Metal Up Your Ass: A Supernatural Action Adventure Opera

Metal Up Your Ass: A Supernatural Action Adventure Opera


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Katie makes an executive decision, and the mere idea is driving Korbin to drink.

Pandora wants Katie to learn to fight without her extra "oomph."

For now.

The military need support, but few on the merc teams trust them.

Is Pandora is finally getting somewhere with Katie's love life?

There is something long and hard in Katie's hand, and Pandora is annoyed that it's only the stick shift of Katie's new vehicle.

(Oops, poor choice of words.)

The war with the enemy is heating up, and there's a new player who might ruin everyone's lives.

Scroll back to the top and click "Read for Free" or "Buy Now," and kick back for a fun supernatural action-packed adventure that will have you yelling for the good guys and laughing at the arguments between Katie and...her.


NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If this offends you, I suggest you don't read this book.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781642020328
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Series: Protected By The Damned , #6
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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