Loving the Alien [1983-1988]

Loving the Alien [1983-1988]

by David BowieDavid Bowie


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The fourth in a series of comprehensive box sets chronicling David Bowie's entire career: Loving the Alien (1983-1988) covers a period that found Bowie at a popular peak yet somewhat creatively adrift. Once Let's Dance went supernova in 1983, as it was designed to do, Bowie's productivity slowed to a crawl: he knocked out the sequel, Tonight, in a year, then took three to deliver Never Let Me Down. By the end of the decade, he rediscovered his muse via the guitar skronk of Tin Machine, but Loving the Alien cuts off with Never Let Me Down, presented both in its original version and in a new incarnation containing tasteful instrumentation recorded in the wake of Bowie's death. Spearheaded by producer Mario J. McNulty, this revision of Never Let Me Down had been brewing in Bowie's mind for some time -- McNulty pegs it to his 2008 remix of "Time Will Crawl," guitarist Reeves Gabrels maintains Bowie discussed re-recording songs as early as the album's supporting Glass Spider tour -- so its existence isn't exactly sacrilege, even if it's not exactly a success, either. The new Never Let Me Down is neither fish nor fowl: it's not radical enough to be a reimagined record -- its core remains the same -- and without its ornamental period feel, it seems trapped out of time. The same can't be said of the rest of Loving the Alien, which goes overboard on period charm. Alongside remastered versions of the three main records and the new Never Let Me Down, there are two live albums sourced that mirror home videos -- Serious Moonlight (Live 1983) and Glass Spider -- the fourth installment of Re:Call, which gathers stray songs and non-LP singles and Dance, a two-disc collection of remixes that was originally planned for a 1985 release but scrapped. Each of these records are filled with bright, clanging, pastel colors and clean, sharp edges -- the aesthetic of MTV, which Bowie helped define with Let's Dance. Once his gambit for superstardom worked, he experienced a brief creative paralysis. He made a handful of classic songs in the mid-'80s, but it's telling that apart from "Blue Jean," the single that greatly outshone its parent album Tonight, these were non-LP singles: "Absolute Beginners" and "This Is Not America" found him exploring avenues his hit-hungry albums wouldn't allow. The fascinating thing about Loving the Alien is how it makes this period seem more interesting than the individual albums, and that's entirely due to the dance mixes, ephemera, and awkward live material. On these byways, it's possible to hear Bowie grapple with both his past and present in a hungry fashion and that desperation is alien to Bowie, so an immersion into this unease makes for compelling listening.

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Release Date: 10/12/2018
Label: Rhino / Parlophone
UPC: 0190295693534
catalogNumber: 573623


Disc 1

  1. Modern Love
  2. China Girl
  3. Let's Dance
  4. Without You
  5. Ricochet
  6. Criminal World
  7. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  8. Shake It

Disc 2

  1. Look Back in Anger
  2. Heroes
  3. What in the World
  4. Golden Years
  5. Fashion
  6. Let's Dance
  7. Breaking Glass
  8. Life on Mars?
  9. Sorrow
  10. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  11. China Girl
  12. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  13. Rebel Rebel

Disc 3

  1. White Light/White Heat
  2. Station to Station
  3. Cracked Actor
  4. Ashes to Ashes
  5. Space Oddity/Band (Introduction)
  6. Young Americans
  7. Fame
  8. Modern Love

Disc 4

  1. Loving the Alien
  2. Don't Look Down
  3. God Only Knows
  4. Tonight
  5. Neighbourhood Threat
  6. Blue Jean
  7. Tumble and Twirl
  8. I Keep Forgettin'
  9. Dancing with the Big Boys

Disc 5

  1. Day-in-Day-Out
  2. Time Will Crawl
  3. Beat of Your Drum
  4. Never Let Me Down
  5. Zeroes
  6. Glass Spider
  7. Shining Star (Makin' My Love)
  8. New York's in Love
  9. '87 and Cry
  10. Bang Bang

Disc 6

  1. Day-in-Day-Out
  2. Time Will Crawl
  3. Beat of Your Drum
  4. Never Let Me Down
  5. Zeroes
  6. Glass Spider
  7. Shining Star (Makin' My Love)
  8. New York's in Love
  9. '87 and Cry
  10. Bang Bang

Disc 7

  1. Up the Hill Backwards
  2. Glass Spider
  3. Day-in-Day-Out
  4. Bang Bang
  5. Absolute Beginners
  6. Loving the Alien
  7. China Girl
  8. Rebel Rebel
  9. Fashion
  10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  11. All the Mad Men
  12. Never Let Me Down

Disc 8

  1. Big Brother
  2. '87 and Cry
  3. Heroes
  4. Sons of the Silent Age
  5. Time Will Crawl/Band (Introduction)
  6. Young Americans
  7. Beat of Your Drum
  8. The Jean Genie
  9. Let's Dance
  10. Fame
  11. Time
  12. Blue Jean
  13. Modern Love

Disc 9

  1. Shake It (aka the Long Version)
  2. Blue Jean
  3. Dancing with the Big Boys
  4. Tonight
  5. Don't Look Down
  6. Loving the Alien
  7. Timble and Twirl
  8. Underground
  9. Day-in-Day-Out
  10. Time Will Crawl
  11. Shining Star (Makin' My Love)
  12. Never Let Me Down

