Man and Security: Proving Natural Laws of Human Behavior

Man and Security: Proving Natural Laws of Human Behavior

by H. L. Heckel III


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Man and Security uses the scientific method to combine enlightened self interest with the teachings of Jesus to propose a theory of how mankind acts and should act.

With Darwin's theory of evolution, we know that human beings must be able to adapt to their environment to survive as a species. The individual must be able to sense what is good for himself. This positive chemical reaction to the environment is called security. This book proposes three theories of security. The first is that the individual seeks what he perceives to be his own individual security. The second is that the individual should try to maximize his own security over time.

Aren't there natural laws of human behavior? Since we appear to be able to make choices, these would be rules that, if followed, would maximize the individual's security over time as well as allow the species to survive. Discovering such laws may be impossible since our perceptions are clouded by our own culture. But, what is the point of creating such laws if you do not tell people about them?

The third theory of security is that the only way for the individual to maximize his security is to follow the rules of Jesus Christ. These rules are examined in terms of security theory to show that they maximize the individual's security over time. The meek really will inherit the earth, and this book tells us why.

Man and Security says that being a good person is good for you. This book is a proof that Jesus is God, showing the accuracy of His rules in the reality of our existence.

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ISBN-13: 9781973921134
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/02/2017
Pages: 160
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About the Author

H.L. Heckel III was born in 1945. His mother was a religion major and his father had a PhD in chemistry and did not believe in "superstition". The author majored in political science and earned his living as a computer applications programmer and systems analyst. He is the author of Matthew Commentary: Origins of the Natural Laws of Human Behavior.

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