by Chelle Bliss

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Angelo and Tilly never thought they'd find love again.
...but they're about to say 'I do'.

Finding love once is hard, but twice is almost impossible.
I'd almost given up, but then Tilly Carter walked into my life.
The sweet talkin' Southern girl stole my heart.

With my future walking down the aisle, and my entire family by my side, it's time to make her mine forever.

LOVE is the fifth book in the USA Today bestselling Men of Inked: Southside series and a continuation of Angelo & Tilly's story from Hook.

Men of Inked: Southside

Book 1 - Maneuver
Book 2 - Flow
Book 3 - Hook
Book 4 - Hustle
Book 5 - Love

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BN ID: 2940161421086
Publisher: Bliss Ink LLC
Publication date: 06/18/2019
Series: Men of Inked: Southside Series , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 4,061
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Love 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 10 months ago
It was so good to be back in the world of the Gallos and even knowing that this is the last book in the series, I was anxious to dive in to Love. Not only do we have all the Southside Gallos but the whole Gallo gang comes together to celebrate Angelo and Tilly’s wedding. Oh how I love this family and I freely admit that I would love to be a member of this family. Any time I pick up one of their books it gives me a feeling of happiness and of coming home. This is the continuation of Angelo and Tilly’s story from Hook which is still my absolute favourite from Chelle Bliss. Love is a story of second chances and was full of romance, spice, humour, as well as hot and steamy scenes that had me riveted from the first to the last page. They are all such great characters and Love is a fantastic example of the love of family and what they will do for each other and those they care about. This was a hot, steamy story, full of emotions which will keep you on the edge of your seat. One click now, you will not be disappointed. Chelle Bliss has another winner on her hands in my opinion.
JWright57 10 months ago
Was I sad to see Men of Inked: Southside come to an end ? Off course but Chelle Bliss left the best for last when she gave us a book that brought all her Gallo men and woman together to celebrate Angelo and Tilly’s wedding. The title is Love and for me that says it’s all because this book is all about loving unconditionally and it’s a perfect ending to a great series. The Gallo’s arrive from near and far to celebrate and this family know how to celebrate like no other, if you have read any of the previous books I can probably guarantee you are in love with this fun loving protective family and this book will only have you falling deeper. I loved looking back on the memories this family shared and I smiled at the mischief the women in this family get mixed up in and I can’t wait for more because I have everything crossed that this author decides to delve into the kids stories for us, this can’t be the end of the family I look on as my own !!!!!!
Anonymous 10 months ago
OMG WOW!! This book has everything! This is positively the perfect wrap up/end to this amazing series and the wonderful men and women of the Gallo families!!! Even though this was technically a book about Angelo & Tilly, I feel it was about everyone in the family and that is what made it so fantastic!! The love, loyalty and respect that all of these people have for each other while still busting each other's beans on the regular, is everything family is about. I felt so many different emotions reading this! I love that both the Chicago & Florida Gallos are brought together for this amazing story it was great to catch up on everyone!!! I felt like I was at a family reunion and never wanted it to end! I absolutely love and adore Angelo & Tilly so much in their book when they meet and fall in love, but this story, well I was so incredibly emotionally satisfied that my heart was filled to bursting!!!! I love their sexy times as well as well as the sexy antics we get from everyone on their interesting adventure! I love the extra good stuff we get from Vinnie and Bianca too!!! Angelo's amazing children gutted me, and those letters, well they just about ruined me! This is an absolute must read!!
Anonymous 15 days ago
ill admit that i love someone in my class.her name is jessica in sixth grade.i actaully kissed her in fifth grade and had sex in the bathroom 1 and a half monthes ago.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Possibly, yes.
djones1 7 months ago
LOVE (Men of Inked Southside Book 5) By Chelle Bliss What a read this is! This is an exceptionally satisfying, great finale for the Men of Inked Southside! This is Angelo and Tilly's wedding with the Southside Gallos and the Florida Gallos coming together to celebrate. The Gallo reunion is everything you would expect, the banter is flowing freely, emotional, sexual chemistry on fire, the angst is also free flowing for City & Suzy as their girls are growing up with their oldest, Gigi getting ready to date. The cousins are having a great time as the bachelor/bachelorette parties go to full swing. I am anxiously awaiting the books that are coming about the younger Gallos. It would be more than 5 stars if possible. Chelle Bliss is absolutely amazing with her talent!
Anonymous 7 months ago
So does anybody secretly love someone?
Anonymous 8 months ago
This book is truly amazing. I pave the way you came back and made the perfect addition to their already awesome story. Tilly and Angelo are just an adorable couple and deserve all the happiness, sexy time, and joy they got in this book!!
froggy29532DC 9 months ago
