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Mercury Smashes...And Rockin' Sessions

Mercury Smashes...And Rockin' Sessions

by Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee Lewis

CD(Box Set)

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The third installment of Bear Family's exhaustive reissue of Jerry Lee Lewis' complete recordings, Mercury Smashes...and Rockin' Sessions, covers the era that many listeners, even some fans, dismiss -- his late-'60s and '70s recordings for Mercury. Conventional wisdom claims that the Killer was pretty much spent as a creative force during this time, since he had already made his near-triumphant comeback as a hard country singer on Mercury in the mid-'60s, and that he coasted on formula, except for the concentrated burst of the Roots album. Like most conventional wisdom, this one has a hint of truth, because his recordings did start to have a bit of formula and he did coast for a bit, but it ignores the fact that this was enjoyable formula and that Lewis remained an expert stylist, kicking out songs that may not have been first-rate, but were often given first-rate performances. This is why this set is enjoyable for the dedicated, even at its length of ten discs, because it's at a fairly consistent quality throughout; it also helps that the alternates are all stowed away on the final few discs, which means it's much easier to hear Lewis' main Mercury recordings and much easier to simply listen to, unlike either the Classic or Locust Years set. To be sure, this is for the dedicated, but if you're of the opinion that Lewis is one of the musical titans of the 20th century, this will enhance and deepen your love and respect instead of sully it.

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Release Date: 12/13/2000
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127157843
catalogNumber: 15784
Rank: 130800


Disc 1

  1. Gather 'Round Children
  2. I'd Be Talkin' All the Time
  3. Alvin
  4. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
  5. Bottles and Barstools
  6. Life's Little Ups and Downs
  7. There Must Be More to Love Than This
  8. Sweet Georgia Brown
  9. Home Away from Home
  10. Woman, Woman (Get Out of Our Way)
  11. Reuben James
  12. Before the Snow Falls
  13. Cheater Pretend
  14. He Looked Beyond My Faults
  15. Hand Writing on the Wall
  16. The Old Rugged Cross
  17. The Lily of the Valley
  18. If We Never Meet Again/I'll Meet You in the Morning
  19. I'm Longing for Home
  20. Black Mama
  21. I'll Fly Away
  22. I Know That Jesus Will Be There
  23. My God's Not Dead
  24. Foolaid
  25. One More Time
  26. Too Much to Gain to Lose

Disc 2

  1. Jealous Heart
  2. The Last Letter
  3. Meeting in the Air
  4. Where He Leads Me
  5. Living on the Hallelujah Side
  6. A Picture from Life's Other Side
  7. The Hurtin' Part
  8. Touching Home
  9. Comin' Back for More
  10. When Baby Gets the Blues
  11. Help Me Make It Through the Night
  12. Mother, the Queen of My Heart
  13. Time Changes Everything
  14. Hearts Were Made for Beating
  15. When He Walks on You (Like You Have Walked on Me)
  16. You Helped Me up (When the World Let Me
  17. Foolish Kind of Man
  18. Another Hand Shakin' Goodbye
  19. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  20. The Goodbye of the Year
  21. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)
  22. No Honky Tonks in Heaven
  23. Big Blon' Baby
  24. Lonesome Fiddle Man
  25. Things That Matter Most to Me
  26. I Don't Know Why, I Just Do
  27. Thirteen at the Table
  28. For the Good Times
  29. Would You Take Another Chance on Me

Disc 3

  1. Me and Bobby McGee
  2. And for the First Time
  3. Think About It Darlin'
  4. No Traffic Out of Abilene
  5. Chantilly Lace
  6. Lonely Weekends
  7. C.C. Rider
  8. Walk a Mile in My Shoes
  9. Games People Play
  10. Don't Be Cruel
  11. You Can Have Her
  12. I'm Walkin'
  13. You Don't Miss Your Water
  14. Me and Jesus
  15. Too Many Rivers
  16. Wall Around Heaven
  17. We Both Know Which One of Us Was Wrong
  18. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
  19. Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano?
  20. Bottom Dollar
  21. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
  22. No More Hanging On
  23. The Mercy of a Letter
  24. She's Reaching for My Mind

Disc 4

  1. Jack Daniels (Old Number Seven)
  2. Why Me Lord?
  3. Ride Me Down Easy
  4. Cold, Cold Morning Light
  5. The Alcohol of Fame
  6. Tomorrow's Taking My Baby Away
  7. Mama's Hands
  8. What My Woman Can't Do
  9. Tell Tale Signs
  10. Mornin' After Baby Let Me Down
  11. I Think I Need to Pray
  12. I Hate Goodbyes
  13. Where Would I Be
  14. My Cricket and Me
  15. Falling to the Bottom
  16. The Gods Were Angry With Me
  17. Sometimes a Memory Ain't Enough
  18. Bluer Words
  19. He Can't Fill My Shoes
  20. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
  21. Keep Me from Blowing Away
  22. Honky Tonk Wine
  23. Room Full of Roses

