Lucifer Revisited: She's Not Who You Think She Is.

Lucifer Revisited: She's Not Who You Think She Is.

by Travis Yates

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If you thought you knew everything about the Bible in regard to Lucifer, aka Satan, try to answer these questions.

Why did Lucifer go after Eve and not Adam?
Why did Lucifer possess the serpent before entering the Garden?
What is the one thing men and women fight over in their relationships; and its not money?
Who is the Queen of Heaven?
What other ancient texts back up the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden?
Why did Lucifer initially rebel against God? (Its not what you've been told.)
Who are the Raphiam and where did they come from?
What do Lucifer and Eve have in common?
Why did God give Lucifer authority to rule over the earth after being kicked out of heaven?
Why was Lucifer able to convince 1/3 of the angels to rebel against God?

These and many other questions are answered in this book for the first time in history. Did you know that another name for Satan is "The Hidden One"?

God said to Satan in the Garden that Eve's and Satan's offspring would be at odds with each other. In order for Eve to have "offspring" she would have to "bare" children; then the same also applies to Satan as well.

I guarantee Yates' book, "Lucifer Revisited: She's Not Who You Think He Is" will not only open your eyes to things you never saw before, it will open your eyes to things you never thought of before. One minute you'll be amazed at what you discover; wondering why you never realized the obvious before. The next minute you'll be sitting with your mouth open, dumbfounded at the possibility of the answers being true. Yates does an amazing job at backing up his reasons and statements with Biblical text and other ancient texts which he uses to verify and show a continuous theme throughout early history. His research leaves you questioning everything you previously believed regarding the relationship of Lucifer, Satan, God, Adam, Eve, angels and mankind.

This is one book everyone needs to read. You won't be able to put it down.

As an example, the Bible states Lucifer was the most "beautiful" of all the angels. It later states that Absalom, David's son, was "handsome" and his sister was "beautiful". Therefore establishing the early Bible writers and the Bible itself make a distinction that MEN are handsome and WOMEN are beautiful. Besides, who ever heard of a man being beautiful? That's just weird; handsome yes, beautiful no.

Also, discover the real reason Lucifer was kicked out of heaven and how she convinced one third of heaven to join her rebellion against GOD. Think about it, one third of heaven just up and decides to listen to one angel who has a beef with God. WHY?? What would make her or what she says so convincing as to make one third knowingly defy God's commands? Like I said, you won't find this book boring.

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About the Author

Prior to writing Lucifer Revisited, Travis Yates had been the Director of Creative and Web Development Services for Legal Technology Institute at the University of Florida Levin College of Law and President of The Remington Agency, an Advertising, Marketing and Web Design firm.

Travis wrote Lucifer Revisited because for years he had this "itch" to understand questions about Lucifer, God, the Garden, Adam and Eve that were not being talked about, let alone answered. So he decided to research and find out himself; a quest that spanned nearly 20 years. He wasn't content with just what the Bible said. He wanted to know what other earlier texts had to say about the topics; those that Jesus and the scribes studied since the Bible didn't exist back then. He not only became very knowledgeable regarding ancient texts but also christian, pagan and jewish history.

Travis was raised as a church goer his entire youth and has the pins of fourteen years from attending a Methodist Church to prove it. But being disillusioned by overwhelming boredom of uninspired sermons he stopped going at around fifteen years old.

Travis discovered; or should I say, had an encounter with Christ in 1973 not long after leaving college. This was the beginning of a long journey of evolving and growing through the Jesus Movement, Shepherding, deliverance churches and even the still present "God's going to make you rich by giving the preacher all your tithe" movement.

What he discovered was unbelievable at first. But the more he researched the more he had to know more. "It began to feel like I was on an archaeological dig or quest. I was uncovering things I never heard anyone ever suggest or talk about before."

Travis has been a Digital Media Marketing Specialist for about seventeen years and is a respected speaker and author of numerous articles on various topics such as music, marketing, relationships, Christianity, etc.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Richmond, Virginia.

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