Letters to Penthouse XIV: Its an Open House

Letters to Penthouse XIV: Its an Open House

by Penthouse International

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From the bestselling Letters to Penthouse series comes another spicy collection of letters written to one of the most popular men's magazines.

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ISBN-13: 9780446535892
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 11/01/2007
Series: Letters to Penthouse Series , #14
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Penthouse Magazine has been entertaining readers since 1965. Penthouse is world renowned for its sizzling erotica and thought-provoking editorial. Those who look for provocative, stimulating, and eye-opening tell-alls that inspire and arouse flock to Penthouse for all that it has to offer.

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Letters to Penthouse XIV

Open House--and Open Season for Sex
By Penthouse International

Grand Central Publishing

Copyright © 2001 Penthouse International
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780446610315



My wife Brenda and I have been married for fifteen years. Brenda is now forty years old, five-foot-four inches tall and one hundred fifteen pounds. She goes to the gym twice a day, and though she’s not a body-builder, she has one of the best bodies around. She’s also very good-looking, and has always been flirty, both with men her own age and with younger guys. She’s a very hot lady, even though the only person she’s had sex with is me! I started fucking her at a very early age, and have kept on fucking her and loving it.

Occasionally Brenda and I fantasize about her getting it on with another woman. It has always been something I wanted to see, and she always said that maybe someday it would happen. We recently went to Atlantic City, and weren’t in our hotel room fifteen minutes when Brenda said, “Okay, let’s do this right now!”

It only took about two seconds for me to get a phone book and call a local escort service. They told me the young lady would be there in an hour. Brenda was very excited. She came over to me and told me to stick my hand down her panties to see how wet she was. Her pussy was soaking wet, and her panties were soaked also. She was ready, and so was I!

The lady arrived on time and told us her name was Crystal. She was attractive, with long blonde hair and nice tits. Crystal also mentioned that she was a student fucking her way through college.

Brenda and Crystal both took their clothes off as I sat down in a chair to watch. When Brenda came over to me and started sticking her tongue down my throat, I knew she was very excited and ready to go. Crystal walked up to Brenda and started rubbing her tits from behind, grinding herself against her ass. Man, what a sight! Brenda then lay down on the bed and Crystal started sucking her pussy and rubbing her tits.

I picked up our videocamera and asked Crystal if she minded if I filmed her. She said it was okay as long as I didn’t get her face on film. So there I was, filming this girl licking my wife’s pussy, while Brenda pushed her hips up into her face. There was pussy juice all over Crystal’s face. I knew I was one lucky fucker to be able to see this.

Brenda had said earlier that she didn’t think she could do anything to the girl, but she did suck on Crystal’s big tits and finger-fuck her pussy. She also let Crystal suck my dick while she did it.

It ended with Crystal filming Brenda and me, with Brenda on her hands and knees on the bed and me taking her doggie-style from behind. When I looked over at Crystal I saw that her hand was rubbing her pussy as she filmed us fucking. Then Brenda rolled over on her back and started playing with her vibrator, asking me to shoot my come on her pussy which I did with pleasure.

Afterwards Brenda said it had been fun and that she would gladly do it again. I found a swinging couple on the Internet who live not far from us, and we set up a date. I’m hoping that this time I will get to see Brenda eating pussy, and even sucking some strange cock!—G.F., Hartford, Connecticut


The silky blonde sitting across the room, with the brown eyes and swollen, pouty lips, had caught my husband’s eye, but it wasn’t him she was looking at with interest. It was me.

“You’re a sexy, delicious man,” I told him, “but she’s giving me the eye.”

“What?” He couldn’t believe it. He looked at her again, shooting her his best you-know-you-want-me stare. No dice. She turned to me and gave me a shy but knowing chin-down, eyes-up gaze. “Damn!” Glen said.

I’d never been with a woman before, but was up for the experience, as long as Glen was there. I knew he would love it. I smiled at him, then picked up a cocktail napkin and put it between my lips, closing my mouth on it so that my lipstick left an imprint on the flimsy scrap of paper. Then I summoned the waitress over to us and asked her to bring the napkin, along with a fresh vodka martini, to the pouty seductress at the far table.

They say it’s not so much how it’s given, but how it’s accepted that matters. Well, if that’s the case, she did fine. She swiveled her chair to face us, sat up straight and spread her legs wide, her full black cotton dress riding up over her knees. She reached under the dress, pulled her panties aside and pressed my “kiss” to her bare pussy.

