Marion Fay

Marion Fay

by Anthony Trollope


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Marion Fay (First published 1881)
By Anthony Trollope

The Marquis of Kingsbury has two aristocratic children, now adults called Hampstead and Frances. The siblings fall in love with "commoners" however. The society women are is shocked that Frances would even consider marrying a clerk in the post office - a man clearly beneath her station in life -- while her brother's impending marriage is considered somewhat more acceptable. Hampstead is courting a Quaker, the Marion Fay of the title.

Trollope died shortly after Marion Fay was published, but he had already competed four additional novels and his autobiography, all of which were published after his death.

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About the Author

About The Author
British author Anthony Trollope (1815 - 1882) wrote dozens of novels involving political, social, and gender issues, and current affairs. Sir Alec Guinness was a huge fan and reportedly never journeyed without a Trollope novel. Trollope is perhaps best known for his Barsetshire series, which is a collection of six novels.
His father, was a barrister but the family struggled financially at times. He was born in London and educated at public school. In 1827, his mother Frances Trollope moved to America with Trollope's three younger siblings while Anthony stayed in England. His mother eventually returned and made a name for herself as a writer, soon earning a good income. The family moved to Belgium, partially to avoid arrest for debt. Anthony was offered a commission in an Austrian cavalry regiment but had to learn French and German, and took up a clerkship in the General Post Office.
From there, he moved to Ireland and began writing on the long train trips he needed to do for work. He eventually became one of the most prolific writers of all time. Other books by Trollope include:
The Warden (1855)
Barchester Towers (1857)
Doctor Thorne (1858)
Framley Parsonage (1861)
The Small House at Allington (1864)
The Last Chronicle of Barset (1867)
He Knew He Was Right (1869)
The Way We Live Now (1875)
Castle Richmond
An Eye for an Eye

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