Lies Your History Teacher Told You - The American Revolution

Lies Your History Teacher Told You - The American Revolution

by Jim Carey


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How the King James Bible has a direct connection to, how it was one of the fundamental causes of the American Revolution. If it wasn't for this translation of this Bible the United States today would be part of Canada. The American Revolution would never have happened, and Americans would be singing "God Save the Queen" instead of "America".

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Publication date: 04/09/2018
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Jim Carey is an Eagle Scout, and is, or was, an engineer, software engineer, computer tech, Internet publicist, truck driver, general aviation pilot, race car driver, deep-sea charter boat captain, security company executive, chairman of the local United Way allocations committee, mandolin player, international computer consultant, skydiver, worked on farms, health and fitness center director, a US Coast Guard Captain with 200 ton Ocean Operator's license with sailing endorsement, international security consultant, charter sailboat operator, djimbe drummer, documentary movie producer, website designer, fishing guide, sailboat racer, Indian tracker, campground operator, sailing instructor, hydroplane racer, starred in a TV series, was shot by a sniper in Sarajevo, has attempted to speak seven languages, and is an adventurer who was born in Detroit, grew up in the suburbs, spent his childhood summers in Vermont, went to prep school in Canada, attended the US Marine Academy at King's Point, lived in Key West for 25 years, then a remote 1830's cabin in Georgia for 20 years, and winters in Hawaii. He's traveled through 49 States and 49 countries, driven over a million miles, and flown another million.

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