Lim Couch - Arizona Cowboy

Lim Couch - Arizona Cowboy

by Jerry Harris


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In Book One of the Arizona Cowboy series, Lim Couch comes to the Circle S Ranch in 1990 when he is five years old. He is immediately drawn to the land and fascinated by the local horse culture and the cowboy life. A red tail hawk soaring in the sky, an old long horned bull named Henry, and red and white Hereford calves in the pasture help tie him to the Circle S and the surrounding ranch country located in one of the last surviving short grass prairies in the world. The challenge of maintaining a harmonious balance between the cattle industry and this fragile ecosystem is taken seriously by most of the area ranchers, including the owners of the Circle S.

Sherman and Iris Snider, descendants of Southeastern Arizona ranching families, are the owners of The Circle S. They run a profitable Hereford cow and calf operation on their ranch. One of their passions is horses. Good performing horses.

Horses become a vital part of Lim's life and they help shape his attitude toward the land and his goals for the future. Ride along with Lim for the next twenty years of his life and witness his evolution as a horseman and cowboy. Meet the people who influence his life and teach him the value of a good mentor, a good friend, a good horse, a sip of good whiskey, and a good woman.

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ISBN-13: 9781507587355
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/16/2015
Pages: 314
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