LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance Complete Tigers, Panthers and Werewolves

LGBT Erotic Paranormal Romance Complete Tigers, Panthers and Werewolves

by Terry Anderson


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This is a book which contains six stories with three stories from our Tiger Shifter series, two stories from our Panther Shifter series, and the one single story from our Werewolves Series. We have published three of these books altogether, with one containing stories about vampires, and one has stories about bear shifters. This book is about large cats and dogs that shift to human, and have sex with gay men. There are very good plots in each story besides the gay sex angle.

In the Tiger Shifter Series James finally gets the vacation of his dreams, to Thailand. But he is bored. He had been hoping to at least have sex over here.... One night he goes for a walk, and winds up far off the beaten path, just as darkness is starting to fall. He meets a dashing man named Raul, who offers to lead him back to the path. They have sex, and make plans to meet the next day. On his way to the rendez-vous, James trips and falls, and when he looks up, he sees a large snake hanging from a tree overhead. As he is contemplating death by snake, he hears a roar, and a huge tiger jumps by and grabs the snake in its mouth. Well, James is happy to see that, but now he has to contemplate death by tiger! then the tiger blurs, and starts shifting into a man. And not just any man, this was the man from last night! There are three books in this series, developing the relationship, and depicting the sex.

in the Panther Shifter Series, Oliver and his mother have bought up half the town, and Oliver likes flashing his money to buy respect. He is attracted to a bartender who works in a seedy bar. Oliver writes a check to his Gerry's boss to get the boss to take over Gerry's shift so Gerry can go with Oliver. They go to Oliver's place, and have sex. Next thing you know, Oliver's mother is calling to find out if Oliver has met a female so she can have the expected grand kitties. Oliver blurts out that he has met someone, but regrets it when she orders him to bring her to Lunch at 2 PM tomorrow. She is shocked when Oliver brings a man, and especially since the man is human! Oliver's brother makes enough remarks so that mommy dearest realizes that she is going to have to rely on the younger brother to give her grand-kitties. Nevertheless, she accepts Gerry as her son-in-law. This series comprises two stories.

There is only one book in the Werewolves Series, but it has eight chapters and the longest of any of the stories. Daniel sets up an internet chat room to attract people to come have sex with his clan. Nick is interested, and Daniel invites him to go into the woods for a romp. Nick brings his pepper spray, but forgets his cell phone at home. When he gets to where he thinks he should be, he spots a wolf, who chases him much deeper into the woods. When Nick can run no more, he sits down to wait his fate. When he looks up, he sees Daniel, who calls him by name. Suddenly there are five more wolves, all shifting into men. It's an Orgy! Nick gets so tired, he falls asleep right on the spot. When he wakes in the morning, Daniel is still there with him, and after a chat, Nick decides to stay in the woods with Daniel.

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ISBN-13: 9781545257845
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/08/2017
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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