Disc 10

  1. Let's Dance
  2. China Girl
  3. Modern Love
  4. This Is Not America (The Theme From "The Falcon and the Snowman")
  5. Loving the Alien
  6. Don't Look Down
  7. Dancing in the Street
  8. Absolute Beginners
  9. That's Motivation
  10. Volare
  11. Labyrinth Opening Titles/Underground
  12. Magic Dance
  13. As the World Falls Down
  14. Within You
  15. Underground

Disc 11

  1. When the Wind Blows
  2. Day-in-Day-Out
  3. Julie
  4. Beat of Your Drum
  5. Glass Spider
  6. Shining Star
  7. New York's in Love
  8. '87 and Cry
  9. Bang Bang
  10. Time Will Crawl
  11. Girls
  12. Never Let Me Down
  13. Bang Bang
  14. Tonight
  15. Let's Dance

Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Bowie   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Percussion,Keyboards,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Mellotron
Laurie Anderson   Spoken Word
Peter Frampton   Guitar,Sitar
Iggy Pop   Vocals
Earl Slick   Guitar
Tina Turner   Vocals
Omar Hakim   Drums
David Torn   Guitar
Bernard Edwards   Bass
Nile Rodgers   Guitar
Robin Clark   Background Vocals
Carlos Alomar   Guitar,Tambourine,Background Vocals
Robert Arron   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Spencer Bernard   Synthesizer
Derek Bramble   Synthesizer,Guitar,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals
Sterling Campbell   Drums
Robert Chausow   Violin
Alan Childs   Drums
David Cole   Keyboards
Richard Cottle   Keyboards,Saxophone
David Eiland   Alto Saxophone
Steve Elson   Flute,Horn,Baritone Saxophone
Trevor Jones   Conductor,Performing Ensemble
Sammy Figueroa   Percussion
Laurie Frink   Trumpet
Reeves Gabrels   Acoustic Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Earl Gardner   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Mac Gollehon   Trumpet
Diva Gray   Background Vocals
Stan Harrison   Flute,Horn,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Steve Hodge   Keyboards
Curtis King   Background Vocals
Dave Lebolt   Keyboards
Arif Mardin   Strings,Conductor
Sid McGinnis   Guitar
Mark Pender   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Lenny Pickett   Clarinet,Horn,Tenor Saxophone
Carmine Rojas   Bass,Bass Guitar
Philippe Saisse   Piano,Keyboards
Frank Simms   Background Vocals
George Simms   Background Vocals
David Spinner   Background Vocals
Guy St. Onge   Marimbas
Stevie Ray Vaughan   Guitar
Krista Bennion Feeney   Violin
Loni Groves   Background Vocals
Martha Mooke   Violin
Erdal Kizilcay   Bass,Guitar,Trumpet,Violin,Conga,Drums,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Tim Lefebvre   Bass
Tony Thompson   Drums
Steven Wolf   Drums
Mario J. McNulty   Percussion
Rob Moose   Violin
Stephen Nichols   Vocals,Dancer
Gordon Grodie   Background Vocals
Gabriel Cabezas   Cello
Nadia Sirota   Violin
Krusher Bennett   Percussion
Matthew Goeke   Cello
Rob Sabino   Keyboards
Laura Lutzke   Violin
Constance Marie   Vocals,Dancer
Melissa Hurley   Vocals,Dancer
Craig Allen Rothwell   Vocals,Dancer
Viktor Manoel   Vocals,Dancer

Technical Credits

David Bowie   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Choreographer,Horn Arrangements,Cover Painting
Marvin Gaye   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Iggy Pop   Composer
Lou Reed   Composer
Brian Wilson   Composer
Pat Metheny   Composer,Producer
Clive Langer   Producer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Nile Rodgers   Producer,Horn Arrangements
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
Toni Basil   Choreographer
Domenico Modugno   Composer
Jim Henson   Executive Producer
Peter Godwin   Composer
Chris Lord-Alge   Remixing
Carlos Alomar   Composer,Additional Production
Michael Barbiero   Remixing,Additional Production
Derek Bramble   Producer
Terry Britten   Producer
Duncan Browne   Composer
Robbie Buchanan   Arranger
Bob Clearmountain   Engineer
Dennis Davis   Composer
Brian Eno   Composer
Trevor Jones   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Bob Feldman   Composer
Ricky Gardiner   Composer
Jerry Goldstein   Composer
Richard Gottehrer   Composer
Steve Hodge   Engineer
Ivy Jo Hunter   Composer
Ivan Král   Composer
Sean Lyons   Composer
Arif Mardin   Arranger,Producer,Synthesizer Arrangements
Lyle Mays   Composer
George Murray   Composer
Michael O'Reilly   Engineer
Ron Oates   Set Construction
Hugh Padgham   Producer,Engineer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Malcolm Pollack   Engineer
William "Mickey" Stevenson   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Steve Thompson   Remixing,Additional Production
Alan Winstanley   Producer
Gregor Kitzis   String Arrangements
James Williamson   Composer
Erdal Kizilcay   Composer,Producer
Henry Marquez   Art Direction
David Richards   Producer
Mick Haggerty   Artwork
John "Jellybean" Benitez   Remixing
Michael Childers   Cover Photo
Tony Asher   Composer
Scott Minshall   Layout
Steven Wolf   drum programming,Bass Programming
Arthur Baker   Remixing,Additional Production
Mario J. McNulty   Producer,Engineer
Derek Boshier   Cover Painting
Nico Muhly   String Arrangements
Borneo Horns   Horn Arrangements
Gustavo Remor   Drum Technician
Lew Hahn   Engineer
Paul "Groucho" Smykle   Remixing
Marcellus Frank   Engineer

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