Manipulation of the Avian Genome

Manipulation of the Avian Genome

by Robert J. Etches

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Many genes have been cloned from chicken cells, and during the next decade numerous laboratories will be concentrating their resources in developing ways of using these tools. Manipulation of the Avian Genome contains the most recent information from leading research laboratories in the areas of developmental and molecular genetics of the chicken. This information was presented at the Keystone Symposium held at Lake Tahoe in March, 1991. The book discusses potential applications of emerging technology in basic science and poultry production. Various techniques for altering genomic DNA, such as microinjection, retroviral vectors, and lipofection are covered. Genome evaluation using DNA fingerprinting and conventional breeding techniques are presented.

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ISBN-13: 9781351433990
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication date: 03/14/2019
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
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About the Author

Etches, Robert J.; Gibbins, Ann M.

Table of Contents

A Genetic Approach to Physiology (R.J. Etches). The Anatomy of Reproduction in Birds with Emphasis on Poultry (M.R. Bakst). Early Determination and Morphogenetic Processes in Birds (H. Eyal-Giladi). Constant and Variable Regions of Avian Chromosomes (S.E. Bloom, M.E. Delany, and D.E. Muscarella). The Genetic Map of the Chicken and Availability of Genetically Diverse Stocks (J.J. Bitgood). Accessing the Genome of the Chicken Using Germline Chimeras (J.N. Petitte, C.L. Brazolot, M.E. Clark, G. Liu, A.M.V. Gibbins, and R.J. Etches). The Use of Avian Chimeras in Developmental Biology (F. Dieterlen-Lievre and N. Le Douarin). Transfection of Chick Embryos Maintained Under In Vitro Conditions (H. Sang, C. Gribbin, C. Mather, D. Morrice, and M. Perry). Avian Leukosis Retroviruses and Gene Transfer into the Avian Genome (D. Salter, W. Payne, L. Crittenden, M. Federspiel, C. Petropoulos, J. Bradac, and S. Hughes). CHox-cad Characterization and Rooster Sperm Preservation as a First Step in the Generation of Transgenic Chickens with Modified Homeobox Genes (Y. Gruenbaum, A. Frumkin, Z. Rangini, E. Revel, S. Yarus, Y. Margalit, H. Hativ, A. Davarsi, and A. Fainsod). The Molecular Biology and Genetic Control of Growth in Poultry (C. Goddard, A. Gray, H. Gilhooley, and I.E. O'Neill). The Major Histocompatibility Complex in Chickens (S.J. Lamont). Synthesis and Deposition of Egg Proteins (R.G. Deeley, R. Burtch-Wright, C.E. Grant, P.A. Hoodless, A.K. Ryan, and T.J. Schrader). Poultry Breeding Technologies in the 20th Century: Where Have We Come From and Where are We Going? (R.N. Shoffner) Genetic Control of Disease and Disease Resistance in Poultry (J.S. Gavora). Multi-Locus DNA Markers: Applications in Poultry Breeding and Genetic Analyses (J. Hillel, E.A. Dunnington, A. Haberfeld, U. Lavi, A. Cahaner, O. Gal, Y. Plotsky, H.L. Marks, and P.B. Siegel). Sex-Specific DNA Sequences in Galliformes and Their Application to the Study of Sex Differentiation (S. Mizuno, Y. Saitoh, O. Nomura, R. Kunita, K. Ohtomo, K. Nishimori, H.Ono, and H. Saitoh). Aspirations of Breeders in the Poultry Industry as Manipulation of the Avian Genome Continues (A. Emsley). Future Interactions Between Molecular Biologists and the Poultry Industry (A.M.V. Gibbins).

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