Mali Lolo: Stars of Mali

Mali Lolo: Stars of Mali


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Mali Lolo: Stars of Mali is pretty much what the title implies: Mali's biggest musical acts collected to show the breadth of modern Malian music. However, there are a number of things about this recording that are done so well that this compilation goes to the head of the class as far as Malian collections are concerned. Smithsonian Folkways has been documenting indigenous musics for decades now. This time out, rather than attempt to document each artist with its own resources, Smithsonian Folkways has wisely decided to simply license tracks from existing albums on other labels. The end result is a recording filled with great productions, something that otherwise would have been cost-prohibitive given the star power involved. Also, on this collection, not only do they supply information on the songs themselves and artist biographies, but give a good background on the various musical traditions and from what groups and regions they emanate. The bottom line, of course, is the music, and compiler Jon Kertzer has done a wonderful job. Some productions sound decidedly more modern than others, but traditional Malian music is never left behind. Besides the human voice, guitar, kora, and balafon are the main sounds, even among the more contemporary productions like those of Habib Koité and Oumou Sangaré. From the traditional kora sounds of Toumani Diabate to the African blues of Ali Farka Toure to the updated Wassoulou sounds of Oumou Sangaré, Mali Lolo has much to offer. Very well done.

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Release Date: 06/24/2003
Label: Smithsonian Folkways
UPC: 0093074050828
catalogNumber: 40508
Rank: 94896


  1. Eh Ya Ye
  2. San Barana
  3. Nimato
  4. Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia on River
  5. Noumou Koulouba
  6. Ya La
  7. Cheikhna Demba
  8. Fakoli
  9. Tessalit
  10. Iya Heniya
  11. Duga
  12. Hilly Yoro
  13. Vaccination
  14. Yere Uolo
  15. Pirates
  16. Mansa

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ali Farka Touré   Guitar,Vocals
Ousmane Kouyate   Guitar,Musical Direction
Oumou Sangare   Vocals
Jean Toussaint   Tenor Saxophone
Afel Bocoum   Guitar,Vocals
Nabintou Diakite   Background Vocals
Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez   Double Bass
Guy N'Sangue   Bass
Hamma Sankare   Vocals,Calabash
Djelimady Tounkara   Guitar
Alima Toure   Background Vocals
Oumar Toure   Conga,Vocals
Aliou Traore   Calabash
Brice Wassy   Drums
Mike Williams   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Benogo Diakite   Ngoni
Julia Saar   Background Vocals
Toumani Diabaté   Kora
Kandia Kouyate   Vocals
Amadou Traore   Vocals
Abdoulaye Diabate   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Habib Koité   Guitar,Vocals
Lobi Traoré   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Jayasinha   Trumpet
Kassé-Mady Diabaté   Vocals
Sékou Bembya Diabaté   Djembe
Fousseny Kouyate   Ngoni
Aly Wagué   African Flute
Moussa Sissoko   Guitar
Abdoulaye Traore   Ngoni
Modibo Diabate   Guitar,Choir, Chorus
Kabiné Keita   Saxophone
Damory Kouyaté   Vocals
Ali Dembelé   Rhythm Guitar
Amada Diarra   Balafon
Adama Fomba   Vocals
Abou Sylla   Balan
Baba Salah   Guitar
Bagayogo Lassana   Percussion
Bamba Dembelé   Percussion
Basidi Keita   Djembe
Amadou Sodia   Vocals,Bolon
Souleye Kane   Djembe
Rokia Traoré   Vocals
Mamadou Diabate   Kora
Vincent Bucher   Harmonica
Ramata Diakité   Vocals,Background Vocals
Cheick Barry   Bass
Coco Mbassi   Vocals,Background Vocals
Ibrahim   Guitar,Vocals
Ballaké Sissoko   Kora,talking drum
Lasana Diabate   Balafon
Mama Walet Amoumine   Vocals,Hand Clapping,Tinde
Souleymane Ann   Drums,Vocals
Arahmat Walit M. Attaher   Vocals,Hand Clapping,Tinde
Maimouna Barry   Background Vocals
Mimi Barry   Background Vocals
Amanou Issa   Vocals
Abdoul Wahab Berthe   Bass
Sidiki Camara   Percussion,Djembe
Issa Conde   Ngoni
Dramane Coulibaly   Flute
Mahamane Diabate   Balafon
Soulemane Diabate   Bass
Diakaridia Diawara   Djembe
Maguett Diop   Drums
Aminata Coulibali   Vocals
Koma Wulen Diabate   N'Goni
Tata Diakite   Vocals,Background Vocals
Salim Diallo   Vocals
Chaka Cenvint Doumbia   Bongos
Harouna Doumbia   Karakeb
Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia   Vocals
Foy Foy   Guitar,Vocals
Zatien Gonsogo   Tambor
Zé Luis Nascimento   Percussion
"Petit" Kasse Mady Kamisoko   N'Goni
Andra Kouyate   N'Goni
Iblouse Kouyate   Background Vocals
Fadimata W. Mohamedun   Vocals,Hand Clapping,Tinde
Oliza   Background Vocals
Fadimata Walett Oumar   Vocals,Hand Clapping,Tinde
Mohamed Issa Ag Oumar   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Boubacar Sidibe   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Kassini Sidibe   Ngoni
Yoro Sidibe   Vocals,Ngoni
Samba Sissoko   Vocals
Ami Sylla   Vocals
Zoumana Tereta   Violin
Mamadou Tounkara   Vocals
Lamissa Traore   Tambor
Souleymane Traore   Vocals,Balafon
Astrid Yellow   Background Vocals
Baba Galle   Flute
Fatoumata Haidara   Choir, Chorus,Hand Clapping
Fotigui Keita   Bass
Moussa Kone   Acoustic Guitar
Brema Kouyate   Bass
Demba Kouyate   Guitar
Fanta Mady Kouyate   Guitar
Sayon Sissoko   Ngoni
Yacouba Sissoko   Kora,Calabash
Mamadou Traore   Karignan
Siaka Traore   Balafon
Bakari Traore   Djembe
Mamah Diabate   Ngoni

Technical Credits

Ali Farka Touré   Composer
Ousmane Kouyate   Arranger
Oumou Sangare   Composer
Damon Albarn   Producer
Lucy Duran   Producer
Nick Gold   Producer
Jon Kertzer   Track Notes
Eduardo Llerenas   Producer
Ibrahima Sylla   Producer
Banning Eyre   Liner Notes
Toumani Diabaté   Composer
Kandia Kouyate   Composer
Boncana Maïga   Producer
Habib Koité   Composer
Lobi Traoré   Composer
Kassé-Mady Diabaté   Composer
Jack Vartoogian   Cover Photo
Moussa Sissoko   Tama
Simon Burwell   Producer
Rokia Traoré   Composer
Michelle Winter   Producer
Justin Adams   Producer
Gerald Fenerberg   Producer
Ballaké Sissoko   Contributor
Lo'Jo   Producer
Tinariwen   Composer
Philippe Berthier   Producer
Contre Jour   Producer
Siriman Diallo   Producer
Oumou Coulibaly   Track Notes
Ibrahima Dembele   Contributor
Salim Diallo   Composer
Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia   Composer,Contributor
Fadimata W. Mohamedun   Composer
Mamadou Tounkara   Composer
Souleymane Traore   Composer
Bruce Whitehouse   Track Notes
Tom Van Buren   Producer
Thomas Weill   Producer

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