Mac King's Campfire Magic: 50 Amazing, Easy-to-Learn Tricks and Mind-Blowing Stunts Using Cards, String, Pencils, and Other Stuff from Your Knapsack

Mac King's Campfire Magic: 50 Amazing, Easy-to-Learn Tricks and Mind-Blowing Stunts Using Cards, String, Pencils, and Other Stuff from Your Knapsack


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Everybody loves a clever magic trick. Renowned magician and comedian Mac King brings 50 of the best and easiest sleight-of-hand illusions together in a funny, step-by-step introduction: Mac King's Campfire Magic. It's perfect for junior magicians aged 9 to 12 years.

Amaze your friends and astound your family using Mac King's Campfire Magic and your own magical powers and a few simple items: sticks, coins, and rope. Master magician and funny man Mac King reveals the secrets behind 50 jaw-dropping illusions—each one explained step-by-step, and illustrated with comic characters that will make any kid a confident performer. Kids can learn these tricks:

  • Knot so Fast
  • How to Cut Your Scoutmaster in Half
  • Karate Card
  • Telepathy for Two
  • Hocus Poke-us
  • And more

Whether you are sitting around a campfire, or stranded in the great indoors - like a living room or classroom - Campfire Magic is fun for both the budding magician or the bedazzled audience member.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781579128296
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Publication date: 03/19/2010
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 475,379
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Mac King used to perform 220 days a year, bringing his unique mixture of comedy and magic to audiences around the United States.  Today, he has a steady gig at Harrah's Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he performs to sell-out crowds four days a week.  In addition, he writes the syndicated "Magic in a Minute" comic strip, illustrated by his cousin, Bill King, and designs unique tricks and props for the toy company Fundex.  King is also the author of the best-selling Magic in a Minute Super-Duper Suitcase O' Magic and Magic in a Minute Big Ol' Book O' Magic.  King lives with his family in Las Vegas.

Table of Contents

Foreword Penn Teller 5

Introduction 7

Preface Lewis T. Monkey 9

Magic Rules! 10

Rope Tricks 12

Knot So Fast 14

Knot As Fast 16

Knot So Simple 18

How to Cut Your Scoutmaster in Half 20

Psychic Lariat 24

The Great Outdoors 30

Get A Life 32

Plant Manager 34

The Stick Sticks 36

Burn, Baby, Burn 38

Card Tricks 40

A Simple (but Deceptive) Force (With Applications-0-Plenty) 42

Predict-o-Matic 44

Karate Card 48

Seven and Three-Quarters 51

This I Cannot Fail to Do 54

Magic of the Mind 60

Extra Sensory Deception 62

Dead or Alive 66

No Joke 68

Telepathy For Two 70

Feet of Fortune 73

Gear Up 76

(Un)True North 78

Water on the Brain 81

Cap-Cake 86

Baffling Bandage 92

Holey Shirt! 94

Baffling Bolo 100

Bound For Glory 103

Bandana Split 105

Body Parts 108

I Have 11 Fingers! (Three Excellent Methods) 110

You Can't Do What I Do 113

You Still Can't Do What I Do 115

Hocus Poke-Us 117

Mind Rewind 118

Coin Tricks 120

Through and Through 122

Follow the Money 124

Money For Nothin' 128

Porous Palm 131

The Buddy System 136

The Last Person You'd Expect 138

Cut the Cards 140

Black Magic 142

Phoney Wizard 144

It's Not Really Magic, But... 148

Rock Star 150

Mystery Matches (Six Flaming Great Ones) 151

Recycled Paper 154

Up the Ladder 156

Routine Magic 158

A Comedy Magic Act 160

The Next Steps 172

Who's Who at Mac King's Magic in a Minute 174

Acknowledgements 176

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