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Milk of the Tree: An Anthology of Female Vocal Folk and Singer-Songwriters 1966-1973

Milk of the Tree: An Anthology of Female Vocal Folk and Singer-Songwriters 1966-1973

Milk of the Tree: An Anthology of Female Vocal Folk and Singer-Songwriters 1966-1973

Milk of the Tree: An Anthology of Female Vocal Folk and Singer-Songwriters 1966-1973


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Product Details

Release Date: 07/07/2017
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929183902
catalogNumber: 2918390
Rank: 1450


Disc 1

  1. Do You Believe
  2. Blessed Are...
  3. Light Flight
  4. Foolish Seasons
  5. Someone to Talk My Troubles To
  6. Auntie Aviator
  7. Flying Away
  8. It Could Have Been Better
  9. Morning Morgantown
  10. If Not by Fire
  11. Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp
  12. I Thought I Knew the Answers
  13. Give Her the Day
  14. By the Sea
  15. Come and Stay With Me
  16. Something Better
  17. An Everyday Consumption Song
  18. The Milk of the Tree
  19. Chelsea Girls
  20. Reverie for Roslyn

Disc 2

  1. Different Drum
  2. Please (Mk. II)
  3. Five of Us
  4. Who Has Seen the Wind?
  5. Jesus Was a Cross Maker
  6. January's Snows
  7. In My Loneliness
  8. Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)
  9. I Was
  10. Feeling High
  11. Tomorrow Come Someday
  12. My Silks and Fine Array
  13. Red Wine and Promises
  14. Mr Fox
  15. The Dream Tree
  16. Munching the Candy
  17. Late November
  18. Tomorrow Your Sorrow
  19. Mornings
  20. Mr Rubin

Disc 3

  1. Come Into the Garden
  2. Early Morning Blues and Greens
  3. Rainy Day
  4. Autumn Lullaby
  5. Ballad (Of The Big Girl Now and a Mere Boy)
  6. Windy
  7. The Lonely
  8. Mirage
  9. Aderyn Llwyd (Sparrow)
  10. Love Song
  11. Winter's Going
  12. Sandman's Song
  13. When Will I Be Loved
  14. The Lady and the Well
  15. Think of Rain
  16. Story of Our Time/Beneath This Sky
  17. Murdoch
  18. Banquet on the Water
  19. Pass the Night
  20. Morgan the Pirate

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Joan Baez   Arranger
Sandy Denny   Composer
Mimi Fariña   Composer
Bert Jansch   Composer
Buffy Sainte-Marie   Composer
Joan Armatrading   Composer
Janis Ian   Composer
Joni Mitchell   Composer
Michael Nesmith   Composer
Laura Nyro   Composer
Lou Reed   Composer
Carly Simon   Composer
Danny Thompson   Composer
Lesley Duncan   Composer
Phil Everly   Composer
Dana Gillespie   Composer
Gerry Goffin   Composer
Barry Mann   Composer
Jackie McAuley   Composer
Shelagh McDonald   Composer
Sally Oldfield   Composer
Bob Pegg   Composer
Carolanne Pegg   Composer
Judee Sill   Composer
Bridget St. John   Composer
Jaki Whitren   Composer
Bonnie Dobson   Composer
Ruthann Friedman   Composer
John Renbourn   Composer
Leslie Adey   Composer
Bias Boshell   Composer
Anne Briggs   Composer
Roots Cartwright   Composer
Terry Cox   Composer
Jackie DeShannon   Composer
Solomon Feldthouse   Composer
Donald Fraser   Composer
Mark Freedman   Composer
Benny Gallagher   Composer
Margo Guryan   Composer
Jack Keller   Composer
Graham Lyle   Composer
Jacqui McShee   Composer
David Meltzer   Composer
Sterling Morrison   Composer
Pat Nash   Arranger
Polly Perkins   Composer
Melanie Safka   Composer
Clodagh Simonds   Composer
Terry Woods   Arranger
Susan Pillsbury   Composer
Ed Deane   Arranger
Norma Waterson   Composer
Martin Cockerham   Composer
Brad Dourif   Composer
Dorothy Wayne   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Mark Barry   Composer
Vashti   Composer
Wendy Flower   Composer
Peter Howell   Composer
Mary Perrin   Composer
Mary-Anne Paterson   Composer
David Jones   Composer
Maria Neumann   Composer
Hildebrand   Composer
Mandy More   Composer
Pam Nestor   Composer
Marian Segal   Composer
Lena Davis   Composer
Sue Akins   Composer
John Ferdinando   Composer
Bill Soden   Composer
Richard Weissman   Composer
Tony Smith   Composer
Beverley Kutner   Composer
Kathy Bushnell   Composer
Lisa Bankoff   Composer
Iain McGeachy   Composer

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