Love, Alabama

Love, Alabama

by Susan Sands

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Emma Laroux's a fallen Southern beauty queen whose past is barely whispered about in her small town. But the secrets and lies surrounding her scandal still haunt her, and something about Matthew Pope may hold the answers...if only she could put her finger on it.

Matthew Pope wonders what awful karmic thing he's done to land him in Podunk, Alabama. But when he sees Emma Laroux again after all this time, he knows he's still the only one who holds the key to unlocking the truth of her past...

Will a shared moment in time ten years ago threaten the best thing that's ever happened to them – each other?

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BN ID: 2940156800612
Publisher: The Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 07/28/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,868
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About the Author

Susan Sands grew up in a real life Southern Footloose town in Northwest Louisiana, complete with her senior class hosting the first ever prom in the history of their tiny public school with half the town chaperoning. Is it any wonder she writes Southern small town stories full of porch swings, fun and romance?

Susan lives in Alpharetta, Georgia surrounded by her husband, three young adult kiddos and lots of material for her next book.

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Love, Alabama 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought the author did a great job, can't believe it took 10 years for Emma though . It was a great story and can't wait for Bens story .
gaele More than 1 year ago
A nice mix of family saga, second chance romance and learning to move forward despite the fact that everyone you encounter remembers your younger self are the highlights in this story. Emma is in her hometown running a beauty pageant coaching business despite the fact everyone sees her as a failed beauty queen. I liked Emma – she’s strong, solidly voiced person who has grown up from her wild-child self. Unfortunately, she still lives in the town where all that happened, and people are notoriously loathe to give up the stories. Emma’s sister Cammie is making a splash with a television cooking show, and Matthew has arrived to direct. An Alabama native, he’s not two hours from the hometown he left in his rearview mirror years ago, and he’s not too thrilled to be back. When he recognizes a face from the past in Emma, he’s none too happy. Oh the drama between these two – oil and water until Matthew comes clean and tells her that he was the one who rescued her from the all too famous party years ago. And when that secret is shared, all sorts of skeletons fall out of the closet: small towns with long memories have them in spades. Building a story in a small town brings lots of wonderful elements – family, eccentric characters, long held secrets buried for ‘your own good’, and manipulations, overt and covert with or without malicious intent. Best here, Sands doesn’t overdo it on the characters or the drama, and no one is really acting because they are mean-spirited, more that they ‘know more’ than you with their experience. Not only does Sands bring that level of understanding to the readers, but you enjoy the ride along the way. It may not convert you to wanting that all-invasive small town, but you do understand the draw. I received an eArc copy of the title from the author via the tour company for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Richard Hess 3 months ago
I loved Alabama
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story line good balance of romance. Kept my interest to the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like the characters. They are down to earth, realistic and relatable. A very touching story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed these southern characters so realistic to the type of people I have met.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Simple and sweet romance with the usual conflicts. I was happy the sex was not explicit. Enjoyed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book to take on vacation! Romance! Oh yes! Mystery! You have this too! Want to be a Therapist? Yep! Big time! And justice? You'll have to read to find out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fredreeca2001 More than 1 year ago
Emma is a retired beauty queen. She runs her own business and keeps to herself as much as possible. Enter Matthew, who rocks her world when she least expects it. Both of these characters are flawed and have had some terrible experiences in life. This is, to me, why they hit it off. They each recognize the damage and the strength in each other. As their pasts unfold it brings them closer until….Matthew has a secret!! I never understand why characters don’t come clean when given the perfect opportunity. It would make life so much simpler. Which, I guess is why the author chooses not to do it. It keeps the story moving. Matthew has ample opportunity to tell Emma (and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why he didn’t want her to know). What would it change if she knew. His secret, in my opinion, is not that big of a deal. But, like I said, my opinion. I did enjoy the setting of Alabama. Being a Mississippi girl, I felt right at home with all the small town characters. The author did a fabulous job with all the quirky southern ways and especially the southern sayings. I caught myself grinning through most of this book because of the southern antics. There is a twist at the end but it is rushed and almost like it was added as an afterthought. BUT! I did enjoy this book. It is cute, quirky and fun to read. It hit the right spot! I received this novel from Netgalley for a honest review.
WhisperingStories More than 1 year ago
