Ludaversal [DeluxeEdition]

Ludaversal [DeluxeEdition]

by LudacrisLudacris




Hip-hop has a towering pile of "the game needs me" albums where an artist returns to stake their claim, but Ludaversal still feels fresh, alive, and needed, and maybe just because it comes from the unique voice that is Ludacris. Back on his last album, the sex-starved Battle of the Sexes, the man barely even sounded like himself, and yet all that's wiped away by the David Banner-produced, simply titled "Ludaversal (Intro)" plus the cartoonish highlight "Grass Is Greener," which boasts about problems like "Did some movies and started to miss this rap shit/Back to rap, then started missin' them movies." "Call Ya Bluff" goes "back to the basics/Back to them Adidas with fat laces," then the key cut, "Beast Mode," earns a Chicken -N- Beer-sized laugh with the quintessentially Luda "since I'm always high it's hard to overlook me." "Come and See Me," with Big K.R.I.T., proves the man can still churn out essential street music while seated next to the current crop, and it wouldn't be a return to form without a bedroom number like "Good Lovin," with Miguel, which is entirely passionate and plush. "Ocean Skies," with Monica, offers a surprisingly honest and effective look at alcoholism and bad parenting, but "Not Long" with Usher might be an even bigger shock as the usually EDM-oriented producer David Guetta helms something that comes close to the soulful sound of Mark Ronson. The biggest complaint about Ludaversal is that the 18-track Deluxe Edition holds some of the album's true fire, with the Rick Ross feature "Money" and the John Legend-driven "In My Life" both deserving better than the "bonus track" tag. Otherwise, this is a welcome, snarling, and satisfying return. [In addition to "Money" and "In My Life," the Deluxe Edition of Ludaversal included two other bonus tracks: "Problems" featuring Cee Lo and "Burning Bridges" featuring Jason Aldean. The Deluxe Edition was also released in a clean version that removed the album's explicit content.]

Product Details

Release Date: 03/31/2015
Label: Def Jam
UPC: 0602547253149
catalogNumber: 002288402


  1. Ludaversal (Intro)
  2. Grass Is Always Greener
  3. Call Ya Bluff
  4. Lyrical Healing
  5. Beast Mode
  6. Viagra (Skit)
  7. Get Lit
  8. Come and See Me (Interlude)
  9. Come and See Me
  10. Good Lovin
  11. Ocean Skies
  12. Not Long
  13. Charge It to the Rap Game
  14. This Has Been My World
  15. Money
  16. Problems
  17. In My Life
  18. Burning Bridges

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ludacris   Primary Artist
Usher   Guest Appearance
Ruben Bailey   Vocals
Richard Adlam   Vocals
Yolanda Quartey   Vocals
Illmind   Synthesizer,Bass,Drums
Kenneth Whalum   Saxophone
Tyler Cates   Guitar
Frank Dukes   Keyboards
Henry Ritson   Guitar,Keyboards
Carla Henderson   Vocals
Big Sant   Vocals
Asia Bryant   Vocals
!llmind   Synthesizer,Bass,Drums
J Browz   Bass,Piano
Ryan Kaul   Vocals
Justin "Justefan" Thomas   Vibes
India Shawn   Vocals
Joe Dupree   Guitar
Prem Midha   Guitar,Strings,Horn
P-O   Vocals
Maneesh Bidaye   Keyboards
Curtis Snow   Vocals
Big K.A.I.T.   Guest Appearance
Jason "Memory"   Guitar

Technical Credits

John Bettis   Composer
DJ Toomp   Producer,Instrumentation
Jeff Dixon   Executive Producer
Steve Porcaro   Composer
Lavell Crump   Composer
J. Smith   Producer,Engineer
Ludacris   Executive Producer
David Banner   Producer
Chaka Zulu   Executive Producer
Alicia Keys   Composer
Dawud West   Art Direction
Richard Adlam   Programming,Sample Organization
Ian D'Sa   Composer
Lil Ronnie   Producer
Benjamin Kowalewicz   Composer
Larrance Dopson   Composer
Jason Agel   Engineer
Eldwardo "Eddie Mix" Hernandez   Engineer
Alec Newell   Engineer
Tai Linzie   Photo Coordination
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League   Producer
Homer Steinweiss   Composer
Mark "Exit" Goodchild   Engineer
Illmind   Producer
Derrick Selby   Engineer
Thomas Brenneck   Composer
Da Internz   Producer,Executive Producer
Andrew Wright   Engineer
Melvin Hough   Engineer
Derrick "Bigg D" Baker   Producer
Marcos Palacios   Composer
Lamb   Producer
J. Stephens   Composer
Christopher Bridges   Composer
Alex Da Kid   Producer
1500 or Nothin'   Producer
Josh Mosser   Engineer
Frank Dukes   Composer,Producer
C. McDonald   Composer
J. Groover   Composer
T-Minus   Producer
Henry Ritson   Engineer,Sample Organization
DJ Pain 1   Producer
!llmind   Producer
Andy Proctor   Package Production
Aaron Michael Cox   Composer,Producer
Mel & Mus   Producer
University   Producer
Andre "Drizza Don" Bridges   Engineer
P-Nasty   Producer
Pierre Ramon Slaughter   Composer
Mike WiLL Made It   Producer
Miguel Pimentel   Composer
Joshua Scruggs   Composer
Ramon Ibanga   Composer
Syk Sense   Producer
Todd Hurtt   Engineer
Chris King   Engineer
Steven "the Kidd" Kubie   Programming,Engineer
Mike & Keys   Producer
Maneesh Bidaye   Composer,Producer
Lukasz Plas   Engineer
Durdy Costello   drum programming
Crystal Nicole Johnson-Pompey   Composer
Blanco "The Ear"   Vocal Producer
C.B. Brown   Composer
Brian Stanley   Engineer

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