Meditations for Action: Your Full Expression with Love

Meditations for Action: Your Full Expression with Love

by Tim Guthrie


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Much of our suffering today is because we have lost touch with the human experience, and we are disconnected and in grave danger of crossing the point of no return. So we have a choice: to reconnect with love, faith, and the beauty of the word, or to remain disconnected and only interested in our own material overindulgences.

In Meditations for Action—Your Full Expression with Love, author Tim Guthrie offers us a way to choose love through a collection of teachings drawn from his own wisdom and from what he could only describe as his frequent and spontaneous discussions with God. Regardless of what form the source of these messages may take—God, or something else entirely for you—the message is abundantly clear: we have allowed the human experience to run out of control, and we are suffering for it—as is the planet. Many of the teachings may seem harsh and demanding, but they ultimately shine a light on the types of lives we should be leading.

We find ourselves in a position of suffering because our love of the truth is coming in a distant second place to our love for ourselves. But if we stand up for what is right with a fire that burns in our bellies, then we can discover the peace and serenity of love and freedom that will flood our hearts.

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ISBN-13: 9781504310918
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 11/21/2017
Pages: 78
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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1. Only when I had bid farewell to the imposters of my life and relinquished the masks of reputation and validation did I hear those precious creaks I had longed to hear. The door to freedom was opening, and with humility and grace, I took my first tentative steps inside.

(freedom, humility, grace)

2. To fully understand who you are can only be done from the perspective of connectedness. Here you realise your "self" is a part of something more than "you." When you truly understand this, life becomes one of universal service and contribution. You become aware, not of your passions and dreams, but of your duty. And when you get clear on this, nothing will stop you. To participate in the pursuit of passions and dreams becomes optional. To perform your duty becomes non-negotiable. You are truly free. Instinct and hunger are awakened, and you will know you are fully alive. Bring who you are to your duty, and you, my friend, are living. You will understand, for the first time, just how heavily the trivial things in your life weighed you down.

(connectedness, duty, freedom)

3. Quite often, when you can no longer cope with the lie, which is life when you are performing for everyone else but yourself, there is a period of "stuckness." You cannot stay where you are, but you have become so attached to the mask you have been wearing, and all that came with it, you can't let go of that, either. It is just as it is for an animal that has been chained up for a long period of time. You can break the chains, but the animal will stay right where it is. This stuckness, though bitter and scary, is your first taste of freedom. The further you move away from the chains, the sweeter your freedom is going to taste. People who once claimed to love you may cut you from their life. Or criticize you. Or talk about you behind your back, as if you have lost the very sanity you only just discovered. But that's okay. They loved you caged. They were the chains. Love them, pray for them, and wish them well. Leave the ashes of what you once were with them to adore and remember. They can remember you as you were. Live so that one day, should they be blessed to witness you in all your glory, they too might be tempted to break their chains and walk beside you in a world viewed only through the eyes of freedom.

(freedom, love, prayer)

4. There is no higher self or better version of who you are. There is only who you are. And this isn't something you magically turn into, change into, or transform into. It isn't something you find by miraculously growing wings and flying into the sky.

Go and look in the mirror.

There it is. Everything you are and ever will be is right there. And who you are will be revealed through courageous human action that is a living and breathing expression of who you are and what you believe in.

(courage, revelation, truth)

5. True freedom is to know who you are, to know what your duty is, and to have the courage, regardless of how scared you are, to carry it out with love in your heart and alignment to your values and principles. Jesus knew it, Gandhi knew it, as did many others, and I am starting to know it. To welcome death before betraying who you are is to know true freedom.

(freedom, alignment, courage)

6. Expressing yourself with alignment is the warrior's way. You don't have to be spiritual to do this. You just have to be a good and honourable person. Whatever is God in this world, whatever is divine in this world, whatever is Jesus in this world, whatever is Buddha in this world, and whatever is pure love in this world can only be expressed through us. The only way God's work is done, His (or Her) very existence, is reliant on us to be good people. This is the yoga, this is being, and this is love. When we set and then activate beautiful and honourable values and principles, plying the divine tools we've been provided, to honour the very creativity of our existence, we become one with God. This is yoga, and this is pure love. And my God, when you experience this, life is just so beautiful, just so damn beautiful.

(honour, expression, alignment)

Timothy James Guthrie

7. When I think of energy, I am reminded of two things: If you understood it as a valuable resource, you wouldn't waste it, and if you understand it as your fingerprint on the world, you would bring love to everything you touched.

We have no idea just how easy it would be to make the world a better place. Writing about energy as if you understand it and expressing it through beautiful action are two very different things.