Love Alabama is the second book in Alabama series. As I haven’t read book one, I cannot comment about the continuity of the series, but it didn’t bother me one bit that I hadn’t read the first, as this book is just as good as a stand-alone too. Emma Laroux is a former Miss Alabama and works as Pageant coach in Alabama. She bumps into Matthew Pope on the sets of her sister’s new cooking show, where Matthew happens to be the producer. Emma doesn’t remember Matthew, but Matthew remembers Emma, and is hiding a secret from her. Emma isn’t looking for love as she stopped dating long back, but things changed with the entry of Matthew in her life, especially with her mother getting married again and the family being at their happiest. Helping her mother for impending wedding, training contestants for the upcoming pageant and trying not to fall for Matthew is pretty much what Emma’s day looks like. But, of course you cannot dismiss something you know exists, such as how much they both want each other in their lives. Matthew is trying to sort his life out though, with his past is trying to ruin his present. While he is busy solving his life problem, there is another person trying to create problems in Emma’s life. Who is this person? Will he succeed in keeping Emma and Matthew apart? What is Matthew hiding from Emma? I genuinely liked Alabama, its written well and story flows easily. The pace of the story was perfect too. I also liked how well all characters were introduced to me leaving no room for any confusion. Every character had their moment and their back story was highlighted too. But, I also felt at some point that the story’s full potential wasn’t tapped. Nevertheless, book is definitely worth the time.
jboehmke More than 1 year ago
I really liked this story. The emotional rollercoaster kept me glued to the pages. I went through a full range of emotions while reading this story. Happiness, love, sadness, fear, anger, many emotions pulled out of me by this story of Emma and Matthew. Emma's family is wonderful. They are the reason that the love and happiness always seem to win out. The small town dynamics, with the ex-boyfriend as mayor, certainly did it's best to screw up the budding relationship. I was on the edge of my seat just wanting to get to the end and see how everything would turn out.
KerryACroucier More than 1 year ago
Great Characters, Fun Story! Emma LaRoux is happy with her life, mostly. A former Miss Alabama, she has a thriving Pageant Coaching business, that allows her to help her sister Cammie with her show and with the family's special event business. She has her own home and a comfortable life. The only thing missing is that special someone to share it with, but if it doesn't happen...well. Matthew Pope is a successful Television Director and has come a long way since he left Alabama. So how did he end up back in Alabama, too close to his home town? Unhappy at the turn of events, he comes to Ministry to work on Cammie LaRoux's show and is shocked when he runs into Emma. She doesn't remember him, how could she? He rescued her from a bad situation she can't remember clearly. Besides, he has changed a lot since then. Emma and Matt start to find each other, but can they overcome the secrets of the past, including her manipulative ex, who is also the Mayor of Ministry, and more involved with Emma's life than he should be? I love the characters and the story draws you in from the beginning. Emma and Matthew are good people that deserve a second chance, especially together. I enjoy the characters and their development, both the main and secondary. This is the second in the series, but it easily stands alone. There is enough background given that you don't feel lost and this is truly Emma's story. If you haven't read the first, you will definitely want to after this. I can't wait to see what comes next! **I received an advanced copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Kristyl21 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed Love, Alabama! I liked the small town charm from the hard workers to the tow gossips. Emma Laroux and Matthew Pope are interesting characters with traumatic pasts that make them perfect for one another. I also enjoyed the authors writing I felt like I was right there in Ministry Alabama.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Love, Alabama by Susan Sands is a wonderful sweet small town love story, that must be read. The author does a great job at grabbing our attention through this story, it is very well written. I am looking forward to the next book by Susan Sands. I received a complimentary book by publisher for an honest review.
ElisabethWA More than 1 year ago
Love Alabama by Susan Sands is a story with great potential. It has great characters and a great setting but all that set, it just kills the story with a very slow pace and a story that´s way to slow to develop for this readers taste. If you like a story that´s ever so slow this might be the one for you, but it just did not do it for this reader.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Love, Alabama is a wonderful Southern Women's Fiction story of letting go of the past, moving forward, and second chances. Emma Laroux is a former beauty queen from Ministry, Alabama, who has a pageant coach business. Even after ten years, the secrets and lies surrounding a college incident in her past still haunts her. Matthew Pope is a television director from New York, who comes to Ministry to direct Emma's sister Cammie's Southern cooking show. Matthew recognizes Emma as the girl that he rescued from a situation at a college frat party ten years ago, but she doesn't remember him. Only Matthew holds the key that can unlock the truth of Emma's past and help her move forward. Readers were first introduced to Emma Laroux in the first book of the series, Always, Alabama, which was Emma's sister Cammie's story. Now in Love, Always, author Susan Sands transports the reader back to Ministry, Alabama, with a delightful Southern tale that follows Emma's story. Set in the small town of Ministry, Alabama, the reader follows Emma and Matthew's story as their shared past filled with hidden secrets, omissions, and internal struggles resurface with their unexpected reunion. The chemistry between Emma and Matthew is undeniable, and as their friendship develops into a budding romance, can they overcome the manipulation and lies from Emma's ex-boyfriend, Ministry Mayor Tad Beaumont, and the resurfacing of the hidden secrets from the past in order to get a chance at love? As a fan of Southern Women's Fiction, Love, Alabama is a beautifully written story that is filled with an abundance of Southern charm, hospitality, wit, drama, humor, romance, and delicious sweet tea, that left me smiling and pleasantly satisfied. I really enjoyed following Emma and Matthew's story. I was intrigued by the mystery behind the incident from ten years ago that initially brought them together, and when you add in a sweet budding romance, emotional baggage, and an ex-boyfriend's manipulative actions into the mix, there was no denying that this story easily kept me engaged and turning the pages. I loved the connection and witty banter between Emma and Matthew; the rich description that captured the essence of the small southern town setting and its citizens; a host of engaging secondary characters; and all the drama, intrigue, and romance that easily made Love, Alabama an enjoyable story that left me wanting more. Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review.
