Metallurgy, Vol. 1

Metallurgy, Vol. 1


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Release Date: 12/12/1995
Label: VOLUME.
UPC: 0600694000326
catalogNumber: 40003


  1. Refuse/Resist
  2. EPTwo
  3. Drive Boy, Shooting
  4. Kissing the Sun
  5. Second Un
  6. You're the Vulgarian
  7. Engove (Caffeine)
  8. Shine
  9. Street Crab
  10. New Breed
  11. Spreader
  12. Please Don't Hurt Me
  13. Shovel
  14. Greed Killing
  15. Sugar-Free Promise/Mr. Peeper/Bully Bars/How and When/Serious Loss Of

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Faith No More   Track Performer
Helmet   Track Performer
Napalm Death   Track Performer
Sepultura   Track Performer
Young Gods   Track Performer
Quicksand   Track Performer
Fear Factory   Track Performer
Dawn   Track Performer
Chocolate   Track Performer
Kyuss   Track Performer
Burton C. Bell   Vocals
Henry Bogdan   Bass
Mike Bordin   Drums
Roddy Bottum   Keyboards
Geezer Butler   Bass
Deen Castronovo   Drums
Dino Cazares   Guitar
Mark Fraser   Guitar
John Garcia   Vocals
Bill Gould   Bass
Page Hamilton   Guitar,Vocals
Raymond Herrera   Drums
Josh Homme   Guitar
Mario Jimenez   Vocals
Davey Latter   Drums
Dean Menta   Guitar
Mike Patton   Vocals
Paul Robinson   Guitar
Jamie Rowe   Vocals
John Stanier   Drums
Stanley   Track Performer
Mike Starkey   Bass
Stanford Prison Experiment   Track Performer
Alan Cage   Drums
Jesse Pintado   Guitar
Shane Embury   Bass
Danny Herrera   Drums
Eleven Pictures   Track Performer
Mark Brown   Bass
Igor Cavalera   Drums
Max Cavalera   Guitar,Vocals
Andreas Kisser   Guitar
Paulo   Bass
Skyscraper   Track Performer
CZR   Track Performer
Scott Reeder   Bass
Tom Capone   Guitar
Mark "Barney" Greenway   Vocals
Rob Echeverria   Guitar
Alfredo Hernandez   Drums
Philip Doucet   Guitar,Vocals
Adi Vines   Bass
Christian Olde Wolbers   Bass
Mark Williams   Drums
Sergio Vega   Bass
Olivier Grasset   Drums
Dave Kramer   Bass
Mark Levy   Drums

Technical Credits

Scott Burns   Producer
Geezer Butler   Producer
Steve Harris   Engineer
Roli Mosimann   Producer,Engineer
Paul Northfield   Producer,Engineer
Colin Richardson   Producer
Andy Baker   Engineer
Victor Luke   Engineer
Berne Randulw   Producer,Engineer
Dean Rispler   Producer
John Bell   Engineer
Danny Sprigg   Engineer
Ted Niceley   Producer

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