Life, Behind the Scenes

Life, Behind the Scenes

by Omar Thabet


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Hello everyone. I want to welcome you to "Life, Behind the Scenes" which is a book about a Muslim man living in America, Post September 11, 2001 era. The plot of the book may be fiction, but most facts in it are real.

There are seven chapters to this book and an introduction. There are also poems that follow the journals written in the first six chapters. The order of the chapters are:


1. Chapter 1 "Journal1: What is a Muslim?"

2. Chapter 2 "Journal 2: My Country"

3. Chapter 3 "Journal 3: My City"

4. Chapter 4: "Journal 4: Senior Year"

5. Chapter 5: "Journal 5: College"

6. Chapter 6: "Journal 6: The Show Must Go On"

7. Chapter 7: "A Letter to my Professor"

"Life, Behind the Scenes" is based in the year 2021. The book starts off by introducing one of its main characters, Christopher Andrews. Andrews is a 21-year-old White American born and raised in the Ole' country state of Wisconsin. Chris is going into his senior year in college and is majoring in journalism.

During the summer, he and 29 other classmates decide to go on a study abroad trip to Qatar. Chris and his classmates attend Qatar University for six weeks and learn about one of the richest countries in the world. They witness firsthand what a country goes through during the year before it becomes host to a FIFA World Cup. After it all, though, Chris and his classmates were ready to go home.

Once they arrive to the Doha International airport in Qatar to travel back to the United States, a staff member at the airport announced that their flight was going to be delayed due to inclement weather. After hearing this, Chris decides that it would be a good time for him to start working on the five page paper which was assigned to the students by their professor. The topic had to about what the students learned during their study abroad trip. Before writing his paper though, Chris decided to get something to drink. That is when he met Noah Ali, the other main character in the book.

Once Chris got to the vending machine, he realized he did not have the right amount of money to get himself a drink. So he asked the closest person to the machine if he had change for a twenty dollar bill. The person he asked happened to be a Muslim man, who was dressed in an all-black suit while wearing a headpiece. This Muslim man also had a black briefcase with him and was reading the Holy Koran. This man's name was Noah Ali.

Not having any change either, Noah decided to give Chris a five dollar bill and told him to also give himself a drink and call it even.

Once Chris got back with the drinks, he began to engage in a conversion with Noah about the Holy Koran. Chris later asked Noah what was in the black briefcase, which was laying right next to him. Noah told Chris that the brief case contained six journals in which he had written while he was in college. The journals were about all the things that had happen in his life while living in America after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Noah's dream was to eventually put those journals into a book. But right when he graduated out of college, Noah landed a high profile job in Qatar, and didn't have the time to complete the book.

Noah then proposed to Chris to finish up the book himself. Noah told Chris that if he made the book into a reality, he would label Chris as the co-author of the book. Noah then suggested to Chris that he should take the briefcase with him so that he can read the journals while flying back to Detroit, Michigan, which is where they both were heading.

Seeing this as an opportunity to improve his college resume, Chris accepted the proposal.

Ladies and gentleman, this is a brief wrap-up of "Life, Behind the Scenes."

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About the Author

Omar Thabet is a freelance writer, poet, and 2014 graduate out of Michigan State University. He is an Arab-American born on April 23, 1992, in the city of Detroit Michigan. After the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks on America, Omar noticed that being an ordinary Muslim in this world was something that was not so easy to encounter. So he decided to take all that negativity he and his Muslims seem to face as of late through the news media and real life scenarios and turn it into a positive manner by writing a book. Omar wrote this book as if it was written in the year 2021 by an American college student (Christopher Andrews) on a Muslim man (Noah Ali) living in the United States, post 9-11 era. The plot of the book may be fiction, but most of the facts in it are real. In his book, Omar talks about stories every normal person may go through so that his readers can relate to his main character (Noah Ali), indicating that no matter what color skin you have or what religion you follow, we are all human beings of this earth. We are all children of God. Also, after every chapter Omar writes a poem about the preceding chapter to show that writing is more than a hobby to him, but his God gifted talent.

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