Love. Angel. Music. Baby

Love. Angel. Music. Baby

by Gwen Stefani


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Gwen Stefani has come a long way, baby, from the secondhand frocks and Doc Martens she sported during No Doubt's lean O.C. days. The onetime tomboy has blossomed into a full-fledged fashionista with her own line of handbags and accessories (L.A.M.B. for Le Sport Sac), so it's only fitting that she'd take a break from her boy-band mates to record a fashion-conscious solo debut heavily inspired by her jaunts to Japan and her infatuation with trend-setting Harajuku girls. Stefani sounds best on Love. Angel. Music. Baby when she lends her purring, Dale Bozzio-meets-Madonna vocals to new wave–inspired dance grooves, like the dizzying, Nellee Hooper–crafted lead single, "What You Waiting For?" and the techno-pop of "Crash," co-produced by ex-boyfriend and No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal. Ever since No Doubt's "Don't Speak" struck a chord with both Valley girls and B-girls, Stefani's also become popular for her irresistibly melodramatic ballads, and here she offers the Dallas Austin–produced "Cool," with its whirling synths and hummable harmony. And those are just a few of the cooks Stefani invited into her kitchen for L.A.M.B. Other urban and dance producers spicing the stew include Dr. Dre, who offers "Rich Girl" -- an Eve-assisted take on Lady Saw's reggae rendition of the Fiddler on the Roof anthem "If I Were a Rich Man" -- and the Neptunes, who check in with two tracks. Although Stefani's ride-or-die chick rapping over the synth-and-boom-bap beat of the Neptunes' "Hollaback Girl" isn't that convincing, her fearless creativity does pay off on the scratch-infused, André 3000–assisted, "Long Way to Go," which sounds more like an Outkast track. With L.A.M.B., Stefani manages to weave her diverse musical sensibilities into her own indelible style.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/23/2004
Label: Interscope Records
UPC: 0602498638507
catalogNumber: 000346902
Rank: 9546

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gwen Stefani   Primary Artist,Vocals
Bobby Ross Avila   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Rusty Anderson   Guitar
Dallas Austin   Drums,Keyboards
Lisa Coleman   Keyboards
Eve   Rap
Peter Hook   Bass
Jimmy Jam   Bass,Bass Guitar
Wendy Melvoin   Guitar
Aaron Mills   Bass
Linda Perry   Guitar,Keyboards
Mark Batson   Keyboards,keyboard bass
Bernard Sumner   Background Vocals
Tony Reyes   Guitar,Bass Guitar
Mike Elizondo   Guitar,Keyboards
Tony Kanal   Synthesizer,Keyboards
James "Big Jim" Wright   Keyboards
Naomi Martin   Background Vocals
Iz   Percussion,Drums
Mimi Parker   Background Vocals
André 3000   Keyboards,Vocals
MiMi "Audio" Parker   Background Vocals
Sheldon Conrich   Keyboards
Zoey Martin   Background Vocals
Johnny Vulture   Guitar,Keyboards
Seven   Background Vocals
Kevin Kendrick   Piano,Keyboards

Technical Credits

Ernie Isley   Composer
Chris Jasper   Composer
Dr. Dre   Audio Production
Jerry Bock   Composer
Dallas Austin   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
M. Batson   Composer
Johnny Copeland   Artwork,Logo
John Frye   Engineer
Nellee Hooper   Producer,Audio Production
O'Kelly Isley   Composer
Rudolph Isley   Composer
Jimmy Jam   Producer,Audio Production
Terry Lewis   Producer
Linda Perry   Composer,Programming,Engineer
Rick Sheppard   Engineer,MIDI,Sound Design
Simon Gogerly   Programming,Engineer
Chantal Kreviazuk   Composer
Mike Elizondo   Composer
Gwen Stefani   Composer
Pharrell Williams   Composer
Andre Young   Composer
Tony Kanal   Composer,Programming,Producer,Audio Production
T. Lewis   Composer
Aidan Love   Programming
Chad Hugo   Composer
Jolie Clemens   Art Direction
Cutmaster Swift   Cut
Ian Rossiter   Engineer
Pete Novak   Engineer
Ewan Pearson   Programming
André 3000   Producer,Audio Production
Matt Marrin   Engineer
Sam Littlemore   Programming
Jason Lader   Programming,Engineer
Lee Groves   Mixing Programmer
Johnny Vulture   Programming,Producer
Ian Cross   Engineer

