Master the TOEFL CBT 2005

Master the TOEFL CBT 2005

Multimedia Set(Book with CD)



Great Book—teaches everything students need to know for the TOEFL in easy-to-understandlanguage. Fully updated, comprehensive review of both the paper-based and computer-based test. Includes 4 practice tests with full transcripts of the listening section. Step-by-step coaching for each question type; thorough review of how to take the computer-based test. Expert Authors. Credentials Include: Patricia Sullivan, Ph.D., Lecturer in Department of Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz, has taught English and TOEFL in more than 7countries. Gail Brenner, instructor for the English Language International Program at UC Santa Cruz.

  • Comprehensive review of grammar points covered on test
  • 4 practice tests in the book! 2 “CBT” based and 2 “PBT” based to offer the most comprehensive coverage possible
  • Advice on the Writing Section/TWE and tips for taking the test online
  • CD version provides computer adaptive structure section drills that can be taken many times with unique questions
  • Full-length practice test on the CD helps students become comfortable with taking a computer-based test; a tutorial on computer skills needed to take the test is included, as well.
  • 2 additional CDs include audio to accompany the listening sections of practice tests in the book.
  • Prep-Kit/Tape version includes audio to accompany listening sections of the practice tests

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780768914757
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 05/05/2004
Edition description: Book with CD
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

About This Bookxi
Part IThe Test of English as a Foreign Language
Chapter 1An Overview of the TOEFL Test3
What Is the TOEFL Test?3
What Is the TOEFL CBT?4
What Is the TOEFL PBT?4
How Is Writing Tested?5
How Do the CBT and PBT Compare?5
How Do I Register?6
Can I Cancel or Reschedule My Test Date After I Register?6
When and Where Are the Tests Given?7
How Much Does It Cost to Take the TOEFL?7
How Long Are the Tests?7
What About Scoring?8
Chapter 2General Preparation for the TOEFL CBT11
Learn the "Formats" of the CBT11
Tips for Taking the CBT12
On the Day of the Test13
Chapter 3General Preparation for the TOEFL PBT15
Learn the Rules of the PBT15
Mark Your Answer Sheet in the Correct Way16
Tips for Taking the PBT16
On the Day of the Test16
Part IISample Questions and Test-Taking Strategies
Chapter 4Choosing an Answer21
Strategies for Choosing Answers21
What Are Testing Points?22
Chapter 5Listening Section25
Sample Listening Questions for the CBT25
Sample Listening Questions for the PBT37
Listening Section Strategies40
Testing Points42
Chapter 6Structure Section57
Sample Structure Questions for the CBT57
Sample Structure Questions for the PBT59
Structure Section Strategies61
Testing Points61
Chapter 7Reading Section79
Sample Reading Questions for the CBT79
Sample Reading Questions for the PBT84
Reading Comprehension Strategies84
Vocabulary Learning Tip85
Testing Points86
Examples of Each Question Type86
Chapter 8Writing Section and TWE95
Sample Writing Format for the CBT95
Sample Essay Questions96
Essay-Writing Strategies for the CBT and TWE97
Essay-Writing Testing Points98
Part IIIFour TOEFL Practice Tests
Chapter 9How to Score Your Practice Tests105
Score Conversion Table for the CBT105
Score Conversion Table for the PBT106
Score Calculation106
Chapter 10Practice Test 1 (CBT Style)109
Section 1110
Section 2119
Section 3123
Answer Keys and Explanations135
Chapter 11Practice Test 2 (CBT Style)149
Section 1150
Section 2158
Section 3162
Answer Keys and Explanations172
Chapter 12Practice Test 3 (PBT Style)185
Section 1185
Section 2193
Section 3198
Answer Keys and Explanations209
Chapter 13Practice Test 4 (PBT Style)227
Section 1227
Section 2235
Section 3241
Answer Keys and Explanations252
Part IVTranscripts for Practice Tests
Chapter 14Test 1 (CBT Style) Listening Script269
Section 1269
Chapter 15Test 2 (CBT Style) Listening Script291
Section 1291
Chapter 16Test 3 (PBT Style) Listening Script311
Section 1311
Chapter 17Test 4 (PBT Style) Listening Script327
Section 1327
TOEFL Word List345
About the Author365

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