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The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots: A Political History

The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots: A Political History


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A Brand-New Edition of the Historical Biography of One of the Most Famous English Queens

Mary, Queen of Scots, also known as Mary Stuart, was one of the most well-known and controversial monarchs of the sixteenth century. She ascended to the throne of Scotland at only six days old and would eventually become ruler of four countries at once—Scotland, England, Ireland, and France. She was known for being intelligent, compassionate, and tolerant, despite the popularity of that time for religious persecution. Despite being well-liked, Mary’s reign was a tumultuous one: she was married three times, was forced to abdicate her throne, and was eventually imprisoned and beheaded by her cousin, Elizabeth I of England.
What caused Mary’s rapid descent from royalty? In this brand-new edition of the historical biography, Major Martin Hume analyzes Mary Queen of Scots’s fall from power based on her love affairs. Though many previous historians had assumed that her downfall was based on her virtue or vice, Hume claims in his history that Mary’s ruin was not based on her “goodness or badness as a woman, but from a certain weakness of character.”
Discover the ups and downs of Mary Stuart’s life and reign as queen in The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots.

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ISBN-13: 9781631583704
Publisher: Racehorse
Publication date: 11/19/2019
Pages: 528
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About the Author

Martin Andrew Sharp Hume was an author, historian, and editor of the Spanish Calendar of State Papers. He also had been lecturer in Spanish history and literature at Pembroke College, Cambridge; examiner in Spanish and lecturer at the University of London; and examiner at the University of Birmingham. The Calendar volumes published by Hume were volume 1 (Elizabeth, 1558–1567), volume 2 (Elizabeth, 1568–1579), volume 3 (Elizabeth, 1580–1586), and volume 4 (Elizabeth, 1587–1603). Born Martin Andrew Sharp in London on December 8, 1847, he later assumed the name Martin Andrew Sharp Hume as a condition of receiving a legacy from a Spanish-English relative who was a Hume. He was educated in and a resident of Madrid; he was a member of the Royal Spanish Academy and the Royal Spanish Academy of History as well as a Knight Grand Cross of the Spanish Order of Isabel the Catholic. He received a master of arts degree at Cambridge. He died in London on July 1, 1910.

Anna Groundwater is a cultural and social historian of early modern Britain and Scotland, with research interests as well in the digital humanities. She graduated from the University of Cambridge in History, and gained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2007 and continues to teach there. She is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and a Fellow and council member of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. She has acted as a consultant on various historical TV programs, and appeared in the Scottish Clans series, on the Armstrongs and the Scotts of Buccleuch, currently being repeated on BBC1 Scotland. Recently Dr. Groundwater has appeared on a South American Spanish news website talking about the historical background to the Referendum in 2014, and on Japanese TV on Mary Queen of Scots.