(energy, fingerprint, expression)

8. Phusion is where you go when you can no longer hide behind exercise, yoga, religion, reputation, personal development books, quotes, and social media likes. Phusion is where you go when you realise that most of your life is built upon lies, and you decide to seek out the truth of who and what you really are.

(phusion, yoga, truth, conditional expression)

9. We need fewer people walking on hot coals and more people walking among the people, serving.

(service, people, love)

10. Phusion warriors don't deal in passions and dreams.

Phusion warriors deal in duty.

Being a phusion warrior demands sacrifice. You cannot serve others fully when your heart, mind, and soul are full of your self.

(sacrifice, duty, service, conditional expression)

11. Phusion warriors don't search for a higher self. They don't try to connect to a better version of themselves. They carve out who they are through aligned action.

(warrior, alignment, action)

12. There is no such thing as spiritual wealth. The concept of money has no place in a spiritual world. Personal development gurus who amass great wealth by exploiting people's vulnerability are not manifesting abundance; they are stealing. In a spiritual court of law, they would be considered a thief, nothing more, nothing less.

(truth, spirit, abundance)

13. Abundance blocks do not exist in a spiritual world. What people are suffering from is an expression block. Work out the what and the how, and then ... Boom! You're off, and life will never be the same again.

(abundance, suffering, expression)

14. "Individual" is an antonym for "global." If you are a truly global citizen, you will, by definition, put the needs of others and the planet before your own. In many ways, I'm not sure we have ever been less global.

(global, individual, planet)

15. Limitations are only limitations when perceived as such. When viewed more accurately through the eyes of truth, they are a gateway to love: a pure, genuine, and unconditional love where we come to view our limitations as a very special and integral part of who we are.

(limitations, love, truth)

16. As human beings, we are not perfect. We can be scared, make mistakes, and are desperate to be loved and adored. We treat others badly and judge them in the process. And then we hate ourselves for doing all of these things. I am wondering if we have lost the art of being human or if, in fact, we have ever given being human a chance.

(perfection, love, judgement)

17. I cannot and will not view abundance in terms of myself personally. We were born into abundance, in terms of what the earth has to offer and in our ability to share it.

(abundance, earth, sharing)

18. To know who you are and to share this wholeheartedly with the world, in service for others and the planet, is courage in action.

To allow others to do the same thing without judgement, even when you disapprove of their form of expression, is love in action.

(love, courage, action, expression)

19. Remember, the people, places, situations, institutions, and injustices you stand against have helped define who you are. Stand with love — not hate.

(love, hate, stand)

20. People who lose sleep and suffer from stress and anxiety are probably pursuing their dreams and passions. People who lose sleep and wake up with clarity in their mind and fire in their heart are probably doing their duty.

(suffering, dreams, passions, duty)

21. People who strive only to fulfil their own dreams and passions are slaves, imprisoned by their own selfish desires. People who strive to do their duty and bring all that they are to this task are free.

(freedom, dreams, passions)

22. In this philosophy, words are not valued over actions.

In fact, without action, even the most powerful of buzzwords become impotent. This philosophy lies in a world of truth, beyond religion and politics, and beyond validation and reputation.

(phusion, truth, philosophy)

23. We always seem to be talking about transforming, flying, and exceeding our limitations. We seem to forget ours is a human existence. And when a very human experience smacks us between the eyes with a setback, we fall apart at the seams. It's a very dangerous world we are creating.

(human, existence, limitations)

24. We don't need to fly. This puts us above and beyond those who need us. We are called to walk with strength, clarity, and humility among those we aim to serve.

(strength, clarity, humility)

25. Phusion's job? To bring the spiritual fantasy world everyone seems to be spouting about and give it a genuine existence in the human experience. Or at least give it an existence beyond the mesmerising words and supposedly cool images seen on social media posts.

(phusion, human, spirit, conditional expressionism)

26. We should understand that freedom is not found in the personal fulfilment of our dreams and passions. Nor is it found in a particular lifestyle. In fact, it is the desire to find freedom in these places that imprisons us. Freedom is found in fulfilment, all right: the fulfilment of your duty.

(freedom, fulfilment, duty)

27. Our lives can only find true meaning when we view them as a part of something bigger. This is Step 1 in the journey to full revelation and self-actualisation. When you understand you're an essential part of something bigger, and when you have clarity on what it is you must contribute, well, that's when all your fears, anxieties, dreams, and desires fall away as naturally as leaves in autumn. Or you walk forward with them as company. Regardless, you know who you are, and nothing will stand in the way of you doing your duty.

