Liberation Transmission

Liberation Transmission

by LostprophetsLostprophets


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This Welsh sextet have never been short on attitude or riffs, as borne out by two previous outings that seamlessly conjoined ghosts of emo and nu-metal, past and present. But on Liberation Transmission, they've finally turned that mastery of form into a thoroughly compelling set of songs that stick in the head long after the disc is back on the shelf. Songs like "A Town Called Hypocrisy," one of a few tracks to incorporate a swinging, groove-conscious bottom end, bring to mind London Calling-era Clash, a comparison that extends to frontman Ian Watkins's belligerent lyrical stance. Watkins is no Joe Strummer, mind you, but he does muster up enough balled-fist rage to make "Rooftops" -- a jut-jawed anthem about refusing to go quietly into the conformity of nine-to-five life -- all but impossible to deny. Many of Liberation Transmission's tracks are so steadfastly anthemic -- from the pro-feminist nod "Can't Stop, Gotta Date with Hate" to the careening "Can't Catch Tomorrow" -- that the disc becomes something of an emotional workout. That's balanced out, however, by Lostprophets' decision to replace the mannered rap workouts that bogged down past releases with shiny (if not necessarily happy) guitar lines that range from the bruising ("Everyday Combat") to caressing ("Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story of a Lonely Girl"). It may not be the feel-good album of the summer, but it's guaranteed to make you feel.

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