by James J McSweeney


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It is no secret that everyone needs to save for retirement. Without adequate savings, retirees must rely upon the government, their families and charities for support.

Americans are not saving enough. We invest poorly. Most retirees depend upon Social Security for over half of their monthly income. Over one third of retirement income comes from working wages.

The government is deeply in debt. Social Security is highly flawed. The traditional nuclear family is vanishing like smoke. Supportive charities are struggling for donations.

The retirees of tomorrow must be able to support themselves. Everyone knows this. Wealth accumulation is high on everybody's to-do list. So, why can't people save and invest effectively? There are many hidden reasons. Most of them can be fixed.

Perhaps you are someone who can't save enough, despite your intentions. Perhaps you save, but don't know how to invest wisely.
This book introduces effective strategies that can help anyone increase their retirement saving and wealth accumulation.

If you follow this book's advice, it can change your life forever.
One does not need to be an accomplished expert to achieve financial security and retire in style. A basic understanding of investment theory, a positive focus, and a disciplined strategy that matches one's individual goals are all that's needed.

This book presents complex topics in ways that everyone can understand.
This book shares unique and effective strategies that work. Making ₵ent$ of Investing combines basic graphics with simple explanations of everything someone needs to achieve financial security. It lays out the facts. It builds concrete examples of what must be learned, and illustrates them in ways that anyone can understand. Then the book provides a simple action plan.

How do we know this works? James' companies service hundreds of employers. James and his organization's advisors have helped thousands of individuals plan for financial security.

The keys to achieving financial security can be summarized in a single page. But most people never put them into practice.

Education is everywhere. Investment books are in stores around the world. Retirement plans have brilliant educational tools. Mutual fund companies print exceptional brochures. Corporations have powerful websites that can model almost anything. 401(k) advisors lecture plan participants about how to invest for the future. Everything is there, free of charge. But it isn't used effectively.

Much of this information is useless. It doesn't alter ineffective behaviors. It can't overcome basic human nature.

As a country, we fail at personal finance. How do we change? The mind is like a garden. To have a bountiful harvest, you must first prepare the soil. When the soil is properly treated, small seeds can become vibrant plants and flowers. We don't prepare our minds properly, so we don't achieve financial security. Most of us don't know how to achieve it.

This book can prepare anyone's mind, so that the seeds of financial security will take root and thrive. Poor investing is a predictable pattern. It is a fate we can avoid with effective education. Investors must have perspective, and develop long-term strategies that win.

This book teaches all one must learn to achieve financial success. It makes simple recommendations which are supported by decades of measurable data. Motivation comes from understanding national finances and Social Security. Good investing results from learning investment fundamentals and putting them into practice. Proper strategy is developed by setting personal, numerical goals. The result is a tangible action plan that can be implemented and monitored with ease.

When readers complete this book they will know how to achieve their financial goals. Investors will understand how much they must save, where to put those savings and how to invest their money.

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ISBN-13: 9780984868346
Publisher: Comprehensive Benefit Services, Inc.
Publication date: 04/01/2016
Pages: 456
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