Make Your Money Great Again: From Tourist to Tycoon with American Real Estate

Make Your Money Great Again: From Tourist to Tycoon with American Real Estate

by Alena Knoepfler


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Yes, It Exists: A Lucrative Way to Invest Your Money and Do It with Joy!

President Trump skillfully built his fortune in real estate, and so can you by laying the cornerstone of your financial freedom in Florida. America holds unbelievable opportunities to find your dream home, whether or not you have money of your own.

You Will Learn:

  • Why it’s a good idea to invest in America now!
  • What possibilities you have for obtaining your dream home!
  • How you can take out a property loan in America!

Valuable insider tips and real-life experiences will get you acquainted with everything you need to know (plus all the benefits) of the purchasing and loan process. You’ll get recommendations on how you can quickly establish a sound asset and turn it into more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9783000646003
Publisher: PM Associates
Publication date: 01/01/2020
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.44(d)

Table of Contents


1 Our Status Quo

2 Germany vs. America

2.1 Are We as Enlightened as We Think We Are?

2.2 What Can America Offer You?

2.3 Germany's Real Estate Market Is Ailing

2.4 10 Good Lines of Reasoning For Investing Your Money in U.S. Real Estate

2.5 Risks and Interdependencies


3 Prerequisites for Purchasing Property in America

3.1 Personal Requirements

3.2 Monetary Basis

3.3 What You Don’t Need for a Real Estate Purchase


4 Types of Real Estate Acquisitions in the USA

4.1 Cash & Co. 4.2 American-Style Lease Purchase

4.3 Real Estate Acquisition Using a Domestic Loan

4.4 Real Estate Acquisition Using an American Loan

4.5 Balloon Financing

4.6 Advanced Options for Buying Real Estate in the United States


5 Can I Take Out a Foreign National Loan in the U.S.?


6 Preconditions for U.S. Real Estate Loans


7 How to Buy Property in America


8 Financing Your Investment Property in America

8.1 Getting Your Pre-Approval Letter

8.2 Sought and Found: Making Your Offer

8.3 Real Estate Sales Contracts and Down Payments

8.4 Putting Your Property to the Acid Test

8.5 (Re)Insuring Your Property Investment

8.6 Determining the True Value

8.7 At the Hands of the Underwriter

8.8 Money, Money, Money

8.9 The Title Company: Your Friend and Ally


9 My Home & My Castle!

9.1 Your Local Team

9.2 Handover and Maintenance

9.3 Renting the Property

9.4 Loans and Repayments

Closing words

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