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Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders

Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders

by Esther Cameron, Mike Green


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Practical, accessible and solution-focused, Making Sense of Leadership helps entrepreneurs, managers and leaders develop their leadership roles and skills. The authors present five distinct styles of leadership that promote positive change and innovation. They encourage readers to play with these roles, recognizing and taking on those elements which most appropriately suit their situation.


Discovering these roles offers an important guide to the new leader shaping his or her own leadership approach. It also provides interesting challenges to the existing leader who wants to refresh their stance in order to tackle a new situation. The book is supported by exercises for groups, so that the text can also be used as a learning and development resource.

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ISBN-13: 9780749450397
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd.
Publication date: 10/01/2008
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Esther Cameron is a consultant who specializes in change management. She also lectures at Bristol University.  Mike Green works as a consultant and tutor at Henley Management College in the UK.  Together they are authors of Making Sense of Change Management.

Table of Contents



Part 1  Introduction  


1.         Leading from the inside out


2.         How to use this book

            Part 1: Introduction   

            Part 2: Understanding the five roles  

            Part 3: The research    

            Part 4: Expanding your role repertoire           

            Part 5: Resources for developing others        


3.         The five roles — an overview           

            Edgy Catalyser          

            Visionary Motivator   

            Measured Connector  

            Tenacious Implementer          

            Thoughtful Architect 


4.         Arriving at the five roles      


            What do successful leaders do?         

            What do successful leaders pay attention to?

            The five leadership roles        


Part 2  Understanding the five roles           


5.         The Edgy Catalyser 

            The Edgy Catalyser role in a nutshell

            All about the Edgy Catalyser role     

            Heart and soul of the Edgy Catalyser role    

            The Edgy Catalyser’s inner experience          

            The Edgy Catalyser’s outer presentation       

            Organizational aspects of the Edgy Catalyser role    

            Examples of Edgy Catalysers


6.         The Visionary Motivator     

            The Visionary Motivator role in a nutshell    

            All about the Visionary Motivator role          

            Heart and soul of the Visionary Motivator role         

            The Visionary Motivator’s inner experience  

            The Visionary Motivator’s outer presentation           

            Organizational aspects of the Visionary Motivator role        

            Examples of Visionary Motivators    


7.         The Measured Connector   

            The Measured Connector role in a nutshell   

            All about the Measured Connector role         

            Heart and soul of the Measured Connector role        

            The Measured Connector’s inner experience 

            The Measured Connector’s outer presentation          

            Organizational aspects of the Measured Connector role       

            Examples of Measured Connectors   


8.         The Tenacious Implementer           

            The Tenacious Implementer role in a nutshell

            All about the Tenacious Implementer role     

            Heart and soul of the Tenacious Implementer           

            The Tenacious Implementer’s inner experience         

            The Tenacious Implementer’s outer presentation      

            Organizational aspects of the Tenacious Implementer role   

            Examples of Tenacious Implementers           


9.         The Thoughtful Architect   

            The Thoughtful Architect role in a nutshell   

            All about the Thoughtful Architect role        

            The heart and soul of the Thoughtful Architect        

            The Thoughtful Architect’s inner experience

            The Thoughtful Architect’s outer presentation          

            Organizational aspects of Thoughtful Architects      

            Examples of Thoughtful Architects   


Part 3  The research 


10.       What roles do effective leaders use?           

            Objectives of the research      

            Research group          

            Roles used by effective leaders         

            Are the roles independent of each other?      

            What type of leader are you? 

            Which of the five roles do you find hardest to adopt?         

            Which of the five roles is most attractive as a role model?   

            Which of the roles would you least like to be led by?           

            Which are the most and least prevalent styles in your organization?



11.       Which roles are needed when?       



            Technology-led change          

            Process re-engineering           

            Merger, acquisition or takeover         

            Working with partners and stakeholders       

            Improving supply chain management

            Growing a new enterprise      

            Unhappy workforce   

            New product or service to be designed and launched           

            New legislation, tighter compliance and critical project — well-defined change       

            Complex whole-organization change, cultural change and working towards a five-year strategy — long-range complex change         

            Well-defined change versus long-range complex change      


Part 4  Expanding your role repertoire      


12.       Self-assessment         


13.       How to step into a new role 

            Knowing yourself      

            Your behaviour patterns        

            Knowing what you are about

            Knowing your flexibility and your aspirations          

            Challenging your limiting beliefs and aiming high!   

            How to get into a new role    

            How to access a role  

            Develop your ‘in the moment’ spontaneity   

            Developing the Edgy Catalyser in you          

            Developing the Visionary Motivator in you  

            Developing the Measured Connector in you 

            Developing the Tenacious Implementer in you         

            Developing the Thoughtful Architect in you 


14.       The shadow side       

            Leaders on a bad day 

            Knowing your own shadow  

            Leaders and the shadow        

            The shadow side of the five leadership roles 

            Surfacing the shadow

            Some practical ideas for working with the shadow   


Part 5  Resources for developing others     


15.       Useful exercises for groups and teams       

            More short exercises to explore the five roles


16.       The roles in action    

            The senior manager    

            The middle manager  

            The member of staff  

            The change manager  

            Partnership worker     






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