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Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Web Apps for Developers

Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Web Apps for Developers

by Rick Rainey
Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Web Apps for Developers

Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Web Apps for Developers

by Rick Rainey



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The “Microsoft Azure Essentials” series helps you advance your technical skills with Microsoft Azure. “Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Web Apps for Developers” focuses on providing essential information about developing web applications hosted on Azure Web Apps. It is written with the developer who has experience using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework in mind. If Azure Web Apps is new to you, this book is for you. If you have experience developing for Azure Web Apps, this book is for you, too, because there are features and tools discussed in this text that are new to the platform.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781509300624
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 06/25/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 112
Sales rank: 146,298
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

Rick Rainey is an independent consultant and owner of CloudAlloc, LLC. He specializes in helping customers migrate to and build new applications to run on the Microsoft Azure Platform. He has over 25 years of experience designing, developing, and supporting applications using Microsoft technologies.
Rick is a Microsoft Azure Insider and Advisor, Certified Trainer (MCT), speaker, blogger, and Azure community enthusiast. He worked for Microsoft in various developer-focused roles for 12 years with emphasis on helping ISV’s develop solutions for the Windows and Azure platforms.
He is an active contributor in the Azure community. He speaks often at community events, organized and presented at the Dallas Global Azure Bootcamp, and helps support the broader Azure community by answering questions on Stack Overflow. He also writes about Azure on his blog at and tweets Azure goodness on Twitter at @RickRaineyTx.
Rick resides with his family in Dallas, Texas. Outside of work he is an avid runner and an occasional biker.

Table of Contents

Foreword     6  Introduction     7  Who should read this book     7  Assumptions     7  This book might not be for you if...     8  Organization of this book     8  Conventions and features in this book     9  System requirements     9  Acknowledgments     10  Errata, updates, & support     10  Free ebooks from Microsoft Press     10  Free training from Microsoft Virtual Academy     11  We want to hear from you     11  Stay in touch     11  Chapter 1 Microsoft Azure Web Apps     12  Introduction to Azure Resource Groups     12  Introduction to App Service Plans     13  Create an Azure Web App using the Azure portal     15  Create a Web App and SQL Database     15  Add an Azure Redis Cache to the Azure Resource Group     19  Create an Azure Web App using Visual Studio     21  Create a Web App by using Server Explorer     21  Create a Web App by using the ASP.NET Web Application template     24  Create a Web App using the Azure Resource Group template     26  Connection strings and application settings     34  Set connection strings and app settings in the environment     34  Retrieve connection strings and app settings from the environment     36  How connection strings and app settings are stored in the environment     37 Add a deployment slot for an Azure Web App     38  Scale to a Standard App Service Plan     39  Add a deployment slot     40  Set up continuous deployment with Visual Studio Online     41  Introduction to Visual Studio Online     41  Set up deployment from source control to a staging slot     43  Add Visual Studio solution to source control     45  Commit Visual Studio solution to source control      45  Role Based Access Control     46  Subscription-level roles     47  Resource-level roles     48  Summary     49  Chapter 2 Azure WebJobs     50  Introduction to Azure WebJobs     50  Create an Azure WebJob     51  Publish a web job from Visual Studio     52  Invoke a web job manually     54  View the WebJobs Dashboard     54  Create a web job from the Azure portal      55  Introduction to the Azure WebJobs SDK     57  WebJobs SDK .NET libraries and dependencies     58  Create a web job designed for use with Azure Storage Queues     58  Examine the web job project and code     60  Publish a web job to Azure     64  Examine new features in the WebJobs Dashboard     65  Summary     68  Chapter 3 Scaling Azure Web Apps     69  Scale Up     69  Scale Out     71  Dealing with the challenges of scaling out a web app     71 Scaling web apps using Autoscale     73  Autoscale based on CPU percentage     73  Autoscale based on a recurring schedule     74  Understanding Autoscale rules     77  Turn off Autoscale     79  Scale globally with Azure Traffic Manager     79  Create a Traffic Manager profile     81  Additional services for achieving massive scale     83  Scaling WebJobs     83  Summary     84  Chapter 4 Monitoring and diagnostics     86  Introduction to diagnostic logs     86  Enable application and site diagnostic logs     88  Store log files in the web app file system     88  Store log files in Azure Storage     89  Access and download diagnostic log files     91  Access log files stored in the web app file system     91  Access log files from Azure Storage     95  Log streaming     96  Log streaming using Visual Studio     96  Log streaming using command-line tools     97  Remote debugging     98  Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS)      100  Install the Diagnostics as a Service site extension     100  Run DaaS     101  View DaaS analysis reports     102  Site Admin Tools/Kudu     105  Install the Site Admin Tools/Kudu     105  Run the Site Admin Tools     105  Monitor web app endpoints externally using web tests     109 Create a URL ping web test     110  Monitoring     112  Monitor a resource group using the Azure portal     112  Application Insights     114  Add Application Insights to an existing ASP.NET MVC Web Application     115  Summary     119

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