Mastermind's GRE (Math)

Mastermind's GRE (Math)

by Jude Ndubuisi Onicha


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Despite the proliferation of test-prep materials on the market, people still come up short on actually test day. Many ask if there's a single resource that contains everything an aspiring Graduate student needs to know to ace the Quantitative portion of the GRE. To overcome this, I compiled this work with the aim of helping student get the highest GRE score they possibly can.Having taught hundreds of students preparing them for the GRE, SAT and GMAT test, I've compiled this text using materials from large test-prep companies, questions published by the test-maker, and a variety of supplementsthat I've devised myself. Unlike many other GRE math books, this resource presumes almost no math knowledge. I start from the basics of indices and simple algebraic equations, and steadily work up to the most complex content on the test providing endless solved questions per topic. There may be times when you feel the need to read over a section two or three times (in fact, I encourage it!) but you'll never be forced to consult another book just to get through a section of this one.The unique features of this text, especially when comparing it to the other options out there, is the combination of detailed content and practice. For each of twenty eight topics treated, you'll have three different perspectives on the material:First, an exposition. This explains the principles behind the content, the basic facts and techniques you need, and the ways in which the material will come up in test questions.Second, a series of solved questions. There are 1000 solved problems in this section, these questions are not in the GRE format, but are designed to make sure that you comprehend the techniques that you read about in the first part.Finally, a series of solved GRE-like questions. There are 500 solved problems in this section, covering all quantitative section question type. The aim of this book is to make preparation for the GRE test effortless.Each chapter begins with an introduction, Each main idea appears in a section of its own, is motivated, is explained in great detail, and is made concrete by endless solved problems. The GRE math section is not easy as there is 'no limit' to where and how the questions can be set. This book jettisons the idea of assumption; rather we provide 'defined methods' of providing solution to all of the aspect tested no matter the level of difficulty of the question.The only way the GRE can be "beaten" is by mastering of the techniques provided. Any candidate who study hard and master the techniques in this book would definitely get a perfect score.We have included some questions in this text that are harder than actual GRE maths problems. This is to insure that every candidate possesses a mathematical skill that is greater than what is tested on the GRE with this, there would be no surprises on the actual test day.

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