I stared for a moment, then, smiling slyly, looked over at Glen. He had sucked in his breath, his eyes wide. He turned to me in hopeful anticipation of what I might do. I looked back at the blonde and made a gesture with my thumb toward Glen, then turned it back toward me. The meaning was plain: both of us. The blonde hesitated for a second, and then nodded. We were in. With a red-nailed finger I beckoned her to come to us. She glided across the room until she stood only inches from me. “Lenore,” she whispered.

“Rhonda,” I replied. “And this is Glen.” My hand slipped into hers, and we were on our way. As we walked out to our car, I couldn’t help but wonder if the napkin with my lip-print on it was still up there next to her pussy.

We drove to a motel outside of town. As soon as we were inside the room Glen pressed us both against the door, one knee between Lenore’s legs, the other between mine, and kissed us one at a time. As he stepped back we slid to the floor, tearing at our clothes. I tried to stand, but Lenore grabbed at my dress. As I fell to the floor, laughing, she tried to crawl past me to the bed. I grabbed her ankle and with one motion pulled her to me and slid her dress up, burying my face in her white-lace panties. She arched her back and I pulled the lace aside for my first taste of her. I gave her a gentle lick, then slid my tongue inside for a soft, sensual savoring of her sexual essence. My hands slid from her ass and up to her back and then to her hair, while I lost myself in the sensation of an unending pussy-kiss.

When I stopped for a breath I looked up to see Glen’s face watching me in awe. He was naked and stroking himself. Damn, his cock looked so big! “Fuck me,” I breathed. He knelt behind me, and I held my breath as he pushed himself in deep.

When Glen’s cock was in me, I slid Lenore’s panties off. Her face was scrunched up with pleasure. I began to lick her clit as my fingers explored her wet pussy. She sucked in her breath, pressing herself to my face. My chin pressed firmly against her crotch as I again dug my tongue deep inside. She was so tasty and slippery I couldn’t stop. Oh God, I thought, was this what I felt like, tasted like, when I came in Glen’s mouth? I wondered if I would feel it when she climaxed.

Yes! Her pussy started to contract and pulse. I dragged my tongue in a circle around her silky tunnel, then drew it out to flick her clit. I licked it broadly with the flat of my tongue as she spasmed, crying out her pleasure.

As her orgasm diminished I moved slowly upward, kissing her stomach, licking her navel, so lost in her sensuality that I barely noticed that Glen’s cock was no longer inside me. I stopped to nuzzle at her warm breasts, then brought my lips to her mouth. Pressed together, we rolled across the carpet, kissing deliciously, eyes closed, clinging tightly, wrapping our legs around each other. Our hands never stopped searching, caressing and grabbing. I was drunk with these new sensations.

I ended up on my back, with Lenore on top of me. Now she slid down to taste me. Glen put a pillow under my head and, still holding his cock, knelt to kiss me passionately. Lenore was kneeling also, her ass in the air, her hands holding my hips as her red lips drew out my desire. Glen knelt behind her and licked her dripping pussy, reaching around her to cup her big, hanging tits in his hands. Her hips swayed and her back arched, her moan stifled against my wet pussy.

Glen slid his fingers inside her. At least one of them went into her ass, which seemed to drive her over the edge. The sensations he was giving her were being passed on to me. Her tongue, her lips, her sensuous mouth were working passionately on my crotch, enjoying me, tasting me, sending me into orbit. “Oh, God, I’m coming! I’m coming!” I yelled. And I did, all over her face.

Glen’s fingers slid out of her and massaged her creamy ass. When she crawled up my body to kiss me with her glistening smile, he moved between my legs, his cock feeling bigger than ever before as he slipped it into me. His wild grunting told me that he was about to come.

“I want to see it,” Lenore moaned, swinging herself off me. “Let me see it!” Pulling out just in time, he squirted his come across my stomach and breasts.

Lenore turned around to straddle my face. As my tongue circled her clit and delved into her pussy, she bent down, pressing herself against my come-dappled body to bring her mouth between my widespread thighs. Glen sat there on the floor, his hands caressing my legs as he watched us in this 69 position. With an intense interest, he watched her pleasure me, watched my pussy tighten around her pink tongue, watched her finger slide in and out of my clutching ass. His cock swelled up again, hard and throbbing. He knelt in front of her face and she raised her mouth from my crotch to take him deep into her throat. Then she slid her mouth off him, her hand moving his cock down toward my pussy. He began to fuck it again, and as he slid in and out of me Lenore’s tongue laved his shaft, tasting the juices he was drawing out of me. Meanwhile her pussy was writhing against my outstretched tongue. My husband was fucking me, our sweet, silky blonde pickup was licking his dick, and I was lapping her pussy. All three of us were moaning loudly.

