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Lord of the Bands

Lord of the Bands

by Deslexiea


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ISBN-13: 9781456739096
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/07/2011
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

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Lord of the Bands

By Deslexiea


Copyright © 2011 Deslexiea
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-3909-6

Chapter One

Synopsis Lords Of The Bands, World War 3 Battle for the Children.

The contents of this book are be disheveled things are repeated over then again as it was written not in the order as it is now. I tried to keep it in it's original form, As to keep it as close to the experience I am trying to explaine. Varring amount of relative brain chemicals induce varying degrees of competencies and rage.

To quote the Dr. "Bizarre mental experiences", as well as unexplained phenomena is but a gross understatement "Manic persons jump from topic to topic in there speech patterns, and are difficult to interrupt and complain that their thoughts are moving too fast". There is just no way my hand can keep up with my mind. I am Evolution in that I am a new type of human saved by modern science, drenched in trauma. As you read along, This dreamish conglomeration of ideas and letters strung together unlike others you have read. Ideas seem to pop up out of no were, Or as if a thought start out in one direction and than decide to lead zigzagging through a maze like a fanged serpent trying to sense the warm flesh were as to plunge its pointed fangs and inject its poison, this only seams fitting.

You might need to read then read again and play along. Let me try and explain the best way I know how. For I am in part among other things witch I will try and explain a rapid -cycling bipolar schizoaffective Maniac, So they say' I say, and so I am.,

THE WAR CHILD, Operator for the Lords of the Bands. As well as others you will meet alone the way.

Lets go for a ride, A three hour tour, I'm your captain, Through screams of angels demonology, psychology mythology, religion, myth and magic fact and science, The future and the past, bizarre mental experiences Transcendental fervor, Mental power, Sexual promiscuity, intoxicating substance and alcohol abuse or as they are called sprits, mineral and other wise. This is the store of the battle for mans soul that has gone on since man first relived the distance of time between the beats of the drums and the pounding of his heart.

This is in part the experience of worlds beyond. The building blocks of your vary soul. The invisible vibrations that indeed is a permanent fixture in your mind. Science now contending it reaches beyond this reality. In the music perhaps sounds of a awareness of worlds beyond? A shocking perspective for the generation growing up with Rock and Roll.

Go back stage, and on stage, Fight your way for air play. With the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, Pantera Living Color, Halloween. In and on the club Sean in what kiss called Rock city, For Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, it's the home of Rock and Roll. The Motor City, Mo Town, Home to Madonna, The Stooges, the god father of punk Iggy Pop, M,M, Kid Rock, Grand Funk, Alice Cooper, and something called the Mo Town Sound.

Rolling Stone said Detroit has the greatest rock and roll audiences in the world. Bob Seger clearly states on his live Silver Bullet L.P. "Shit I known that for ten years" Try and hear the music in your head as we go along . Like wearing 3,D, glasses at a 3,D, movie I'll cover A,toZ, so to quote Mr, Segar "Turn the page", to the likes of Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin through Alice in Chains. As will as like Alice through the looking glass we will go. A to Z Z to A They have all got something to say. Euphoric episode of creative genius perhaps? In the days of old what some might have called the manic arts? Like and the same as I say. Thunder Struck! Through The Doors of mans unknowing. Life and death, near death, Voices, Visions and Dreams oh my


Doe The intro Ri Ri 01- 02 , Then Ri The experience beyond ^* Ri To the fourth power Me Me, 01 02 Then Me, Me in our youth Fa Much to fa SO This is what you get- The Rocker La La Ri, 0-5, Then La La La -Back to the Music Tee The conclusion

Prefix A Trip through Rock and Roll prophecy, Sex Drugs, and Rock and Roll.

With detours into other dimensions, along with science and history to round out the fields of dreams. So as to help with the bewilderment and confusion to mans ultimate question

Lords of the Bands World war 3 the battle 4 the Children

Music is that of imagining Creativity, which is as far back as time was and always will be.. As king Solomon ceremonial rings presented to him in concert. Said to be given him to control the demon's . The drums asking for the life giving rain, calling to the Gods for favor. To the static confusion of modern day radio. The sounds resonates in the creative souls of man.

Revealed on the back cover are the remains of a great battle that spans dimensions as well as time it self. Look carfully at the tools of War. Deceit and deception. Along with eight keys that brought the fight full circle. Many doors were forced open, some locked, others not allowed to close along the way. behind some we will never know.

A special War yelp for Marlon Brando not accepting the academy award for his acting in the movie The Godfather, on behalf of the treatment of the American Indians. And not so long ago 17 million was offered for the black hill of South Dakota, after the breaking of one of hundreds of treaties Now the sight of Mount Rushmore. The great American monument, feathering the presidents chiseled in stone hi up in the mountain for all to see. The answer is sill the same, No The Land is not for sale.


