Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale Watching in North America

Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale Watching in North America

by Mark Carwardine


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Commercial whale-watching began in 1955 in California, when a San Diego fisherman started taking people (for a dollar a time) to see Grey Whales migrating along the coast. Nowadays, 13 million people go whale-watching each year, in 119 different countries around the world. The undisputed hotspot—with more than half of all whale-watchers—is North America.

Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale-Watching in North America covers all the main whale-watching locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico; rich with photography throughout, the book will also include sections on how to watch whales (including everything from identification to interpreting behavior), and a field-guide section covering all the whales, dolphins and porpoises that can be seen in North America. It includes some of the world's ultimate wildlife experiences: tickling friendly grey whales in Mexico's San Ignacio Lagoon, listening to a live concert of singing humpback whales in Hawaii, being surrounded by thousands of dolphins in Monterey Bay, kayaking with pods of Orca off Vancouver Island, snorkelling with Beluga in Hudson Bay, and many more.

Mark Carwardine once again brings us a definitive guide, this time for all who love whales in North America.

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ISBN-13: 9781472930699
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 08/15/2017
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,182,216
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Whale expert Mark Carwardine has been studying, protecting, photographing, and taking people to see whales and dolphins all over the world for 30 years, and has written many books on the subject. He presented the weekly half-hour program Nature on BBC Radio 4 for many years, co-presented the six-part BBC2 series Last Chance to See (and various spin-offs) with Stephen Fry, and co-presented the six-part BBC2 series Museum of Life. A professional zoologist and best-selling author, he has written a regular column in BBC Wildlife magazine for more than a decade.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Whale Watching and Caring for Whales 9

How to Watch Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises 9

The Challenges of Identification 16

How to Recognize Whale Behavior… and what it all means 20

Caring for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises 27

North Americas Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises 40

Comparison of species 40

Bowhead Whale 44

North Atlantic Right Whale 46

North Pacific Right Whale 48

Gray Whale 50

Minke Whale 52

Sei Whale 54

Bryde's Whale 56

Fin Whale 58

Blue Whale 60

Humpback Whale 62

Sperm Whale 64

Pygmy Sperm Whale 66

Dwarf Sperm Whale 68

Narwhal 70

Beluga 72

Baird's Beaked Whale 74

Unnamed Beaked Whale 76

Cuvier's Beaked Whale 78

Northern Bottlenose Whale 80

Sowerby's Beaked Whale 82

Blainville's Beaked Whale 84

Ginkgo-toothed Beaked Whale 86

Perrin's Beaked Whale 88

Hubbs' Beaked Whale 90

Pygmy Beaked Whale 92

Gervais' Beaked Whale 94

True's Beaked Whale 96

Stejneger's Beaked Whale 98

Longman's Beaked Whale 100

Killer Whale 102

Short-finned Pilot Whale 104

Long-finned Pilot Whale 106

Pygmy Killer Whale 108

Melon-headed Whale 110

False Killer Whale 112

Rough-toothed Dolphin 114

Short-beaked Common Dolphin 116

Long-beaked Common Dolphin 118

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin 120

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin 122

Spinner Dolphin 124

Clymene Dolphin 126

Striped Dolphin 128

Common Bottlenose Dolphin 130

Risso's Dolphin 132

White-beaked Dolphin 134

Atlantic White-sided Dolphin 136

Pacific White-sided Dolphin 138

Fraser's Dolphin 140

Northern Right Whale Dolphin 142

Dall's Porpoise 144

Vaquita 146

Harbor Porpoise 148

Where to Go Whale and Dolphin Watching in North America 150

Map of Whale Watching Countries in North America 150

United States 152

United States: West Coast 153

Hawai'i 153

Alaska 161

Southeast Alaska 162

Northwestern Gulf of Alaska 167

Cook Inlet 172

Aleutian Islands & Pribilof Islands 174

Barrow 178

Washington 180

San Juan Islands & Puget Sound 180

Westport & the Olympic Coast 187

Oregon 190

California 194

Monterey Bay 203

United States: East Coast 210

New England 210

Eastern Seaboard: New York to Georgia 219

Florida & the Gulf States 225

Canada 231

Canada: West Coast 232

British Columbia 232

Vancouver Island (Johnstone Strait) 234

Vancouver Island (Salish Sea) 238

Vancouver Island (West Coast) 243

Canada: East Coast 246

Bay of Fundy 246

The Gully 252

Newfoundland 254

St Lawrence River & Gulf of St Lawrence 260

Canada: Arctic and Sub-Arctic 267

Nunavut 267

Churchill 278

Inuvik 282

México 284

México: West Coast 285

Baja California 285

Gray Whale breeding lagoons 286

Pacific Coast 294

Los Cabos & Gorda Banks 295

Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) 297

Revillagigedo Archipelago 302

Banderas Bay 303

Bahia de Petatlán 307

México: East Coast 309

Yucatán Peninsula 309

Glossary 310

Further reading 313

Acknowledgments 314

Image credits 316

Index 317

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