Love (Men of Inked: Southside #5) is a continuation of Angelo and Tilly's story from Hook, they are finally getting married. Angelo and Tilly have both had heartache in their lives, the only difference is that Angelo had a big family to help him get through it. Tilly only had Roger who has been a constant in her life, always there for her and now he is losing her to Angelo. But not so quick, with this big family you do not have to be blood, you just have to be family and they welcome Roger in, which made me shed a few tears. Poor Tilly she is overwhelmed by the number of people in this family, I mean you have the Gallos from Southside and the Gallos from Florida, that's a whole lot of family. When you add Izzy and Daphne in together, look for fun or trouble or both! This book was the best yet, with all the family members together you cannot help but have love, romance, passion, laughter, and fun.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Honolulubelle 10 months ago
They aren’t just a family. They’re a way of being. Favorite Quotes: “First stop is Gavin’s for some martinis, then we have tickets to a show,” Daphne says over her shoulder. “What kind of show?” My stomach flips a little because Daphne’s looking at me in such a way that I know she isn’t telling me everything. “It’s like the ballet.” “Like the ballet?” I ask flatly. She nods quickly and hooks her arm with mine, leading me toward the sleek black limo. “There’re men dancing.” I feel like I’m stuck somewhere in the naughtiest Twilight Zone episode, where all my relatives are freaks, and I suddenly realize I am too. “We grew up. $* isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either,” Thomas says. “Have kids, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Biggest lie ever.” “I’m not listening,” Gigi sings into her phone screen. “This is way too much information and oversharing from all of you, not to mention gross and the things nightmares of made of.” It’s not all tight bodies, big tits, and hot guys. This is Florida. You have a better chance of seeing an old man with a beer gut wearing a Speedo on the beach than some hot young thing. My Review: I adore Chelle Bliss and her lively and close-knit Gallo clan, they are large, loud, and love each other hard. The men are gorgeous and bossy yet tender-hearted alpha males while the women are as feisty as they are lovely to look at. Written in my favorite dual POV, the smirk-worthy storylines were engaging, quickly paced, easy to follow, deliciously steamy, and laced together with highly amusing and irreverent levity.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Amazing Great Series
queenzany 10 months ago
Love is a blazing hot, sexy as sin standalone that will have you rushing to reread every book Chelle Bliss has published! OMFG, can we just say that I love the Gallos like they are my book family? Off the wall funny, swoony and OMG the hottest men on the planet it seems like. Just a melt your heart fun read that will leave you dreaming of your Gallo!
Racycarr 10 months ago
I so loved this book. This book was about Tilly and Angelo. If you have read any of the past books then you are familiar with these two and know the pain they have went through to get to where they are at today. FYI, might wants some tissue near you when reading the book. I just love Angelo’s kids and love the fact the author has including them in the story as much as she did. They will just melt your heart when reading the book. When I found out that Izzy was coming up with ideas for the bachelorette party I almost cringed. When it comes to Izzy you never know what she is going to come up with or what type of trouble she will find..LOL This book had some steamy parts, some parts that where pretty funny, and some parts that you will find so touching it will make you cry. I truly and happy I got a chance to read the story and so look forward to seeing what other books this author brings out.
dyoz 10 months ago
Love Love Love!! I Love the book!! Love the Series! Love the Gallos! LOVE is about a Gallo wedding in a big city with a big family. I LOVED IT! It's Heartwarming Funny & Super Sexy! A giant Southside Epilogue... I was captivated by the family dynamic, the storyline that had me laughing and crying within the chapters and all the Mr& Mrs's Gallos that are still so passionate for one another. Tilly and Angelo are a perfect match, but nothing is ever easy. Poor Tilly, between her sad past and being thrown into a big family it can be overwhelming and I felt her struggles, but Angelo even with his own loss showers her with love and It was great seeing them get their Forever. I loved catching up with some of my favorites characters, especially IZZY she is still so bada@@. LOVE gives me all the Gallos together .. the men make me swoon, the woman makes me feel empowered and the kids... they pique my curiosity of what's next.
RHolub 10 months ago
Every time I get to visit the Gallo family, whether it be in Florida or Chicago, I am one happy girl. And this time, with Angelo and Tilly's wedding, it was ALL the Gallo's!!! YAY!!!! I loved seeing how all the Gallo women gathered around Tilly and welcomed her into the family, especially Suzy. I could totally feel how overwhelmed Tilly was at times, trying to keep track of who everyone was, especially all the kids. The title of this book was so perfect! There was so much love, on every page, that it almost couldn't have been called anything else! And tons of humor. I was a little worried when I started it that it would be something of a rehash of the other books. Man was I WRONG!!! Chelle Bliss did a wonderful job of bringing this series to a close and opening things up for things to come! This is a definite MUST READ for anyone who has loved the Gallo family!
DannyJeffbooks 10 months ago
I’ve really enjoyed this Southside series and I'm sad to see it come to an end. This book was a little like a super extended epilogue. It centered around Angelo and Tilly's wedding which meant it brought all the family together including the Florida contingent. As a fan of both series, I loved catching up with both families and I have to say I cannot wait for the next generation of Gallos. This book was familiar and heartwarming but of course, it was sexy and hot as hell too. I for one really enjoyed it! I was provided with a copy of this book from the Publisher; there was no inducement or obligation and I opted to leave a review.
lexiesmomma_32 10 months ago