Any persons with mood disorders-BipolerDisorder Manic synrome - Hypomanic syndrome - Syndrome of depression - Cyclothymiacs disorder, Bipolar Spectrum Disorder, Rapid-Cycling Bipolar, Schizoaffective Disorders, AS well as D.S.M. Diagnostic statistical mental disorders Any and all should be fair warned of the potential of these contents to incur, motivated behaviors, Sexual over activity, substance abuse, inspiration significance, manic episodes or euphoria. All behaviors with potentially devastating consequences. All of witch can occasionally precipitate truly dangerous behavior.

The numbers in the book correspond with Music-Songs And may have the potential to Take some of us -people on a Manic- Magic Carpet ride............. Read carefully, then decide if this Experience is right for you. Be forewarned of the conditions that may lay ahead In a world where Paul McCartney was the Walrus, Jim Morrison the Lizard King, David Bowie described him self as an Alligator. I am clearly stating that I neither condone of or approve of the use of alcohol or any other Intoxicating substances and would rather strongly warn against it. Signed the Author Scarry Cantell The Cowboy from Hell THE WAR CHILD The Demolition Man ---Strapped to the wing with the engine running. This situation was not of your picking - ref. Ghost in the Machine. The Police Your host Deslexiea,,

Just as Example should the music say, reading the column on the right.

1. Simple minds Once a pone a time 2. Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs 3. John Lennon Imagine 4. Nirvana Nirvana 5. Tood Rundgrens Utopia 6. Pretenders Learning to crawl 7. Spirit Spirit 8. Ronald Jackson Decoding Society 9. The Police Have we got Contact? 10. Steve Nicks The other side of the mirror 11. Black Sabbath War Pigs 12. Steve Windwood Help me Angels 13. Pink Floyd Us and Them 14. Santana Soul Sacrifice 15. Alice Copper Long way to go 16. Atlanta Rhythm Section Don't miss the message 17. Joan Armatrading The Key 18. Edger Winters The Undercover Man 19. Free Common Mortal Man 20. Elton John Where to now St peter 21 Bernie Taupin Burn down the Mission 22. Little Feats Wait till the shit hit's the fan 23. David Bowie Somebody up there likes me 24. Eagles Take it to the Limit ----One More Time 25. Jethro Tull ------- ----- THE WAR CHILD 26. Montross Viva S.S. #5 Rock The Nation - -- No Shoes B. - - - - - - - - - O. D. 27. The Cult Soldger Blue 28. Joe Satriani Flying a Blue dream 29. The Who First Base 30. Crowed house How were getting somewhere 31. Metallic Ki'll em All 32. Jimmi Hendrix Mzchine Gun 33. The Allman Brothers The Midnight Rider

I got one more silver dollor and I an't guna let em catch me no, an't guna let em catch the midnight rider.

Don't quite have have room for Rachel Sweet's Protect the innocent. But that's where we are headed It's gona get a little Scarry, , Believe me we got a trump cards up our sleeves .And if we don't, We are in a world of trouble,, To quote Thin Lizzy, from the song, Jail Break, " It's a Break Out, Some of us Won't Survive, busten out dead or alive". "Break Out" Steve Ray,, Sings -- "Get away from the blind side of life" ... Let's "Bungle in the Jungle" "Welcome to the Jungle" -- From The War Child - The Cowboy From Hell... Scarry Cantell.

The program list

1/ The Doors - "Break on through to the other side"

2/ Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath

3/ #9- The Beatles

4/ Alice Copper- Hell is getting hotter

5/ Aero smith - Janie's got a Gun

6/ We die young- Alice in Chains

7/ The War Child- Jethro Tull

8/ The Cowboy from Hell- Pantera

9/ Paul McCartney- Let it be

10/ Demolition Man- The police

11/ Secret Journey " "

12/ Atlanta rhythm Section- Don't miss the Message

13/ Rock Dog- Van Halen

14/ Tom Petty- Free Failing

15/ Trip like I do - The Crystal Method

16/ Lunatic is in my head- Pink Floyd

17/ Crossroads- Cream- Erick Clapton

18/ Hell is for children- Pat Benatar

19/ Thunder struck- A.C. D.C.

20/ Immigrant Song- Led Zeppelin

21/ Flying a blue dream- Joe Satrieni

22/ The Who- Who are You

23/ Wave Length - Van Morrison

24/ Radar love- Golden Earing

25/ Deja voo doo- Kenny Wayne Sherperd

26/ River Rising- Joe Cocker

Program list # 2

27/ One more silver dollar- The Allman Brothers

28/ Midnight Rambler- The Rolling Stones

29/ Black Sabbath- Sabbath

30/ Big bad Moon- Joe Satrieni

31/ Space Station #5 Montross

32/ Are you ready? - Grand Funk

33/ Man in the Box- Alice in Chains

34/ Kiss - Cold Gin time Again

35/ War Child - 2

36/ Cowboy from hell- 2

37/ Janie's got a gun -2

38/ Rock dog -2

39/ Post Toasty- Tommy Boylan

40/ Feats don't fail me now- Little Feat

41/ Hotel California- The Eagles- As well as on the boarder, "One more time"

