 that they had a presence in the States, and it was no small presence, either -- after selling over ten million copies, the album remained in the Top 40 on the eve of the release of its sequel, Millennium. And sequel is the appropriate word -- Millennium has no pretense of being anything other than an album for the moment, delivering more of everything that made Backstreet's Back a blockbuster. There's a familiar blend of ballads and dance-pop, a similar shiny production, a reliance on the Boys' charisma that brings to mind the debut. If Millennium were anything other than big, glossy mainstream pop, such calculation may be a little unseemly, but in this context, it can be rather fun. True, the album doesn't pack as much punch as its predecessor -- there's a number of good songs, but more filler than before, and the Backstreet sound isn't as fresh as it was the first time around -- but it does deliver what fans want: more of the same. And since there are singles as infectious as "I Want It That Way" and a handful of good ballads, that will be enough to satisfy anyone craving more, more, more.

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Release Date: 05/18/1999
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.
UPC: 0886979103924
catalogNumber: 791039
Rank: 789


  1. Larger Than Life
  2. I Want It That Way
  3. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
  4. It's Gotta Be You
  5. I Need You Tonight
  6. Don't Want You Back
  7. Don't Wanna Lose You Now
  8. The One
  9. Back To Your Heart
  10. Spanish Eyes
  11. No One Else Comes Close
  12. The Perfect Fan

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Backstreet Boys   Primary Artist
Paul Howards   Percussion,Keyboards,Saxophone
Bashiri Johnson   Percussion
Randy Bowland   Acoustic Guitar
Billy Chapin   Guitar
Henrik Janson   Conductor
Dominic Miller   Guitar
Chieli Minucci   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Doug Petty   Piano
Olle Romo   Keyboards
Eric Foster White   Bass,Conductor,Electric Guitar,Keyboards
Leslie Carter   Choir, Chorus
Nancy Baker   Choir, Chorus
Esbjörn Öhrwall   Guitar
Nick Carter   Group Member
Kevin Richardson   Bass,Keyboards,Group Member
Howie Dorough   Group Member
Brian Littrell   Choir Conductor,Group Member
Shannon Anderson   Choir, Chorus
Tomas Lindberg   Bass
Andrea Smith   Choir, Chorus
Tom Smith   Keyboards
Mattias Gustafsson   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Andrew Fromm   Piano
S.N.Y.K.O.   Performing Ensemble
Tim Berkebile   Drums
Louie Vigilante   Bass
Georg "Jojje" Wadenius   Guitar
Jason Jackson   Choir, Chorus
Ryan West   Choir, Chorus
Hans Akeson   Viola
Tomas Andersson   Violin
Jarred Baugh   Choir, Chorus
Torbjorn Bernhardsson   Viola
Stephen Booth   Choir, Chorus
Christina Craddock   Choir, Chorus
Nicholas Daley   Choir, Chorus
Nathan Day   Choir, Chorus
Andrea Dicks   Choir, Chorus
Sean Flaherty   Choir, Chorus
Ulf Forsberg   Viola
Michael Brad Frazier   Choir, Chorus
Dennis Gallo   Keyboards,Classical Guitar
Lori Gerlach   Choir, Chorus
Eli Griggs   Choir, Chorus
Noel Harilson   Choir, Chorus
Missy Hogue   Choir, Chorus
Misty Ingels   Choir, Chorus
Justin Kearns   Choir, Chorus
Eschelle King   Choir, Chorus
Ryan Kociatek   Choir, Chorus
Toeupu Liu   Choir, Chorus
Rachel Livingston   Choir, Chorus
Rebecca Lord   Choir, Chorus
Kyle Lugger   Choir, Chorus
Annette Mannheimer   Violin
Ken Mars   Choir, Chorus
Chuck McKenney   Choir, Chorus
Lauren Moss   Choir, Chorus
Samuli Ornstromer   Cello
Scott Phillips   Choir, Chorus
Jonathan Prewitt   Choir, Chorus
Elisabeth Arnberg Ranmo   Viola
Meica Rawlings   Choir, Chorus
Jennifer Schindler   Choir, Chorus
Luke Sink   Choir, Chorus
Beth Smith   Choir, Chorus
Terri Snider   Choir, Chorus
Tate Creek High School Choir   Choir, Chorus
Heather Tirey   Choir, Chorus
Beth Tober   Choir, Chorus
Mary Trumbo   Choir, Chorus
Cristin Walter   Choir, Chorus
Tasha Webb   Choir, Chorus
Joseph Wells   Choir, Chorus
Shea Popa Wood   Choir, Chorus
Svein H. Martinsen   Viola
Hart Hollman & The Motown Romance Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Åsa Forsberg   Cello
Steve Smith   Choir, Chorus
AJ McLean   Group Member
Dan Wojciechowski   Drums
Edwin "Tony" Nicholas   Bass,Keyboards
Ulf Janson   Conductor
Peter-John Vettesse   Keyboards
Åsa Paulsson   Viola
Carisa Owens   Choir, Chorus
Monika Stanikoliska   Violin
Michael Karlsson   Double Bass
Patricia Twitty   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Timmy Allen   Producer,Vocal Producer
Gary Baker   Composer
Henrik Janson   Arranger
Robert John "Mutt" Lange   Composer,Producer
Sandy Linzer   Composer
Heff Moraes   Engineer
Olle Romo   Programming,Pro-Tools
Chris Trevett   Engineer
Eric Foster White   Producer,Engineer,Orchestration
Stephen George   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
George Spatta   Engineer
Adam Blackburn   Engineer
Nick Gamma   Art Direction
Max Martin   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Jackie Murphy   Art Direction
Carl Robinson   Engineer
Jason Blume   Composer
Kevin Richardson   Arranger,Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Brian Littrell   Composer,Lyricist,Vocal Arrangements
Adam Barber   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Herbert Crichlow   Composer
Andreas Carlsson   Composer
Daniel Boom   Engineer
Kristian Lundin   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Mattias Gustafsson   Producer,drum programming
Andrew Fromm   Composer
Rami   Producer,Engineer
Tim Berkebile   Musical Director
Ben Glynne   Programming
Bo Reimer   Engineer
Joe Thomas   Composer
AJ McLean   Vocal Arrangements
John Bates   Engineer
Edwin "Tony" Nicholas   Producer,drum programming
Stephen Lipson   Programming,Producer
Ulf Janson   Arranger
Wayne Perry   Composer
Peter-John Vettesse   Programming
Thomas L. Smith   Composer

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