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless More than 1 year ago
Memories of what Southern Hospitality, Charm, and more. . . Opening to love means unbounding the past that locks a shackle on our hands and feet. Susan Sands gives a beautifully written romance on letting go of the past. There are things in our lives that bind us and closes us off to the world around us. These things prevent us from allowing love to come in and moving forward in our lives. There was much to love here with Southern hospitality being one of them. There are good manner, good value, charming ladies, and gentlemen. Each character came to life with their own dose of the south within. Not everyone was showing the famous hospitality or the behavior becoming of a lady or gentlemen. I got some well-rounded characters with substance. I found complex past that was hindering the future. Pick up Love Alabama for a book that will take you to the good of the South once again. **This ARC was provided via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**
bhillson83 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved reading "Love, Alabama" by Susan Sands. Sands did a fabulous job in creating a storyline that was not only well written but also one that was able to capture her audience's attention. When we are first introduced to Emma Laroux who is a beauty queen with a hidden secret, you cannot help but fall in love with her southern charm and hospitality. However, as we learn about her horrid secret, you can only feel compassion and sorrow for what she endured. The incredible sexy Matthew Hope is thrown into the mix after he is sent to produce the show that Emma is working on with. When the two meet, it is almost as if chemistry was created instaneously and fireworks appear. Sands does an amazing job in creating a storyline that works and is able to develop the characters into people with whom the audience can connect with. Sands ability to develop the characters throughout the book and watch them grow is an artwork. I defeinitely recommend Love, Alabama as it has all the fixings of a great read - Great Characters, Enjoyable Plot Line, Well Developed Characters and a Fantastic Author. Make sure that you pick up a copy of Love, Alabama, so that you too can fall in love with Emma and Matthew and realize that life has a funny way of coming around full circle.
CArcidiacono More than 1 year ago
A beautifully written story that adds so much to the series. Everyone has a past, sometimes with things that they don't want to remember or things that they can't remember happened. Emma had one of those moments 10 years ago and applied a band-aid to her life. She has her family, friends and a job she loves, what else could she ask for? Matthew returns to Alabama to film a cooking show and runs into someone he hasn't seen since his college days and that shakes him up. The truth always seems to find its way to the surface, usually at the wrong time but if you have people who love you, you can handle anything that is thrown your way. Be prepared that once you start reading this great story, you will not be able to stop until the very end and it will be worth it! I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
sninny More than 1 year ago
Susan Sands has done it again! Love, Alabama is a delightful love story full of Southern charm, secrets, manipulation, and taking chances. When Matthew Pope shows up in Ministry, Alabama to produce Emma’s sister Cammie’s new cooking show, he’s not sure he’s up to the task of living in a small Southern town. He and Emma hit it off, but how can he tell her they’ve met before, years ago on a night that changed the course of Emma’s life? That mysterious night is the driving force behind the primary conflicts in this story. As layers of intrigue are peeled away, the reader learns about the players who have manipulated Emma’s life. The characters are well-developed, the chemistry between Emma and Matthew is undeniable, and the story progresses at a satisfying pace. Love, Alabama is a fantastic continuation of the Laroux family introduced in Again, Alabama. I can’t wait to read the next installment!! 5 stars
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
A sweet small town romance and while on the surface it seems like there is a lot of fluff to the story, the secrets both the H/h have been keeping made this a much deeper story than it originally appeared to be. Emma is a former beauty queen who now works as a coach for current contestants. Emma's sister has landed a cooking show and Matthew Pope is sent to Alabama from NY to produce the show. He's not sure why fate has landed him back in Alabama only two hours from the town he worked so hard to escape but here he is and he'll do what it takes to make the show a success. As soon as Matthew sees Emma he immediately knows she is the beautiful girl he helped out of a bad situation years ago. Emma has no idea who is he though. These two hit it off immediately but Emma doesn't trust in men easily but as their relationship grows she knows that if she is ever going to trust Matthew is the man to believe in. Yet she doesn't know everything about that long ago night. Will she give him the chance to explain?? A good read I would recommend.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
First impressions can be deceiving. That is something I learned from life and Love, Alabama reiterated that lesson. I received an ARC of Love, Alabama by Susan Sands in exchange for an honest review. As a whole this story did not appeal to me AT FIRST. A girl judged on her looks. A guy distancing himself from his past. All that has been done before. As I continued to read, it started to become obvious that there were hidden truths, traumatic events and inner struggles that plagued Emma and Matthew. Love, Alabama is a story about rebuilding trust, learning to forgive and moving forward despite all the baggage trailing behind. Emma has to learn to forgive herself and take a chance on stepping into the light. I admired Emma's strength and that was what ultimately turned this story around for me. More than a pretty face, she was a courageous woman.