Little Sand Box

Little Sand Box

by Howe GelbHowe Gelb

CD(with Booklet)

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Howe Gelb's solo recording career literally began on a whim: Gelb recorded 1991's Dreaded Brown Recluse with his band Giant Sand, but when his record label decided it was too soon for another Giant Sand album, Gelb chose to release it under his own name, and suddenly he had a second career. It was after Giant Sand collapsed for a spell that Gelb began cutting proper solo projects, most of which seemingly evolved from a vague creative notion to a makeshift but heartfelt work of art, and Gelb has brought together eight of his solo albums into a box set, Little Sand Box. While each of these albums has a personality and feel of its own, approached as one massive suite, the consistent themes of Gelb's music certainly shine through -- his sweetly craggy voice, the loopy but emotionally incisive poetry of his lyrics, the performances that seem playful bordering on lackadaisical but pull themselves together before they collapse, and the soundscapes that always seem to conjure images of the Arizona desert, even when he's working in Denmark or Spain. Of the eight albums included, the two strongest are 2006's 'Sno Angel Like You, in which Gelb borrows from the traditions of gospel music to bring a stronger framework to his music while still sounding as passionate, human, and idiosyncratic as ever, and 2011's 'Sno Angel Wingin' It, a document of the concert tour that followed, with Gelb accompanied by a rough-and-ready band and a full gospel choir who turn the performances into rowdy peals of joy. (2011's Alegrías, cut with a handful of fine flamenco musicians, is another gem and reveals that a little outwardly imposed discipline doesn't hurt Gelb one bit.) On the other end of the scale, 1998's Hisser is an aggressively lo-fi set that often seems to stumble across the line from casual into incoherent, and the final collection of piano pieces is just too much of a somewhat enjoyable thing (though since it compiles highlights from four full-length albums, listeners should probably be grateful Gelb opted to pick and choose rather than delivering them in full). Gelb has written new notes for each album that explain the genesis of these projects and offer a beguiling look into Gelb's life and working methods. Except for the final piano disc, each album includes bonus tracks, none of which outshine the original tracks on their respective LPs but don't disappoint, either. How much Howe Gelb one needs is a question only fans can answer for themselves, but if you're up for a major journey through Gelb's universe, Little Sand Box delivers the deluxe guided tour with the sage himself as your guide, and there isn't a single false or insincere moment to be found in these eight albums.

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Release Date: 01/14/2014
Label: Fire Records
UPC: 0809236130129
catalogNumber: 301
Rank: 100950


Disc 1

  1. Spirit Lie
  2. Picture Shows
  3. Loretta and the Insect World
  4. Actually Faxing Sophia
  5. Cella in the City
  6. Still Too Far
  7. Warm Storm
  8. Always Horses Coming
  9. Vigdis
  10. Vienna 2-Step Throw Away
  11. Bible Black, Book 2
  12. Brown Recluse
  13. Wild Dog Waltz
  14. Blanket for Tina
  15. Victoria Wisp
  16. Detrimental Instrumental
  17. Vigdis
  18. Cello in the City

Disc 2

  1. Temptation of Egg
  2. 4 Door Maverick
  3. This Purple Child
  4. Shy of Bumfuck
  5. Propulsion
  6. Catapult
  7. Creeper
  8. Tanks Rolling Into Town
  9. Halifax in a Hurricane
  10. Living on a Waterfall
  11. Like a Store Front Display
  12. Explore You
  13. Nicos Lil Opera
  14. Thereminender
  15. Hisser
  16. Intro Speck
  17. Soldier of Fortune
  18. Lull
  19. Short Way to End the Day
  20. No Name Guitar
  21. Craclkin Water
  22. Satellite
  23. Leather

Disc 3

  1. 3 Sisters
  2. Saint Conformity
  3. Pontiac Slipstream
  4. Sputter
  5. Blue Marble Girl
  6. Source
  7. 2 Rivers
  8. Available Space
  9. Pedal Steel and She'll
  10. Cold
  11. Can't Help Falling in Love
  12. Hatch
  13. Shadow of Where a River Was
  14. Vex (Paris)
  15. Vex (Tuscon)
  16. Hard on Things
  17. Slide Away
  18. Hatch

Disc 4

  1. Glisten
  2. Felonius
  3. Jason's List
  4. Cowboy Boots
  5. Torque (Tango de la Tongue)
  6. Piango
  7. Lyring There
  8. B 4 U (Do Do Do)
  9. The Nashville Sound
  10. Blood Orange
  11. Moons of Impulse
  12. Now I Lay Me Down
  13. Lemmy N Emmy
  14. Torque Originale
  15. B 4 U (Do Do Do)

Disc 5

  1. Get To Leave
  2. Paradise Here Abouts
  3. But I Did Not
  4. Hey Man
  5. The Farm
  6. That's How Things Get Done
  7. Love Knows (No Borders)
  8. The Voice Within
  9. Nail in the Sky
  10. Howlin' A Gale
  11. Robes of Bible Black
  12. Worried Spirits
  13. Neon Filler
  14. Chore of Enchantment
  15. Get to Leave-Holy
  16. Nail in the Sky

Disc 6

  1. Paradise Here Abouts
  2. Dirty from the Rain
  3. That's How Thigns Get Done
  4. Spiral
  5. Robes of Bible Black
  6. Vortexas
  7. Ballad of the Tuscon 2
  8. Hey Man
  9. Worried Spirits
  10. Howlin' A Gale
  11. Nail in the Sky
  12. Astonished
  13. But I Did Not
  14. Love Knows (No Borders)