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Love. Angel. Music. Baby 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 69 reviews.
amb_ram25 More than 1 year ago
gwen stefani was good in no doubt, but this album was kinda dull and blah, most of her songs sound the same.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just got this for Christmas like I asked and I'm not sure if I like it yet. It definitly sounds like Gwen, something wild like herself. I think the best so song that I have listened to from, L.A.M.B is, What are you waiting for? lets see if it gets better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I heard this on MTV The Leak... What You Waiting for is probably the best tracks on the album. It isn't really what I would have expected from Gwen. At times, it sounds like a cross between Madonna and Mariah Carey. Some of it sounds like really bad 80's electronic music, and Bubble Pop Electric is just plain weird... Luxurious is a nice slow song, but sounds oddly familiar. Those are really the only tracks worth mentioning
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love everything about this album. Some people might probably think this isn't Gwen's style but to me she sounds so natural singing this type of music and I can really understand why she did an album like this. The songs on the album have an 80s feel to them but they still sound original. If any other artist tried to do an album like this it would probably seem really lame but it makes perfect sense for Gwen to do something like this since shes so funky, and stylish and original and really stands out from the rest of the artists who are out right now. The whole album is great but the songs I really love right now are "Crash" which reminds me of something Debbie Deb would have recorded back in the 80s, "Serious" is great too and is reminescent of early Madonna and Club Nouveau, "Rich Girl" is awesome too and very unique, "Harajuku Girls" is really original too and if I had to liken it to something I would say it's very Bowie. Gwen's influences are apparent and I love how she took her influences and infused them with her own personal musical style. It's a classic, unique record and an original one and I love it. Gwen has made music fun again and I'm proud of her for being brave enough to follow her heart and do her own thing . The Whole album is wicked! I love it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love 80's music and I love Gwen. It was Ok but a little disapointed. (Not to be like Simon Cowell from American Idol) It was not that good. But Andre 3000 help Gwen. That makes it better. It needs a little work ,but if she goes solo on her nxt. album, make it better!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hollaback girl even though she swears in it. rich girl, what you waiting for, danger zone, and bubble pop electric are the best of em all. Go buy it. If don't you crazy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gwen Stefani is soooo good! My 3 favorite songs are hollaback girl, (even though she cusses) rich girl, and cool. She is one of my favorite singers! My dream is to meet her someday!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The song is so great that I can't wait until the CD comes out. I have heard that she has 3 totally different styles in her CD! I am so excited!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is really about Gwen appealing to a urban audience to increase her fanbase and in turn increasing her sales. The inlisting of Andre 3000, Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, Dallas Austin ,and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is enough to make any R&B/Hip-Hop fans mouth water. Eve only adds more appeal as they cover the raggae classic "Rich Girls". I was also feeling the Notorious B.I.G. sample on "Luxurious". The entire album has a 80's feel which throws me back to the early days of Madonna's career as she introduced soulful R&B type stylings to a Pop audience, and Gwen seems to be following in those same footsteps with this album. I like it, but i expected more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When i heard this cd, i thought it was very original and funky. It's kind of old school. There are a lot of good songs on this album and definately an original sound. I think her songs match her personnal style. It's a very up-beat, feel-good CD!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have to say, she does swear in hollaback girl and that is my favorite song. I'm a kid and really don't like that word (You would know what I meant if you heard the song). Cool songs, but in some of her song, you don't even know where she is going with it or what the song means! I'm confused on this album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