Under the double stimulation of my clutching pussy and Lenore’s eager tongue, Glen was the first to come. I felt his hot juices squirting into me, a sensation that always excites me. I sucked frenziedly on the pussy in my mouth as I climaxed again and again, and I felt her shudders as she, too, spun into orgasm. It was utter bliss, total, time-stopping passion. Every sense was on fire. We finally collapsed into a tangled mass and slept hard.

When I woke up she was gone.—R.G., Galena, Illinois


This experience took place some time back, but it’s still as vivid in my mind today as when it first happened.

I was a naval officer, stationed at the base in San Diego. One evening my good friend and fellow officer Chuck and I decided to take a room at a hotel in the city to get away from the base. We checked into our room and proceeded to the dining room for dinner and a few drinks. The place was crowded, and we had to wait at the bar for a table.

As we sat there we looked over the crowd and noticed a very attractive blonde lady sitting by herself. At one point she glanced over at us and saw us watching her. To my surprise, she got up and started toward us.

I guessed that she was about twenty-five. She had on a sheer white silk blouse that accentuated her breasts, which must have been about 36D, and a tight skirt that melted into her luscious hips and stopped a few inches above the knee. She was about five feet nine, with a narrow waist and very shapely legs.

She came directly over to us and asked if we knew anything about the flights coming into the naval base that evening from overseas. It seemed she was supposed to meet her husband, who was flying in from Japan, but he hadn’t arrived. I told her that all the overseas flights had already arrived, and the next flights wouldn’t be coming in until around seven o’clock the next morning.

She seemed very disappointed as she thanked us. Then she asked if we were waiting for a table, and when we said yes she invited us to join her for dinner. We gladly accepted, and went to her table. She introduced herself as Jenna, and told us she had flown in from Chicago to meet her husband. As it happened, I was from Chicago also, and it turned out we had gone to the same school, although at different times.

That kind of broke the ice, and we settled in and ordered drinks. Jenna was very pleasant. She said she appreciated our company, as it would be a long night for her, waiting for tomorrow’s flight. She told us she hadn’t seen her husband in over seven months, since he had been deployed to Japan.

When dinner was over Jenna said she should be going back to her room, and thanked us for the dinner and the company. We offered to walk her to her room, which coincidentally turned out to be right next to ours. As we were saying good night a thought hit me. I told her that Chuck and I had planned to hit a few bars that night, and I wondered if she would like to join us. She said that would be fine, as it would help her to pass the time. She just needed a few minutes to freshen herself up.

We knocked on her door ten minutes later, and the three of us went out to a club, had a couple of drinks and watched the floor show, then went on to another bar. Jenna was very animated, a good listener and very pleasant to be around.

Finally, as it was getting late, we decided to go back to our rooms. As we unlocked our doors, she thanked us for being such good company, saying that she had really enjoyed herself, and offered her hand to say good night.

On impulse, I took her hand and pulled her up close to me, then planted a kiss on her mouth. She stiffened for a minute, and then kind of relaxed and melted into my arms. I felt her shudder and tremble. I asked her if she wanted to come into our room for a while. She hesitated a moment, breathing rapidly, and then said, “What the hell, sure. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

As we went through the door she turned to meet me, putting one arm on my shoulder and giving me a long, slow French kiss. At the same time I felt her other hand on my crotch. She pulled down my zipper, reached in and got hold of my cock. She started to manipulate it, and it reacted immediately to her hot hand, becoming erect. Jenna said it had been seven months since she had held one of those, and she went down on it like a starved dog after a bone.

She was cooing and murmuring about how lovely it was as she rubbed her lips over it, then started licking it and stroking it with her hand at the same time. Next she fluttered her tongue over the glans and along the underside, all the time moaning and cooing. Then she put it in her mouth, deep-throating it and then withdrawing it very slowly, still holding it in her stroking fingers.

Chuck had been standing and watching with a stunned look on his face. Jenna looked over at him. “Don’t just stand there,” she said breathlessly. “Come over here and join us.”

