London Voices, London Lives: Tales from a Working Capital

London Voices, London Lives: Tales from a Working Capital

by Peter Hall




This book is a unique collection: ordinary Londoners, in their own voices, tell about ordinary London lives. Interviews with over a hundred people in eight localities, from inner-city Battersea, to suburban Heston, to Greenhithe on the London fringe, have been edited with a linking commentary by Professor Sir Peter Hall. The first half, "London Voices", introduces the characters - their hopes and aspirations, their frustrations and struggles, their determination and optimism. The second, "London Lives", introduces the themes that dominate their everyday lives: the struggle to keep their heads above water, the search for a place to live, the hassle of the journey to work, their friends and neighbours, their concerns about crime, and the quality of their everyday lives. This is not only an extraordinary social record but also a compelling read for anyone and everyone interested in today's London, or in any other great global city. It will provide a mine of information for future historians on one of the world's greatest cities and will be of special academic or professional interest to sociologists, anthropologists, geographers, planners and social policymakers.

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ISBN-13: 9781861349835
Publisher: Bristol University Press
Publication date: 07/04/2007
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Peter Hall, Bartlett Professor of Planning and Regeneration, University College London

Table of Contents

Part one: London places, London people: Voices from the London streets

Part two: London voices: New melting pot: Battersea
Pressured proletarian island: Bermondsey
Transit centre: Upton Park
Airport city: Heston
Garden suburb challenged: Eltham
Arcadia under shadow: Gants Hill
Edge suburb: Greenhithe

Part three: London lives: Making ends meet
Finding a place
Getting there
Friends and neighbours
Fearing crime, avoiding crime
Melting the pot

Part four: London futures: Changing the world
Bringing it together

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