Disc 5

  1. Meat Man
  2. When a Man Loves a Woman
  3. Hold On! I'm Comin'
  4. Just a Little Bit
  5. Born to Be a Loser
  6. Haunted House
  7. Blueberry Hill
  8. The Revolutionary Man
  9. Big Blue Diamonds
  10. That Old Bourbon Street Church
  11. All over Hell and Half of Georgia
  12. Take Your Time
  13. Haunted House
  14. I Sure Miss Those Good Old Times
  15. Margie
  16. Raining in My Heart
  17. Hold On! I'm Comin'
  18. Cry
  19. Honey Hush
  20. Silver Threads (Amongst the Gold)

Disc 6

  1. Meat Man
  2. Big Blue Diamonds
  3. I Sure Miss Those Good Old Times
  4. (Chatter)
  5. When a Man Loves a Woman
  6. Silver Threads (Amongst the Gold)
  7. Hold On! I'm Comin'
  8. Cry
  9. Margie
  10. A Picture from Life's Other Side
  11. I've Forgot More About You Than He'll Ever Know
  12. Until the Day Forever Ends
  13. Boogie Woogie Country Man
  14. I Can Still Hear the Music in the Restroom
  15. Speak a Little Louder to Us Jesus
  16. Honey Hush
  17. Jesus Is on the Mainline (Call Him Sometime)

Disc 7

  1. Remember Me (I'm the One Who Loves You)
  2. Shake Rattle & Roll
  3. Love Inflation
  4. I Don't Want to Be Lonely Tonight
  5. Forever Forgiving
  6. A Little Peace and Harmony
  7. No One Knows Me
  8. When I Take My Vacation in Heaven
  9. I'm Still Jealous of You
  10. You Ought to See My Mind
  11. Don't Boogie Woogie (When You Say Your Prayers Tonight)
  12. Thanks for Nothing
  13. Red Hot Memories (Ice Cold Beer)
  14. I Was Sorta Wonderin'
  15. Jerry's Place
  16. That Kind of Fool
  17. Your Cheatin' Heart
  18. Crawdad Song
  19. The House of Blue Lights
  20. Goodnight Irene
  21. A Damn Good Country Song
  22. A Damn Good Country Song
  23. Lord What's Left for Me to Do
  24. Great Balls of Fire
  25. The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart)
  26. I'm Knee Deep in Loving You
  27. I Can Help
  28. I Can Help

Disc 8

  1. Slippin' and Slidin'
  2. From a Jack to a King
  3. From a Jack to a King
  4. After the Fool You've Made of Me
  5. The Closest Thing to You
  6. I Can't Keep My Hands off of You
  7. The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart)
  8. Wedding Bells
  9. The Fifties
  10. No One Will Ever Know
  11. Only Love Can Get You in My Door
  12. The Old Country Church
  13. Harbor Lights
  14. Jerry Lee's Rock & Roll Revival Show
  15. I Sure Miss Those Good Old Times
  16. Let's Put It Back Together Again
  17. Country Memories
  18. As Long as I Live
  19. Jealous Heart
  20. (You'd Think by Now) I'd Be over You
  21. Come on In
  22. Who's Sorry Now?

Disc 9

  1. Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello
  2. Georgia on My Mind
  3. What's So Good About Goodbye
  4. Tennessee Saturday Night
  5. Ivory Tears
  6. Middle Age Crazy
  7. The Last Letter
  8. The Last Cheater's Waltz
  9. Let's Live a Little
  10. I Hate You
  11. Before the Night Is Over
  12. Sittin' and Thinkin'
  13. Blue Suede Shoes
  14. Lucille
  15. Corrine, Corrina
  16. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
  17. Sweet Little Sixteen
  18. Life's Railway to Heaven
  19. Ivory Tears
  20. You Call Everybody Darling
  21. Wild and Wooly Ways
  22. I'll Find It Where I Can
  23. Lord, I've Tried Everything But You
  24. You're All Too Ugly Tonight
  25. Arkansas Seesaw
  26. Pee Wee's Place
  27. Hand Writing on the Wall

Disc 10

  1. Hound Dog
  2. Mean Woman Blues
  3. Great Balls of Fire
  4. Mystery Train
  5. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  6. Jailhouse Rock
  7. Jerry, Just What Brought About Your Transistion from the Rock Field to
  8. What Is It About Country Music That You Find So Satisfying?
  9. Jerry, in Less Than a Year You've Become One of the Top Country ...
  10. Could You Tell Us Briefly Just How You Got Your Start in the Music ...
  11. We Understand That You Spend Quite a Bit of Time on the Road. Just How
  12. When You Do Get Home to Your House In Memphis, How Do You Spend ...
  13. Jerry, Country Music Continues to Increase in Popularity Every ...
  14. We Understand You've Been Doing Quite a Bit of TV Lately. Would ...
  15. What About the Jerry Lee Lewis of the Future... Of a Year, or ...
  16. Pt. 1: A Jerry Lee Lewis Radio Special, Exclusive Open End ...
  17. Pt. 2: A Jerry Lee Lewis Radio Special, Exclusive Open End ...