Chelle Bliss did a bang up job with this final book in the Men of Inked: Southside series. I couldn't have asked for anything better. This book had me from the very beginning, hell it had me with the first book in this series. That is the talent that is Chelle, she delivers books that you can't miss out on. I fall in love with each and every character and feel invested in not only their story but in their family as well. In this book we get more of Angelo and Tilly and their journey to the alter. The feeling they are both going through with moving on even more from their grief from losing what they thought was their truly only loves and finding their place in each other's lives. We see Tilly finding her place in what is a big and overwhelming family and we see Angelo and his kids accepting Tilly even more into their family unit. Not only do we get to see more of Angelo and Tilly but we get to catch up with not only the Southside crew but the original Gallos and boy did I love that. We get to see where they are in their lives with their families and we get to see what is promising to be another great future series with the Gallos second generation. This is an author to follow. You will absolutely love ALL her books and fall in love with the characters if you haven't read them before and if you have then what are you doing??? Grab this baby quick because it is a DO NOT MISS book!!! Needless to say I highly recommend this book and think it would be best if you at least read Angelo and Tilly's book before reading this one to fully enjoy this book. I would recommend the whole thing because they are all really great books that I am thrilled to have read each and every one of.
dshutters 10 months ago
Love how it starts with the brothers Angelo, Lucio, Vinnie & Leo ( brother-inlaw ) sitting around talking thern the cousins Joe, Mike Thomas, Anthony,Morgan and James come to join them and find out what they want to to do for a bachelor party. then the girls : Tilly, Daphne, Bianca, Delilah doing the same except at another location then Mia, Max, Izzy, Race, Angel & Suzy join and talk about the bachelorette party. A love the story line and how Chelle brings all the characters in this and at one part it brought tears to my eyes and I love how it ends. I recommend this book!!!!!
moonfox1234 10 months ago
I thought that this was a beautiful read and a wonderful end to this series. This book is a continuation on Tilly and Angelo's story which began in Hook. Sweet, funny, poignant and incredibly emotional, this book will give you a major case of "the feels" as we take a trip down the aisle and revisit old friends. Absolutely delightful!
Jenn2018 10 months ago
WOW! Chelle has done it again! I hate to say goodbye to the men (and women) of the Southside, but this end to the series is more that I could have hoped for! It begins with Angelo's wedding to Tilly, and ALL the Gallos are coming! It's such a fabulous wrap up/catch up of all the Gallos! All the humor, snark, steam and drama you crave is packed into every page! Vinnie and Bianca have their story in there too so nothing is left hanging. When the cousins get together, look out Chicago! I also loved that Bear and Fran are that Bear! It's the perfect ending and the perfect setup to the next generation of Gallos and I can't wait to see what happens when all their children grow up!!!
c_concus 10 months ago
This book was unbelievably amazing!!! I loved being back in the world of ALL Gallos. We get to see all the Southside Gallos and also the original Gallos from Florida come together for Tilly and Angelos's wedding. The whole family together was a hoot to read about and really showed what a family that loves each other looks like. The feeling of love, happiness, and togetherness with this family is what all families should have and work to get. This book continues Angelo and Tilly's story from Hook and shows what love after heartache is like. Angelo and Tilly's story really shows what a second chance at love can be like, with a little hotness involved! Chelle Bliss is an amazing writer and did not disappoint with this book. I can't wait to read more about the Gallos in the form of their children!!!
MelissaB 10 months ago
Holy Cupcakes....this book was AH-MAZE-ING-LY EPIC!!!! I am head over heels in love with the Gallo's and this book right here is the reason why. This book gave me ALL THE FEELS.....I laughed, I cried but most of all my HEART was full. Why??? This family is so strong, so heartfelt and they have a bond like no other, they have each other's back and no matter what they are ALWAYS, ALWAYS there for one another through thick and thin. This was a story about Angelo and Tilly but it was also a story about the entire Gallo family and one that you need to read because I can't put into words how much this book meant to me. The Gallo family is one that I have always loved and will always hold a special place in my heart!
JennaStrick 10 months ago
This book sums up the whole Gallo family perfectly. Chelle did an amazing job giving us the reunion for the ages. There's absolutely nothing to dislike about this story. It's based around Angelo and Tilly's wedding. And the chemistry between couples and cousins and brothers/sister has never been so strong. We get the Florida and Chicago Gallos all in one. There was surprises, steam, and just plain love, which makes the title perfect for this book!
Tilly212 10 months ago
This was the perfect way to end this part of the Gallo's family story. We're back with Tilly and Angelo but it's really a story about them all. It's full of fun, laughter and lots of naughtiness. It gives you all the feels and a really satisfying ending. We get to reconnect with the Florida Gallo's and see how they're all just as crazy as ever. We get to reminisce and enjoy them all and get a little glimpse into future storylines within this mad family. It's very skilfully written and really didn't want it to end. I'm so looking forward to Gigi's book, she's gonna give Izzy a run for her money. This is a brilliant series and I recommend buying the first book and hang on tight for the ride.