Mary Poppins [Special Edition]

Mary Poppins [Special Edition]

by DisneyDisney

CD(Bonus Tracks / Special Edition / Digi-Pak / Bonus DVD)

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To understand the magnitude of the Mary Poppins phenomenon, consider that in 1965, the year of the film's debut, the soundtrack stayed at No. 1 on the Billboard charts for 14 consecutive weeks -- longer than the runs enjoyed by the Beatles, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, and the Sound of Music soundtrack during the same year. The Oscar-winning duo of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke led the cast in this family musical about a nanny with supernatural powers -- and a classic was born. Marking the occasion of the movie's 40th anniversary is this two-disc special edition soundtrack, released alongside a newly remastered DVD. Disney composers Richard and Robert Sherman scored big with Poppins, one of the best movie musicals ever -- just try to resist the charm of "Chim-Chimeree" and "Let's Go Fly a Kite." And the lullaby "Stay Awake" is a brilliant showcase for Andrews, who sounds purely angelic. Plus, you can sing along to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "A Spoonful of Sugar" with ease, as all the lyrics are provided in a 40-page booklet. The set also adds loads of special features, such as 13 previously unreleased recordings, including both instrumental and vocal tracks ("The Carousel Horses" and the Penguin Dance") and four songs that include additional material ("Pavement Artist" and "Jolly Holiday"). The second disc holds more surprises -- 40 minutes of recorded story meetings with Mary Poppins author P. L. Travers and interviews with Andrews, Van Dyke, and the Sherman brothers. As if that weren't enough, the set also includes a link to an exclusive peek at the new Mary Poppins Broadway musical. Chock-full of bonus features, this is a must-have disc for every family-friendly music library.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/16/2004
Label: Walt Disney Records
UPC: 0050086120277
catalogNumber: 861202
Rank: 10834


Disc 1

  1. Buena Vista Fanfare
  2. Overture
  3. One Man Band
  4. Sister Suffragette
  5. The Life I Lead
  6. The Perfect Nanny
  7. Air Mail/Admiral Boom/The Not-So-Perfect Nannies/Mary Poppins Arrives
  8. A Spoonful of Sugar
  9. Pavement Artist
  10. Jolly Holiday
  11. Jolly Holiday (Reprise)
  12. Penguin Dance
  13. The Carousel Horses
  14. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  15. Pavement Artist (Reprise)
  16. Stay Awake
  17. Trouble at Uncle Albert's
  18. I Love to Laugh
  19. A British Bank (The Life I Lead)
  20. Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)
  21. Father's Footsteps
  22. Fidelity Fiduciary Bank
  23. Panic at the Bank
  24. Chim Chim Cher-Ee/March Over the Rooftops
  25. Step in Time
  26. A Man Has Dreams (The Life I Lead)/A Spoonful of Sugar
  27. Mr. Banks Is Discharged
  28. Let's Go Fly a Kite

Disc 2

  1. Cherry Tree Lane
  2. Mr. Banks Decided to Hire a Nanny Himself
  3. The Children Write Their Own Advertisement
  4. The Line of Applicants and Mary Poppins Arrives
  5. Notes on Mary Meeting the Banks
  6. Up to the Nursery
  7. Bert and the Talking Pictures
  8. A Carousel Horse Ride to the Seashore
  9. The Return Home
  10. The Next Morning We Meet the Sweep
  11. Uncle Albert's
  12. A Change in the Wind and an Adventure With Admiral Boom
  13. The Bird Woman
  14. Mr. Banks and the Compass
  15. The Compass Sequence: Timbuktu
  16. The Compass Sequence: The Land of Sand
  17. The Compass Sequence: Tea in China
  18. The Compass Sequence: The North Pole
  19. The Return Home
  20. Everyone Descends on Cherry Tree Lane
  21. Mary Departs
  22. Hollywood Spotlight Microphone
  23. The Sherman Brothers Reminisce About Their Work on Mary Poppins

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Disney   Primary Artist
Marni Nixon   Vocals
Julie Andrews   Vocals,Human Whistle
Irwin Kostal   Conductor
Bill Lee   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Thurl Ravenscroft   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Richard M. Sherman   Kazoo,Voices,Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Robert B. Sherman   Voices
Dick Van Dyke   Vocals
J. Pat OMalley   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Karen Dotrice   Vocals
Paul Frees   Vocals
Matthew Garber   Vocals
Alan Davies   Choir, Chorus
Daws Butler   Track Performer
Ed Wynn   Vocals
William Cole   Choir, Chorus
Reta Shaw   Vocals
Hermione Baddeley   Vocals
Glynis Johns   Vocals
Marc Breaux   Vocals
Don DiGradi   Voices
Peter Ellenshaw   Track Performer
Arthur Malet   Choir, Chorus
Dal McKennon   Track Performer
Nackvid Keyd   Vocals
P. L. Travers   Voices
Ginny Tyler   Vocals
David Tomlinson   Vocals,Track Performer

Technical Credits

Irwin Kostal   Arranger,Sound Effects
Ted Kryczko   Producer,Executive Producer
Richard M. Sherman   Composer
Robert B. Sherman   Composer
Robert Stevenson   Director
Randy Thornton   Liner Notes
Nat Farber   Dance Arrangement
Bill Walsh   Producer,Screenplay
Don DiGradi   Screenplay
P. L. Travers   Book
Dick Tufeld   Interviewer

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