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jerry Lee Lewis   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Drums,Leader,Electric Piano,Tambourine,Vocals,Overdubs
Buddy Spicher   Fiddle
Steve Cropper   Guitar
Peter Frampton   Guitar
Rory Gallagher   Guitar,Bottleneck Guitar
Albert Lee   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Piano
Carl Perkins   Guitar
Gary Taylor   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion
Gary Wright   Organ
Charles Owens   Steel Guitar
Tommy Allsup   Guitar
Delaney Bramlett   Guitar,Bottleneck Guitar
Pete Drake   Steel Guitar
Matthew Fisher   Organ,Percussion
Lloyd Green   Steel Guitar
Alvin Lee   Guitar
Augie Meyers   Vox Organ
Brian Parrish   Harmonica,Percussion
Tony Joe White   Guitar
Grady Martin   Guitar
Bobby Wood   Piano,Leader,Electric Piano
Martin Katahn   Violin
Tony Ashton   Organ,Percussion,Piano
Byron Bach   Cello
Brenton Banks   Violin
George Binkley   Violin
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Albert Wynn Butler   Trombone
Kenny Buttrey   Drums
Paul Cannon   Guitar
Jerry Carrigan   Drums
Marvin Chantry   Viola
Roy Christensen   Cello
Virginia Christensen   Violin
John Christopher   Guitar
Tony Colton   Percussion
John Duke   Flute,Saxophone
Donald "Duck" Dunn   Bass
Ray Edenton   Guitar
Dolores Edgin   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Bobby Emmons   Organ
Solie Fott   Violin
Pete Gavin   Percussion,Drums
James R. Glaser   Choir, Chorus
Carl Gorodetzky   Violin
Lennie Haight   Violin
Jack Hale   Trombone
Herman Harper   Choir, Chorus
Herman Hawkins   Bass
Hoyt Hawkins   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Ginger Holladay   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Mary Holladay   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Lillian Hunt   Violin
Wayne Jackson   Trumpet
Millie Kirkham   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Wilfred Lehmann   Violin
Mark Lindsay   Saxophone
Ed Logan   Tenor Saxophone
Andrew Love   Saxophone
Kenneth Lovelace   Acoustic Guitar,Fiddle,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Rebecca Lynch   Violin
Martha McCrory   Cello
James Mitchell   Horn
Weldon Myrick   Steel Guitar
Louis Dean Nunley   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
June Page   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Organ,Piano,Harpsichord
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Ray Smith   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion
Steven Maxwell Smith   Violin
Jimmy Tarbutton   Guitar
Morris "Tarp" Tarrant   Drums,Leader
William Taylor   Trumpet
Samuel Terranova   Violin
Thunderthighs   Background Vocals
Gary VanOsdale   Viola
Klaus Voormann   Bass
Jeanine Walker   Choir, Chorus
Duane West   Background Vocals
D. Bergen White   Leader,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Joel Williams   Drums
Reggie Young   Guitar,Leader
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Herman Wade   Guitar
Priscilla Ann Hubbard   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Al Jackson   Drums
Kenney Jones   Percussion,Drums
Charlie McCoy   Harmonica,Marimbas,Vibes
Don McMinn   Guitar
Charlie Owens   Steel Guitar
William Puett   Horn
Steve Roland   Percussion
Lillian Vannhunt   Violin
Winifred S. Breast   Choir, Chorus
Bob Moore   Bass,Leader
Hugh Gordon Stoker   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Edward DeBruhl   Bass,Electric Bass
Harvey "Duke" Faglier   Guitar
J.L. "Marty" Morrison   Organ
Sugar Sweets   Choir, Chorus
Linda Gail Lewis   Vocals
Mack Vickery   Harmonica,Vocals
Ray C. Walker   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
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Mike Kellie   Percussion,Drums
Mickey Jones   Guitar
William Jackson & Scottish Orchestra of Music   Trumpet
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William Guilford Wright   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
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Patricia Williams   Background Vocals
Jon Christopher   Guitar
Andy Brown   Organ,Electric Piano
Caté   Guitar
Jeannie M. Ogletree   Background Vocals
Tommy Cathy   Bass
Joseph T. Babcock   Background Vocals
Michael Leech   Bass
Chas Hodges   Bass,Guitar,Vocal Harmony

Technical Credits

Lead Belly   Composer
Big Joe Turner   Composer
Kris Kristofferson   Composer
Moon Mullican   Composer
Jerry Lee Lewis   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Vocal Overdubs
Elvis Presley   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Memphis Horns   Contributor
Otis Blackwell   Composer
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Leverett   Illustrations
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Traditional   Composer
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