Magpie Mind: poems of people, place, and change

Magpie Mind: poems of people, place, and change

by Eileen Berry


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“My magpie mind collects pieces in a puzzle.”

Eileen Berry, p 10, Bye Bye Blackbird

“Magpies were always there in our English garden, pecking around and singling out particular objects. Beautiful black and white birds with loud calls to each other. That is the way this book was put together.”

Eileen Berry

This collection of poetry inspires the mind and imagination with memories and images of people, places, and changes over the years. An inspired geologist who loved the earth and it's inhabitants, Eileen often spoke of the blackbirds in her garden, saying their chatter and happy activity represents the way life builds by memories of tiny events. This book reveals snippits of events in everyday life, collected from childhood into elder years, and surrounded with insight.

"Feelings are whole," she entitles a poem,

"The visual memory I piece together as I write.

The feelings are whole and it is only in writing that I

break them into pieces."

Pam Knight, publisher/ writer/ poet

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781632100276
Publisher: Plain View Press, LLC
Publication date: 06/20/2018
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.17(d)

Table of Contents

People 11

Red Straw Hat 13

Ms Susan Lives Alone 14

A Smashing Good Time 15

The Feelings Are Whole 17

A Modern Woman 19

Some Women 20

Dignity 21

Understanding 22

Only Then 23

The Autocrat 24

The Immigrant 25

At the Boot Inn—1956 26

Just To Say (Warm Version) 27

Never 28

Economy 29

This Cold Morning 30

Waiting or Walking or On a Crowded Bus 31

The Shrimpers 32

Family 33

Places 37

Not on the Map 39

St. Cuthberts’ Church 41

Ancient Right of Way 42

Only the Wind There Once 43

Helvellyn 44

Before 45

Larch Street and the Recent Past 46

English Summer 47

Happened 48

Ecology 49

Eclogue 50

Last Train 51

Word Hoard 52

Orange Sun Sets on Ottoman Empire 53

Street Scenes 54

Change 55

Isolation 57

Transience 58

Wildness 59

October Comes Round Again 60

Waiting for Something Terrible to Happen 61

Chance 62

Singular 63

Reflections 64

Reality 65

Drama 66

Hiatus 67

Persistence 68

The Red Poem 69

Rain Dance 70

Absence 71

Separation 72

Ars Poetica 73

Notes 75

About the Author 77

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