wow, well-what else can i say about this album other than interesting? if this was anyone else but gwen, it definately would've been worse. when i first heard this album-i figured it was *way* too weird for my taste. but it sounds just like gwen and i like gwen a lot, so i listened to it more in hopes that something would grow on me. after listening to it a few times, "bubble pop electric" grew on me-even though it's crazy as hell. also "hollaback girl" "crash" and "luxurious" grew on me too. as for the other ones-i dunno. i kinda like "rich girl." i just hope she gets over her obsession w/ harajuku girls. it's cool to like 'em {wboever they are} but it's getting kinda old and i think she took it too far. i can't wait till no doubt gets back together though. hopefully this album is gwen wandering off on her own and discovering herself, and now that she's done it, use her strengths w/ no doubt
Guest More than 1 year ago
(note...this review may seem kinda jammed together...there were supposed to be paragraph seperations but my computer is being all the paragraphs are now jammed together, so this review may seem a little confusing, and really sorry) im truly sick and tired of all these "reviews" that clutter the Barnes & Noble web site that state their admiration or deep detestation of L.A.M.B. in a mere three sentence desprition. so, far everyone who actually WANTS to know how this record is...just read ahead... Gwen Stefani, is of course, best know for head-lining her genre-blending, reggea/ska/alt-pop group NO DOUBT. Yet, with her a reinvention of her image in the early 2000's, it was inevitable that soon she would drift away from her bandmates and release a record that was truly her own...and something that would never have been able to be created with the name "No Doubt" slapped across the Cd cover. So Gwen departed from her group, hook up with an array of talented producers, and released the colorful, trippy "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." Released in November 2004, the album is STILL in the Billboard Top 100 a year after its release. Gwen Stefani shows she has MAD skills on this record. While on the surface "L.A.M.B." may feel like a happy lil' dance album, with catchy beats, addicting lyrics, and marketing ploys flung all around. But, with a deeper look, Gwen's album is something so much more: its a modern day pop masterpiece. Pulling heavily from Madonna, this girl throws down little pop gems that are brilliant in their delieverance and pure delicious guilty-pleasure way. While I won't disect each and every track, Gwen warps the first half of her album into a giddy, eclectic roller coaster at warp speed: flying from the excellently written "What You Waiting For?" to the reggae remodleing of a Fiddle On the Roof showtune in "Rich Girl." Mrs. Stefani throws down her cheerleadin beats in "Hollaback Girl" (by far the reigning champ as Hottest Song of the Summer in 2005) to the seriously low-key beauty of lost love in "Cool." After the first four tracks, though, Gwen calms down...but just a tad. She comes on like a crazy, sex-obsessed teen in "Bubble Pop Electric" and from their delievers some delicious 80's thowbacks, with beautiful rifts and catchy hooks. I would even say that Gwen's album may be the best album of late 2004/2005 just because this kind of pop music is relativly dead...the last time its been seen in such FINE fashion was in the 80's, most notable with Madonna. And Gwen does take a page from Madonna's book, using her sex symbol image and newly-dubbed fashonista title to create not just a uphoria of sound but also of sight. All in all, this is a reccord for pop fanatics and 80's lovers that should not, should NOT be missed out on. And I will even venture to say that, while Madonna is truly a legend in her own by recreating pop music, Madonna is dead to today's society...and now we've got a classy girl that is willing and ready to take her shoes. I think Gwen Stefani can do a beautifully job of becoming this generations Madonna, and by becoming a POP QUEEN and SEXY DIVA, this girl can overcome the drama of today's shoqbiz and deliver us some music that is truly fitting. ***for Gwen LOVERS...*** i was recently lucky enough to attend Gwens concert in Fairfax, Viringa, with the Black Eyed Peas opening for her in the Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005. let me just say that the concert was FANTASTIC and PURE AMAZMENT...i cannot ever fully describe the experience in words. by far the BEST conert i have ever been too, Gwen Stefani but on a beautiful show, working the crowd into a frenzied mess and, with elaborate costume changes, sexy dance moves, and elaborate stage workings, it was purly a LIVE SHOW. this is NOT a tour to miss, and if Gwen is stoppin by, make SURE SURE SURE to get tickets to this