42/ Ouu That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd

43/ We die young - Alice in Chains 2

44/ Veins and Mares - Wings, Medicine Jar

45/ Listen to the Music - The Dobbie Brothers

46/ The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy

47/ Dr. fell Good - Motley Crew

48/ The Midnight Rambler- The Rolling Stones -2

49/ Time The Avenger - The Pretenders

50/ Turn the page - Bob Seger

51/ Cut you in -Jerry Cantrell

52/ Sick Again - Led Zeppeln

53/ The Dream Weaver- Garry Wright

Program list # 3 Start Ray To the fourth..

54/ Cut you in- Jerry Cantrell- A.I.C.

52/ Sick Again- Led Zeppelin

53/ Dream Weaver- Garry Wright

54/ The War Child ......

55/ Janie's Got a Gun

56/ Bungle in the Jungle- Jethro Tull

57/ Solder Blue- The Cult

58/ Flying a Blue Dream - Joe Satriani

59/ Behind blue Eyes- The Who

60/ River Rising- Joe Cocker

61/ Behind blue Eyes-

62/ Shooting Star - Bad Company

63/ #9 Dream -John Lennion

64/ Diamond Dogs- David Bowie

65/ Welcome to The Jungle- Guns and Roses

66/ Deja Voo Doo - Kenny Wayne Shepard

The List of some of the songs that may be referred too, as inspiring, or demanding revolutions as our tale unfolds. Like the Music that plays in your head. At the heart of creativity- creation, mans Imagination, the arrangement of vibration spaced in time, Sounds of our civilization, clawing at cage of this reality. Searching for release, from our animal world.

The battle for the children which has gone on through time, time after time. Everything may not be clear like a slowly clearing fog, things may or may not start to take shape in the distance. If you decide to listen as well to the power of creation, that benign the arraignment of sound, them be prepared for something new. Like beams of light through a misty haze falling on a shapeless form appearing in a other dimension these bizarre collection of puzzle pieces a wait your construction and interpretation. I am the operator for the Lords of the Bands. I know not how or where to start. Let power of music be your guide. Like rhyme with no reason or a word game with colors, numbers, and letter. Ready or not hear I come.

A quote from a book called touched with fire Kay Redfield, Madness comes from the Gods. Where as sober sense is merely human "There life a storm where in they ride" Then lets quote the Doors like paths in to a other dimension, Riders on the storm. Or "break on through to the other side". Lets just do the first four letters of the alphabet, as a sort of warm up. See if you start to hear the music. Hoping you all remember the mop top boys The Beatles,, Dose anyone know why they muttered the phrase number 9 # nine? Paul was the Walrus. Or would you rather your B, for Black Sabbath, The lines in the song titled Black Sabbath "OH NO, God please help me please" "Please no God please no" "Satin smiling spreads his wings" To much to soon ?? How about we start with a chose of A s Alice copper, says, "Hell is getting hotter" "Talks again to Angels" "By his side" #2, Aerosmith Jaines got a gun, "Puts a bullet in his head" slightly to graphic ??? Or would you rather use Alice in chains as you're A, A secant reference not unlike but still the same. To the other side of the looking glass? #6 My close encounter with booth Alice copper and Alice in chains we will get to latter. We die young, that's our song # 6 . The line in the song "Scary on the wall" "Scary's on his way" That me Scary Cantell .. What is so scary ? you ask. What I was told by the singer for the band Alice in chains, Is spell that backwards ... What was on the wall reads, BEWARE ERAWEB Interrupted from the phonetic spelling OF Of Earwed for God,, DOG GOD An unforeseen determanation of latter revealing ? or manic conclusion? The Detroit ordinal Rock dogs, Lets call that A and C seening how booth a referance to Alice through the looking glass?"; phonic of, relating to, or producing sound", sound definition ;4 examine by cause."

Now if we were to do the first seven letters of the alphabet like Doe, Ra, Me, Fa, So, La, Tee, Now I know this sounds crazy but check this out . A B C D E F G... 7, Not unlike the seven headed monster for told in the stories of the Apocalypse 7 . O.K. seven notes the eighth note completes the circle all the way round back to doe. O.K, the next note would be either be a larger or smaller circle depending on the pitch of the next note. Music is written on a flat piece of paper but in fact is three dimensional at the least we'll get back to that. Think me crazy, none other than John Keats who studied to be a surgeon felt "that Newton's calculations would blanch the heavens of their glory". The natural science, he wrote, will clip an angels wings. Finally there must be serious concern about any attempt to too reduce what is beautiful or original to a clinical syndrome. We are us is if you dare ..


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