Lizzie's Tale

Lizzie's Tale

by Wilson S Graham


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Old Balmain House Series continues

In 1963 a new family lives in the old house in Balmain.

Fifteen year old Lizzie, her mother and six year old brother

A rich friend invites Lizzie to a party – the future glitters bright.

She is plied with champagne - she has never had a drink before.

Three men, she thinks are her friends, ask her to come for a drive.

They take her to a park and rape her. Mortified, she hides it.

She finds she is pregnant. She knows officials will take her baby.

Rape was bad enough, losing her child is unthinkable.

She runs away, she will not let this most awful thing happen

In Melbourne she seeks to build a new life, just her with a tiny baby.

Life is unbelievably hard, no money, no food, no one to help her.

In desperation she becomes a prostitute, her least bad option.

But authorities discover her age and seek to take her child.

She flees again to Broome, builds a new respectable life.

But her story is discovered - now she is pursued again.

With nowhere else to go she drives far into the desert.

Stranded with no water and a six year old daughter, help comes from an unexpected quarter. A silver locket of an unknown child is the key to her survival.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780995431379
Publisher: Biobrokers Pty Ltd
Publication date: 07/03/2017
Series: Old Balmain House , #2
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

About the Author

Graham Wilson lives in Sydney Australia. He has completed and published nine books, including three in this Old Balmain House Series.

His first novel in this series, tells the story of a small girl who went missing 100 years ago with her best friend and was never found, leaving a trail of grief down through generations until the finally her story is discovered. It is based in the real Balmain, an early inner Sydney suburb, with its real locations and historical events providing part of the story background. This second novel in this series, 'Lizzie's Tale' builds on "The Old Balmain House" setting, It is the story of a working class teenage girl who lives in this same house in the 1950s and 1960s, It tells of how she becomes pregnant she is determined not to surrender her baby for adoption, and her struggle to survive. The series concludes with the book 'Devils Choice' which follows the life of Lizzie's daughter Catherine and the awful choice she too must make through confronting her mother's rapists.

Graham has also written five novels in the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Series. The first novel 'An English Visitor' tells the story of an English backpacker, Susan, who visits the Northern Territory and becomes captivated and in great danger from a man who loves crocodiles. The second book in the series, 'Creature of an Ancient Dreaming', follows the consequences of the first book based around the discovery of this man's remains and the main character being placed on trial for murder. The third book, 'The Empty Place', is about the struggle of the main character to retain her sanity in jail while her family and friends desperately try to find out what really happened on that fateful day before it is too late. Book 4, 'Lost Girls' is the story of four missing backpackers whose lives are revealed in this man's diary. It is also the story of the search for the main character who has vanished too. Book 5, 'Sunlit Shadow Dance' concludes the series and begins with a girl who appears in a remote aboriginal community with no memory and how she rebuilds her life but alongside this come dark shadows that threaten to overwhelm her.

Graham has also written a family memoir "Children of Arnhem's Kaleidoscope." It tells of his childhood in an aboriginal community in remote Arnhem Land, in Australia's Northern Territory, one of its last frontiers. It tells of the people, danger and beauty of this place, and of its transformation over the last half century with the coming of aboriginal rights and the discovery or uranium. It also tells of his surviving an attack by a large crocodile.

In his non writing life he is a wildlife veterinarian working with zoo animals and on national parks.

Table of Contents


Authors Preface. 9

Prologue. 11

Chapter 1 - The Dream.. 15

Chapter 2 – Lizzie Turns Fifteen. 23

Chapter 3 - The Party. 27

Chapter 4 - Not Supposed to Happen This Way. 33

Chapter 5 - Lizzie Runs Away. 41

Chapter 6 - Melbourne Bound. 51

Chapter 7 – On the Street 59

Chapter 8 - A Baby and a Pimp. 71

Chapter 9 - A Kept Woman. 83

Chapter 10 - Life Spins Out of Control 89

Chapter 11 - Escape West 95

Chapter 12 - A New Start 103

Chapter 13 - A Business Success. 115

Chapter 14 – The Past Comes to Haunt 121

Chapter 15 – Running Away Yet Again. 127

Chapter 16 – Only the Desert Remains. 133

Chapter 17 - Sophie Returns. 139

Chapter 18 – Rescue. 143

Chapter 19 – The Lost Years. 147

Chapter 20 - Life’s New Purpose. 155

Chapter 21 - Julie’s Investigation. 163

Chapter 22 - Back to the Old Balmain House. 173

Chapter 23 – The Court Case. 177

Chapter 24 - Vindication. 183

Chapter 25- Lizzies Tale. 187

Chapter 26 - Return to the Desert 195

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