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved No Doubt's music from Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn, but this solo album is worse than most of the songs on Rock Steady. She should stick to singing with her group. Her vocals on this new album are weak and her lyrics too simple and superficial. Most of the producers on the album are not the best choices for Gwen Stefani debut album which had way to many collaborations and is not as consistent in quality as in her work in No Doubt. Altough this a solo album she should have stuck to the same style of music and the same producer as used with her group.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this album is very exotic and fancy. I loved this album! You should buy this album!!! Its got a nice "dancey" sound if you will. I know you will enjoy this album just as much as I did!(when they say "lamb in some of the songs their talking about the title L ove A ngel M usic B aby)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gwen and her lyrics go hand in hand. Some songs I loved. For example, "What You Waiting For", "Rich Girl", "Luxurious", and "Serious". Some songs I had to grow into liking, "Hollabackgirl", and "Cool". The rest of the songs were about sex and it worked my nerves after a while. She can do better. Some of the songs were not needed or she could have changed it up with productions of Neptunes. Give her some time and she'll come back more unique and harder than ever.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I LOVE this album. When I first heard it, I was disappointed, but I didn't like No Doubt at first either. So, I decided to keep listening. It grew on me and now I love it. Sure, some songs are weird, but it is so Gwen, you can't help but eventually give in and enjoy it. It hasn't left my car's CD player since I got it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD rocks!!!!!! Hollaback Girl difinatley has to be the best song, i go through the halls singing that song all day !!!! i definatley recomend this CD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When What You Waiting For first hit the airwaves, I found it an addicting song that was catchy, chaotic, and danceworthy. Soon, the Alice in Wonderland style video and pushy lyrics ("take a chance you stupid **") got on my nerves, and I could not WAIT for a new single.. Rich Girl did not help matters.. the song is not very catchy and the video... well.. I'd rather watch Pirates of the Carribean, not Gwen and Eve on a boat. Also, the clothing line adverts are INSANE and honestly, that's not what music is about.. And the whole Harajuku Girls obsession is very, very old, and not at all eye catching. Sorry, Gwen, but I only hope this hasn't ended No Doubt.. But I give 2 stars.. 1 because I must.. and the other because you had me with What You Waiting For.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Um, this is just really depressing Gwen. I used to be a fan, but now, you've made it almost impossible. I'll admit I was worried when you announced that a solo album was in your future. Now I can see I was right. I am VERY glad to hear that No Doubt won't be breaking up. Gwen NEEDS her guys! I keep reading that this is not an album Gwen could 've made with her band. Definitely not! No Doubt's music was so much fun, and it actually had some meaning to it. But this is so far from that. Please Gwen, spare us! You gave it a good effort, I'll give you that. But next time, don't try so hard. You were way more impressive when you actually had some class. You could do SO much better!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love No Doubt and I love Gwen but this cd is not for everyone. It isn't the most moving and well written music on the market but it is upbeat,catchy and something to get you moving in the morning. Most of the lyrics do get old after a while (i.e harajuku,galliano,wicked,vivienne westwood) and the music can drive you up a wall with its incessant sampling. Also, it's a bit on the commercial side. The songs sound like commercials for Gwen and her LAMB line of clothing and handbags. Buyer beware...this isn't No Doubt, this is Gwen and it's fun music and nothing more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gwen should stick to her strengths and that being a lead vocals in a band, this solo venture is all over the place, the record feels like a collection of singles instead of an album, every song is different no ties to the next, and most of them are poorly done, and over produced, too many hands in the proverbial pot on this venture Miss Stefani
Guest More than 1 year ago
me as a male toughti would hate this album but since my sister bought it for herself and was playing it and playing it over again i grew to like some of the songs ,hollaback girl,rich girl,bubble pop electric are awesome songs and the rest are really good i recommend this album
Guest More than 1 year ago
Let me just say I love Gwen Stefani, No Doubt has been my favorite band for years. I had been looking forward to the disk for a long time and I know it is supposed to be a dance CD most of the tracks are rather annoying and she basically has only 3 good songs-What U Waitng For?, Rich Girl, and Cool. Many lyrics have underlined meanings, double meanings, and most of it has cause dme to become very annyoewd with these songs. Though pretty good she could have done much better! Come on Gwen we all know those good songs are there!
Guest More than 1 year ago
What happened to No Doubt Gwen Stefani? "What You Waiting For?" was decent enough, but the ridiculous "Harajuk Girl" lives nothing past the world of fashion and lipgloss. Is there a message in there? A purpose? If so, I want to hear it. Go back to Tragic Kingdom era, or even Return of Saturn, Gwen- at least you had something to say back then.