(true meaning, revelation, duty)

28. The path to enlightenment begins with the realisation your life is not actually about you. The path to enlightenment continues when you convert this realisation into the aligned action that is service.

(service, action, alignment)

29. People pursuing spiritual wealth or even declaring its existence on an individual level are false gurus. To speak of oneness and connectedness and pursue your own personal fortune is to live a lie. These two beliefs are contradictory and the source of incredible suffering for many today. Sometimes, when fully expressed, our lives may well generate incredible financial wealth, and then again, they may not. However, neither wealth nor lack of it should be seen as an obstacle to self-discovery, and whether or not either are a by-product of your expression should not be of great concern to you.

(expression, oneness, connectedness)

30. When you tread fearlessly along the path to full expression, you will be tested. And these tests may be severe in nature. In fact, they are very likely to be severe and represent the very moment of personal victory or defeat. Either the human fears or anxieties (which are very real for us all) will emerge victorious, or the fierceness and ferocity of your spirit will. This test, this moment, is the space where the true spiritual warrior stands tall. And if you have tasted defeat in this battle, waste no time creating the foundation from which to launch another attack. This is the fight for your life. Win it, and you will know peace and freedom like never before.

(full expression, fearlessness, spirit, warrior)

31. Who you are is beyond religion and politics. No matter what party or church you belong to, you must still live in alignment. This might demand that you voice your opinions and challenge the policies and teachings of these institutions on certain issues. To do otherwise would be to deny your own voice.

(religion, alignment, challenge)

32. Freedom of speech is a sacred right for all. You cannot exercise your right to share your opinions and thoughts on controversial issues and deny others the right to share theirs (or worse, attack them personally when they do).

(freedom, speech, sacred)

33. When you take religion, politics, and yoga out of the picture, all that remains is who you are. These things mean absolutely nothing unless you arrive at your destination with, and through, love.

(love, identity)

34. The days of creating self-indulgent lifestyles are over. Carve out who you are with service.


35. We need to let go of the concept of material abundance. "Material" and "abundance" are two words disconnected by their very essence. If you feel you are lacking in abundance, you are most likely lacking in love, understanding, and expression. Bring these three qualities to everything you do, and you will have everything you ever need. Ever.

(abundance, love, expression)

36. You cannot truly unlock your purpose unless you examine it within the context of the world around you. When you do this, who you think you are falls away, piece by piece, and who you are is revealed.

(service, purpose, revelation)

37. To follow this philosophy demands a warrior's resolve and a warrior's heart. She knows there will be no victory. But she also knows that in fighting for herself and others until her final breath, neither will she taste defeat.

(phusion, warrior, victory, conditional expression)

38. Students of this philosophy understand it is unlikely that they will ever know their true self in human form.

(philosophy, true self)

39. Loyalty, honesty, integrity, generosity, charity, courage, and all other such traits are mere words unless embodied through action. Only you can decide if the alignment and commitment to your values and principles, especially under pressure, outweigh a cowardly and selfish attachment to reputation, finances, and being perceived as something special.

(values, alignment, attachment)

40. When you let go of who you think you are and become who you are, your life becomes a meditation. Your life becomes a prayer. As each day begins, you will know exactly what you need to do.

(prayer, meditation, identity)

41. Yoga is nothing more than a doorway — and there are many we can choose from. Sadly, many Westerners are still stuck there in the belief they have arrived at their destination.

(yoga, destination, beliefs)

42. As is the case when we practise yoga asana, when we are in alignment and working with integrity, the stresses and dangers we encounter are dramatically lessened, even in threatening situations.

(yoga, alignment, integrity)

43. We are all of the same substance. Our most natural, spiritual, and primal desire is for everyone to be okay.

(substance, natural, spiritual, primal)

44. We use meditations, exercise, therapies, and yoga to forget who we are, and when the effects wear off, we are still there, waiting with all our troubles and imperfections. How challenging it is to be human.

(meditation, exercise, yoga)

45. I am beginning to wonder if social media hasn't become a secret breeding ground of liars, false prophets, and cowards.

(false prophets, wonder)

46. When Paramahansa Yogananda brought yoga to the West, I don't think he had in mind the sordid, ego-fuelled market place we see today. Yoga is designed to unlock who we are and provide us with the strength and resolve to express this. It was not designed to form the backbone of an industry that exploits its very teachings while justifying itself as spirituality.

(yoga, spirituality, ego, strength)

47. I asked in silence, "What enemy is it that I must slay?" "Yoga," came the steadfast reply.

(yoga, silence, duty)

48. Instead of asking 'what can we get and what can we have', perhaps we should start asking ourselves what do we need.

(lifestyle, creation, simplicity)


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