MacArthur at War: World War II in the Pacific

MacArthur at War: World War II in the Pacific

by Walter R. Borneman


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A Finalist for the Gilder Lehrman Prize for Military History at the New-York Historical Society

The definitive account of General Douglas MacArthur's rise during World War II, from the author of the bestseller The Admirals.
World War II changed the course of history. Douglas MacArthur changed the course of World War II. MACARTHUR AT WAR will go deeper into this transformative period of his life than previous biographies, drilling into the military strategy that Walter R. Borneman is so skilled at conveying, and exploring how personality and ego translate into military successes and failures.

Architect of stunning triumphs and inexplicable defeats, General MacArthur is the most intriguing military leader of the twentieth century. There was never any middle ground with MacArthur. This in-depth study of the most critical period of his career shows how MacArthur's influence spread far beyond the war-torn Pacific.

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ISBN-13: 9780316405331
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 05/23/2017
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 608
Sales rank: 592,294
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Walter R. Borneman is the author of eight works of nonfiction, including The Admirals, 1812, The French and Indian War, and Polk. He holds both a master's degree in history and a law degree. He lives in Colorado.

Table of Contents

List of Maps xi

Prologue: Monday, December 8, 1941 3

Part 1 Escape - 1941-1942

1 First Charge, First War 9

2 West Point to the Philippines 26

3 Manila Before the Storm 44

4 Lost Hours 63

5 Blame and Bataan 87

6 Dugout Doug 107

7 Ordered Out 127

Part 2 Exile-1942

8 Waltzing Matilda 149


10 Saving Australia 184

11 Kokoda Trail 205

12 "Take Buna, Bob…" 227

Part 3 Redemption - 1943

13 Finishing Buna, Looking Ahead 251

14 "Skipping" the Bismarck Sea 269

15 Meeting Halsey 286

16 Bypassing Rabaul 303

17 One General to Another 320

Part 4 Return - 1944

18 Gambling in the Admiralties 341

39 Hollandia-Greatest Triumph? 360

20 Presidential Ambitions, Presidential Summons 380

21 Toward the Philippines 401

22 Sixty Minutes from Defeat 421

Part 5 Resolution - 1945

23 Return to Manila 443

24 Hail the Conquering Hero 468

25 "These Proceedings Are Closed" 489

Epilogue: A Study in Superlatives 505

Acknowledgments 509

Appendixes 511

A Chiefs of Staff, US Army, 1906-1948 511

B World War II Global Strategy Conferences 511

C Code Names for Major Pacific Operations 512

Notes 513

Bibliography 561

Index 579

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