Mask of Vengeance

Mask of Vengeance

by Timothy O'Brien


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Mask of Vengeance is a story told from the unique and separate perspectives of four people whose lives become connected after the murder of an innocent man and then...
...hopelessly intertwined following the assassination of a guilty one.
The first of these four is seventeen year old Stephanie Sebastiano, a withdrawn dreamer, who attends high school at Kingsley Academy. She continues to have trouble putting her life back together after the murder of her father, Thomas, during a police undercover operation while infiltrating the notorious Scorpione crime syndicate. Though she suspects the Scorpiones killed her father, proving they did it is next to impossible as they are good at covering their tracks. Her only rock in the storm is her close friend Patrick whose love and support keeps her afloat... the treacherous sea of her hectic life.
The second is Jimmy Ziminski, a veteran of the Gulf War and currently a workaholic Homicide Detective with the Benton City Police Department who refuses to give up hope in solving the murder of his ex-partner, Thomas Sebastiano. Mixed feelings arise in Jimmy when Vincent Scorpione, suspected crime lord of Benton and the man Jimmy believes killed his old partner, is murdered by a mysterious masked ninja assassin. Jimmy is determined to capture this vigilante before they strike again, but how will he catch someone...
...who is as elusive as the darkness itself?
The third is Stephanie's sister, Jennifer, who suffered a mental breakdown after the death of their father. No longer fit to be an active member of society, Jennifer remains at the Borgestadt Institute for the Mentally Ill where she is treated by the best psychological specialist in the world, Doctor Mei Tachibana, who tirelessly works day and night to cure Jennifer's condition and make her well again. However, Jennifer has a secret...
...She dreamed her father's murder before it happened.
The fourth is Patrick O'Hara. A close friend of Stephanie Sebastiano, he is a normal guy with no worries. Then, his life gets complicated fast when he witnesses the murder of his neighbor, Vincent Scorpione, from his bedroom window. Now everyone is a suspect as he frantically tries to uncover the assassin's identity. But is the assassin...
...closer to Patrick than he thinks?
Dive into a dark and gritty world of love, hate, vendetta, and intrigue as these four brave souls desperately fight through corruption and conspiracy... finally discover the truth behind the mask of vengeance.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781621833321
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC
Publication date: 04/11/2016
Pages: 390
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.87(d)

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