Disc 7

  1. 4 Door Maverick
  2. Uneven Light Of Day
  3. The Ballad Of Lole Y Manuel
  4. Cowboy Boots On Cobble Stone
  5. Notoriety
  6. Blood Orange
  7. Lost Like A Boat Full Of Rice
  8. Broken Bird & The Ghost River
  9. (There Were) Always Horses Coming
  10. The Hangin' Judge
  11. Saint Conformity
  12. Where The Wind Turns The Skin To Leather
  13. One Diner Town

Disc 8

  1. See (Lull)
  2. What (Lull)
  3. Of (Lull)
  4. Now (Lull)
  5. Spangle Bob of Radio Value (Ogle)
  6. Before the Tenant They Sat with Popcorn and Hunch (Ogle)
  7. Hokum Bigbow Was Probably Not His Given Name (Ogle)
  8. Tangualtion (Spun)
  9. Loss and Its Hold On Us (Spun)
  10. Denmark Stunningly Soaked (Spun)
  11. Excursion Disruption (Spun)
  12. California Roll (Snarl)
  13. Calculating Route (Snarl)
  14. Ample (Snarl)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Howe Gelb   Primary Artist,Organ,Synthesizer,Guitar,Piano,Chimes,Steel Guitar,Vocals,Soloist,Piano Strings,Musician,Hammond B3
Rosie Flores   Guitar,Vocals
Victoria Williams   Vocals
Lisa Germano   Violin
Rainer Ptacek   Slide Guitar
Rainer   Ambience
Kevin Salem   Keyboards
Raimundo Amador   spanish guitar
Paula Jean Brown   Bass,Vocals
Joey Burns   Bass,Cello,Vocals,Acoustic Bass
Steve Johnston   Choir Director
John Parish   Accordion,Drums
Joe Pena   Guitar,Drums
Winston Watson   Drums
Eric Westfall   Violin,Rhythm Box
John Convertino   Drums,Stick,Brushes
Grandaddy   Musician
Paul Brown   Bass
Michael Shaw   Choir, Chorus
Brett Sparks   Piano,Vocals
Neil Harry   Pedal Steel Guitar
Nick Luca   Bass,Guitar,Conductor
Jim Bryson   Guitar
Dave Draves   Keyboards,Hammond B3
Anil   Hand Clapping,Jaleos
Marie Frank   Vocals
Rich Mercurio   Drums
Joe Burns   Bass
Anders Pedersen   Mandolin,Lap Steel Guitar
Michael Fan   Violin
Jeremy Gara   Drums
Peter Dombernowsky   Percussion,Conga,Cajon
Thøger T. Lund   Bass,Double Bass
Nils Grøndahl   Violin
Henriette Sennenvalt   Vocals
Nick Augustine   Bass
Suzan Lavertu   Choir, Chorus
Jerusha Lewis   Choir, Chorus
Christine Methengye   Choir, Chorus
Neema Mugala   Choir, Chorus
Voices Of Praise Gospel Choir   Choir, Chorus
Ramos   Drums
Anders Stochholm   Percussion
Thorbjørn Krogshede   Saxophone
Andrew McCormack   Drums
Rakel Winchester   Background Vocals
Patrick Joseph   Choir, Chorus
Lonna Kelley   Vocals
David Rife   Violin
Prin' Lala   Harmony
Jason Steed   Bass
Michael Gibbs   Hammond B3
Tano   Shaker,fender rhodes
Lin Cortés   Electric Bass,Cajon,Hand Clapping,spanish guitar,wah wah guitar,Jaleos
Fernando Vacas   wah wah guitar
Paqui Heredia   Background Vocals
Isa Vidal   Cello
Antonio Fernández "Añil"   Percussion,Drums,Cajon
Sofie Albertsen Gelb   Vocals,Background Vocals
Scott Loder   Bass
John Rauhaus   Pedal Steel Guitar
Katrine Stochholm   Piano
Rox Erikson   Accordion
Kelly Burd   Bass
Judy Rodrigez   Choir, Chorus
Joy Clarke   Choir, Chorus
Jason Decorse   Guitar
Inma   Spoken Word
Fred Guignion   Slide Guitar
Faith Johnston   Choir, Chorus
Carla Ecker   Violin
Renie Sparks   Autoharp,Vocals
Micahel Gibb   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Victoria Williams   Engineer
Rainer Ptacek   Composer
Kevin Salem   Producer
Paula Jean Brown   Composer
Michael Dumas   Engineer
John Hanlon   Recording Assistant
Mark Nevers   Engineer
John Parish   Producer,Contributor,Soundscape
Michael Stewart   Engineer
Winston Watson   Recording Assistant
Eric Westfall   Engineer
John Convertino   Composer
Howe Gelb   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Harvey Moltz   Engineer,Recording Assistant
Grandaddy   Contributor
Nick Luca   Engineer,Recording Assistant
Dave Draves   Producer
Jim Blackwood   Engineer
Jakob Berthelsen   Engineer
Creatori   Composer
Jarrett Bartlett   Engineer
Kent Olsen   Engineer
Peretti   Composer
Anders Boll   Engineer
Jonas Friis   Engineer
Fernando Vacas   Producer
Pedro Cantudo   Engineer
Alistair Chant   Engineer
Saholy Diavolana   Contributor
Suze   Engineer
Weiss   Composer
Luka Gelb   Contributor
Cliff Eager   Recording Assistant
Chris Schumacher   Recording Assistant
Rob Petrachuck   Engineer

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