Livin' In Mexico: The Real Story

Livin' In Mexico: The Real Story

by Brian Burke

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What's it like living in Mexico? It seems like a simple enough question; often asked, rarely well answered. Because Mexico is much more than just a warm sunny climate where you can beach every day if you want. For many of us, Mexico is hope. It's hope for a less complicated, simpler life, hope that every day has the potential to be the best day you've ever had. Mexico can be that one memorable summer day in your past that you've never forgotten, times 365. It's as much about what it represents; the freedoms, the leisures, endless summer, romance, walking the dog off leash on the seashore at sunset. Mexico is as much a feeling as it is a place. That's what Mexico really is. Mexico is where weary hopes and dreams take a shot at coming true.
Author Brian Burke tackles the feel of Mexico in this book that takes you down deep into expatriate culture; one folded into a tiny crease of what is Mexico. He examines Mexico from the outside, looking for the real of it.
How does it feel to live in Mexico is the question the author answers in this tale of expats, desperados, pirates, romance, Facebook (and the perils thereof), Mexico as Heaven and dead bankers bringing you beers, and the colorful characters who make a life where the sun shines hot and bright.

'I gave this gem five stars because it is so close to the bone I couldn't give it fewer.
This is a great yarn, funny and accurate.
If you live in México or want to, read this.
You're in it!'

'An excellent write. Was unable to put it down. An easy read. A great read. The author has a wonderful way with words.'

'I recommend this rating as someone who has also fallen in love with Mexico. Brian's voice is raw and real, his love for Mexico evident, particularly Merida & Progreso. This is not a " How to" book so much as it is an "I Do" book, filled with humour and candidcy. Thanks for the fun read Brian!'

'Could not put it down. A great read. Much more than a story on Mexico.'

'I had been thinking about to Belize or somewhere else in Central america for quite some time, but I never even considered Mexico.
Through the pages of Brian's book, I was transformed by first hand accounts of what life is like in Mexico.
Forget all the internet research. Reading this book is All I needed to make an informed decision on whether or not I'll ever take the plunge and move there.
One thing is for sure. I definitely want to visit and vacation there after reading his book!'

'Absolutely worth a read if you're looking for clear, unvarnished truth about being an expat in Yucatan.'

'My husband and I read this book on our plane ride from Austin to Mérida on a scouting trip to Yucatan earlier this month. We loved the author's unapologetic truth as well as his imagery... we found it to be truthful and it well represented Progreso. He captures the spirit, the under belly and the promise of this part of the Yucatan coast in Mexico. Highly recommend for anyone...'

Also available bundled with 'Livin' In Mexico: What It Really Costs, Five Budgets $500 to $2500' under the name 'Livin' In Mexico: The Collection', at a reduced price.

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Publisher: Brian Burke
Publication date: 01/08/2018
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About the Author

Brian Burke is an author and musician living in Mexico. His first book, Livin' In Mexico The Real Story, has become quite popular and regarded by some as a must read for anyone considering an expat life in that country. At times humorous, at times thoughtful, but almost always irrelevant, he describes what he sees, decides how he feels about it, then spins it out in his own quirky style. He's passionate about music, from Sigur Ros to Miles Davis. He plays a very passable blues with a tinge of jazz style guitar, likes tequila and tacos, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets over it especially. And he's grateful to everyone who buys his books, and grateful for their feedback. Coming soon, in Late December 2017, he will release the sequel to Livin' In Mexico. Tentatively called Livin' In Mexico-The Stories. The book will be a series, roughly 5000 word episodes. It will follow the lives of Rob and Riley, an expat couple living in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico. It will cut even closer to the bone than the first book, describing the antics of expats, Facebook, and everything those very colorful characters get up to. Please be sure to take a look, and thank you again for your interest in his writings. Visit with him and his readers on Facebook, in the Livin' In Mexico Group, as they discuss the books, and living in Mexico.

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