Michael Landon's Legacy: 7 Keys to Supercharging Your Life

Michael Landon's Legacy: 7 Keys to Supercharging Your Life

by Cheryl Landon


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We all face troubles in our lives. It is easy to think that our problems would go way if only we had…something. A better job. A better marriage. Better health. More money. Something. Many people lead lives of quiet desperation because they think they lack what they need to make them happy.

And what is true for individuals is true for our society at large. Our children’s future is at stake, and we as a society are losing ground.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your life can be filled with peace, growth, and joy – if you have certain keys.

This book offers you those keys.

They are simple, easy to understand, and effective. It’s just a matter of trying them. Trust in God. Choose love over fear. Believe that daily miracles do occur. Take action now. Believe in truth between people. Build bridges. Don’t judge each other.

Cheryl Landon knows they work. She learned the hard way. Her own life has had no shortage of suffering, including:

  • abuse and loneliness in her first seven years before her mother married Michael Landon
  • a near-fatal car wreck at age nineteen that left her scarred and in pain, followed by addiction to painkillers, and a suicide attempt
  • Michael Landons very public divorce from her mother, and his remarriage
  • His sudden illness and death within a few weeks
  • ongoing struggles with illness, pain, and financial worry
  • last-minute changes to his will that left Cheryl’s mother and the children wondering if, in his last weeks, Michael Landon had ceased to love them.

In Michael Landon’s Legacy, she uses stories from her life to show how discovering these keys and applying them led her to a deeper understanding of life, and helped her not only to cope but to triumph. These keys helped her. They can help you. They can help us all to heal our society.

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ISBN-13: 9781571742858
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 02/01/1901
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.82(w) x 8.33(h) x 0.80(d)

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Chapter One

It is late at night, in May, 1973. It is in the middle of the desolate Arizona desert, and very, very dark. No houses, no lights on this desert highway, except for a rundown shack where there has just been a party. There's been a lot of celebration. Kids have been drinking; they've been smoking pot. There's lots of laughter coming from this shack, but it's time the party is ended. Time to get on the bus and return to the campus, a two-hour drive away.

    But four people do not get on the bus. Instead, they get into a little navy blue Volkswagen bug, making a choice. One of the four is a nineteen-year-old college girl. She gets into the front seat next to the driver, a blind date, someone she had never met before. He starts to drive onto the highway, turning left. But the bus is turning right. The guy is so drunk, he is going in the wrong direction, toward Mexico.

    The girl in the passenger seat says, "You're going the wrong way. You've got to go right and follow the bus." He is laughing, thinking it is all hysterical. And he pops the clutch and stalls the engine, and all the lights go off, and they are stuck there in the middle of the highway, and suddenly there is a big Buick coming eighty miles an hour straight toward them.

    It hits them so hard, the impact sounds like a bomb. The VW Beetle flies the length of a football field, somersaulting three times forward, twice sideways; crushing bodies; screams filling the air.

    Hearing that terrible noise, the bus driver stops, and he and the passengers see the VW bug lying smashed flat, exceptfor one section.

    Meanwhile the girl in the passenger seat sees the guy in the back seat hitting the glass of the car window so hard that it cuts his head off. She sees her girlfriend hit the glass so hard that it cuts her head literally in half as she is flying in and out of the back window.

    The driver is crushed by the steel pressing on him. It breaks all of his bones, and his blood is pouring out all over. He lands on top of her, and she hits the windshield so hard she breaks the glass, breaks her neck, cracks open her forehead, ruptures organs. She has punctured her spleen, punctured her lung, and broken her ribs—and she is trapped in the passenger side, with the body of the driver on top of her and blood pouring down.

    And she's bleeding to death.

    There are no more screams. There is dead silence.

    The bus doesn't come near them. No one gets off the bus, because they are sure that no one could have survived that crash. But the bus driver calls ahead and asks for the paramedics, and the paramedics eventually arrive.

    The girl has been trapped inside this car in the darkness, with this dead body on top of her. She is frightened. Terrified.

    And when the paramedics and the police look at this car—so badly flattened, except for this little area that remains intact—they say "surely no one could survive in that." They have to tear the door off, and when the door is off, they see the dead bodies, an awful, grotesque sight.

    As they remove the driver, they realize that the girl is alive, but they can't recognize her. Her forehead is split wide open, and she's a bloody mess. But she starts fighting like a wild animal, fighting for her life, reaching out and fighting and grabbing and tearing and kicking. And because she is doing that, she's saving her life. One lung has collapsed, and her fighting is keeping her other lung operating.

    They put her onto a gurney, and put her into the back of the ambulance and begin emergency procedures. She sees her girlfriend lifted out and put onto another gurney next to her. The two men are dead. And the ambulance goes rushing off and her girlfriend dies in the ambulance, but she doesn't know it because the paramedics are working on her, stitching her head up, without anesthetic. No anesthetic can be used because she has a concussion.

    She has four blood transfusions while she's in the ambulance. They administer blood, they stitch up her head, and they phone ahead to the hospital, in Tucson, Arizona.

    The hospital has no idea who she is, because she isn't carrying any ID on her. The doctor on call is from India, Dr. Rashid Khan. She hears him say, "I believe this could be a very pretty woman" and he tells them he knows that no anesthetic can be used.

    She's still fighting everybody. She is using all her will, all her strength, fist-fighting as if truly fighting for her life. Two male nurses hold her shoulders down, and two hold her feet down, and they begin cutting off her long sweater coat. It is all full of blood, blood all over it.

    When they finally get the jacket off, they have to make a cut into her chest—with no anesthetic—so that they can insert a tube and reinflate her collapsed lung. It's so painful, she screams, and falls into a coma. It is beyond what she could tolerate.

    However she does have time enough to tell them that she is Michael Landon's daughter.

Table of Contents

Part 1The Promise1
Part 2The Seven Keys65
About the Seven Keys66
The First Key: Trust in God86
The Second Key: Choose Love over Fear99
The Third Key: Believe That Daily Miracles Do Occur109
The Fourth Key: Take Action Now!115
The Fifth Key: Believe in Truth between People125
The Sixth Key: Build Bridges140
The Seventh Key: Don't Judge Each Other150
Part 3The Rose and the Fountain165
The Power of Love171

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