The Life and Times of William Henry Harrison

The Life and Times of William Henry Harrison

by Samuel Jones Burr


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Today, William Henry Harrison is best known for holding the presidency for the shortest amount of time and dying about a month after his inauguration speech, but he was one of the most important Americans of his day. Like many presidents in the 19th century, he rose to fame and fortune as a general, first for his decisive actions at the Battle of Tippecanoe and then in the subsequent War of 1812.

From the introduction:

"IN presenting the "Life and Times of WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON to the public, some explanation of the title may be necessary. We have christened our work Life and Times, to distinguish it from several other books already out upon the same subject. By "Times," we do not mean all the events of the country during the life of HARRISON, but merely those with which he was immediately connected.
In recording these, we have been governed solely by facts, and we leave these facts to speak for themselves, If he were not at this moment before the people for their suffrages as a candidate for a great and important station, we might have indulged in compliment and praise; but we have no disposition, and disclaim all intention of making our history political.
In our Appendix will be found many papers of great interest, connected with the life of General HARRISON, and to which we invite attention.
In preparing our work for publication, we have been greatly assisted by Butler's History of Kentucky; McAffee's History of the Late War; Hall's Life of Harrison, and Dawson's Life of Harrison, We have also used freely the Washington Mirror; Niles' Register; the Congressional Journals, and the Journals of the Legislatures of Ohio, Indiana, &c.
We return our acknowledgments to several gentlemen who have kindly furnished us with much important information, among whom we must particularize, General LESLIE COMBS, of Lexington, Kentucky, and our talented fellow-citizen, RUFUS DAWES, Esq. To the latter, we are very largely indebted."

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