March to Fuzz

March to Fuzz

by MudhoneyMudhoney


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Although it was Nirvana that spread the smell of teen spirit far and wide across the land, making "grunge" an MTV buzzword and flannel an early '90s fashion statement, Mudhoney in the late '80s was perfecting its own recipe for Seattle sludge. Combining a cup of garage punk, a pinch of metal, a tablespoon of psychedelia, and a smidgen of surf rock, and then glazing the whole concoction with layers of fuzzy guitar distortion, Mudhoney developed alongside Nirvana as a harder-edged, more garagey sounding sibling. The double disc MARCH TO FUZZ chronicles Mudhoney's development from the early, rambunctious material of 1989's SUPERFUZZ BIGMUFF to the trancier (but still rowdy) fare of 1998's TOMORROW HIT TODAY. The first disc features such underground classics as the dizzying "Touch Me I'm Sick," the blistering "Suck You Dry," and the insidious "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More." Even if you've already got all these goodies in your record collection, they sound great sandwiched together. And if that's not enough, the second disc of 28 rarities and B-sides should enthrall even the most seasoned Mudhoney fan. Here's where the band really lets down its muddied locks to toy with Ventures-style dynamics on "You Stupid Asshole" and "March to Fuzz," to deconstruct the blues on "Fuzzbuster," to cover a broad swath of artists including Elvis Costello, Void, Suicide, the Damned, and Spacemen 3, and to bash out more messy handfuls of grungelicious originals. Feast on the fuzz.

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Release Date: 01/18/2000
Label: Sub Pop
UPC: 0098787050028
catalogNumber: 500


Disc 1

  1. In 'n' out of Grace
  2. Suck You Dry
  3. I Have to Laugh
  4. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
  5. Who You Drivin' Now
  6. You Got It
  7. Judgement, Rage, Retribution and Thyme
  8. Into the Drink
  9. A Thousand Forms of Mind
  10. Generation Genocide
  11. If I Think
  12. Here Comes Sickness
  13. Let It Slide
  14. Touch Me I'm Sick
  15. This Gift
  16. Good Enough
  17. Blinding Sun
  18. Into Your Shtik
  19. Beneath the Valley of the Underdog
  20. When Tomorrow Hits
  21. Make It Now Again
  22. Hate the Police

Disc 2

  1. Hey Sailor
  2. Twenty Four
  3. Baby Help Me Forget
  4. Revolution
  5. You Stupid Asshole
  6. Who Is Who
  7. Stab Your Back
  8. Pump It Up
  9. The Money Will Roll Right In
  10. Fix Me
  11. Dehumanized
  12. She's Just 15
  13. Baby O Baby
  14. Over the Top
  15. You Give Me the Creeps
  16. March to Fuzz
  17. Ounce of Deception
  18. Paperback Life
  19. Bushpusher Man
  20. Fuzzbeater
  21. Overblown
  22. Run Shithead Run
  23. King Sandbox
  24. Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
  25. Holden
  26. Not Going Down That Road Again
  27. Brand New Face
  28. Drinking for Two
  29. Butterfly Stroke
  30. Editions of You

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mudhoney   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Jimmie Dale Gilmore   Composer
Bryan Ferry   Composer
Mudhoney   Producer
Jack Endino   Producer,Engineer
Greg Ginn   Composer
Mark Arm   Composer,Sleeve Notes
Kurt Bloch   Producer,Engineer
"Fast" Eddie Clarke   Composer
James Luther Dickinson   Producer
Adam Kasper   Engineer
Lemmy   Composer
Matt Lukin   Composer,Sleeve Notes
Dan Peters   Composer,Sleeve Notes
John Reed   Composer
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor   Composer
Steve Turner   Composer,Liner Notes
Conrad Uno   Producer,Engineer

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