Love of Uncertainty

Love of Uncertainty

by Steven Harrison


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In his international dialogs, Steven Harrison invites his audiences to deconstruct their belief systems, examine their actual experience, and explore what is truly real in life. This book provides readers a unique window into these conversations, which have supported so many in living a life without practices or belief systems.

He asks, “Can we have an experience that is truly new, truly unknown? Is experience shaped by what we know?” This is not an idle philosophical pursuit, since the state of the world seems to hinge on our ability to step out of our belief systems and see others in a fresh way. In The Love of Uncertainty, Harrison continues his exploration into the nature of our existence, reaffirming that openness to the questions themselves is more important than any answers.

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ISBN-13: 9781591810735
Publisher: Sentient Publications
Publication date: 10/15/2008
Pages: 207
Sales rank: 382,125
Product dimensions: 5.41(w) x 8.62(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Steven Harrison is an international speaker on the topics of consciousness, human development, relationships and alternative education. He is the author of the book, What's Next After Now: Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life, as well as other books, including Doing Nothing, Being One, Getting to Where You Are, The Questions to Life's Answers and The Happy Child. Harrison is a founder of All Together Now International, a charitable organization that provides aid to street children and the destitute in Asia and Africa. He is also a founder of The Living School, a learning community in Boulder, Colorado where he lives

Table of Contents

Foreword vii Preface ix What Is Creativity? 1 Pushing the River 6 The Dinosaur and the Comet 12 The Messy Whole 21 A World of Summaries 25 The End of Idealism 29 The Play Is Over 33 Freefalling 40 Focused on the Forty Bits 45 Fear and Surrender 51 Life Is Shit 58 The Love of Uncertainty 63 Dialogue Is a Relationship 67 The Price of Connection 71 The Quantum Perspective 73 Going Deeper into Our Own Life 76 Virtual Reality 80 Anger 84 An Indifferent Universe? 88 Do You Exist? 93 Nothing Is Required 96 Looking in the Wrong Place 99 Fixing the Energy 102 Resistance 107 You Can't Master Life 109 Freedom 113 The Subtle Deep Feeling that Pulls Us Through Life 117 Relationship Is on Fire 122 What Shall We Create? 125 A Wild Place 130 Do You Want to Be Happy? 137 Awareness Is Irrelevant 140 Denial of the Body 142 Can We Let Go of Truth? 145 Silence 153 Fear 155 Feeling 158 Change 160 Life Goes Everywhere 164 Just Surrender 166 Enlightenment 168 Hope 171 The Creative Movement 173 The Unknown 175 Relationship 180 The New Old 182 Passion 185 Confusion 186 What Else? 188 Love 190 Particle/Wave 192 The Design of Love 195 Love Is What We Are 200 What Do We Trust? 204

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