Chuck was out of his clothes in a flash, and his cock was at full attention. He approached her from behind as she crouched on her knees, working on my cock like there was no tomorrow. He raised her skirt, and I think we were both surprised to see that she had no panties on. (Later she told us that had been in anticipation of the meeting with her husband.) Chuck was going to plug into her, but she stopped him, saying, “Wait, it’s not ready yet. Get on your back and let me straddle you so you can get me good and ready.”

Chuck was only too glad to comply. She sat on his face and continued working my cock over big time, until I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would explode. Chuck was really lapping her twat, and she was twisting and turning and moaning, saying, “Yes, oh yes!” around my cock. I was ready to put my whole load down her throat. I started spurting and she took it all, gulping it down eagerly. When I was done she asked me to take her blouse off and play with her tits. As I did she went wild, squirming and throwing her head back, shaking it from side to side, rotating her hips and grinding her pussy into Chuck’s face. “I’m coming!” she cried. “Rub my tits hard!” Then she shrieked as she had her first orgasm of the night. But it was far from the last.

As she recovered her breath I pulled off all my clothes, and then hers. Chuck was already naked. At Jenna’s suggestion we shoved the two single beds togther. “I want to 69 with Chuck,” she said, “and you can get ready to fuck me from behind.” She was a take-charge person and knew exactly what she wanted, and we were more than willing to oblige.

Soon Chuck was lying on his back with Jenna’s pussy draped over his mouth and his pole deep in her throat. Chuck was going wild, not having come yet this evening. I was sure he wouldn’t last very long, the way she was throating him. I eased up behind her, spread her cheeks and put my now fully recovered cock at the entrance to her pussy. It was very slick with Chuck’s saliva, and with her own orgasmic juices. As I started to slide into her, she shifted her hips to better accommodate me. Even with all the lubrication she was still tight. I had to ease it into her cunt slowly, inch by glorious inch. Then all of a sudden I felt Chuck’s tongue lapping at the underside of my dick. It was something I had never experienced before, and I reacted by thrusting hard and driving my cock all the way home with one final plunge. I heard Jenna’s gasp of pleasure as it hit bottom.

Chuck started coming then, yelling as he shot his jism into her gasping, gulping mouth. I was reaming her for all I was worth. Her cunt was like velvet. It felt like she had little fingers inside it that grasped and released my pumping shaft. She really knew how to fuck! I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer the way things were going. Her ass was rotating and thrusting in time with my strokes. She was squirming and moaning and crying, “Yes! Yes! Yes, it’s so good, don’t stop!” I could feel her tightening and trembling, building up for a big one, and I wasn’t going to be far behind. All of a sudden she squealed and shrieked, “Yes! Oh yes, right there! Fuck it harder! Fuck it harder! Fuck it harder!” And she exploded, and I spewed like a volcano inside her twisting, squirming cunt.

We lay in the afterglow for a few minutes. Then Chuck started to play with Jenna’s tits, his erection coming back to full bloom. He rolled her onto her back and mounted her as I watched. He was soon fucking her wildly, thrusting long and deep, and she was responding, saying, “Yes, it’s so good, oh it’s so good, drive it in hard, do it faster, yes!” Then she was spasming and shaking, moaning, “Yes! Yes!” She clamped her legs around Chuck’s waist, her heels drumming on his ass. With each thrust she pulled him into her with her legs, forcing him deeper. She was pumping her hips like a wild woman, their pelvic bones grinding together, and I could hear the slushing sound of her juices. Chuck’s eyes were rolling as he started to come again, and Jenna was thrashing her head from side to side, almost howling as she joined him in orgasm.

Chuck rolled off her then, and we all cuddled up and went to sleep. It was about six-thirty in the morning when I felt something playing with my dick. It was Jenna. She was lapping on it, getting it hard and ready for another go-round.

All of a sudden there was a noise from next door. Jenna stopped licking me and said, “Oh my god, somebody just opened the door of my room.”

Chuck got up and stuck his head out of our door. When he came back he reported that he’d seen a man coming out of her room and heading for the hotel office. “Oh god, it must be my husband!” Jenna said. His flight must have come in early. She grabbed one of our towels and wrapped it around herself, then picked up her shoes and clothes and ran out. The walls between the room were thin, and we could hear her shower running. It had just stopped when we heard her husband coming back. Not more than five minutes after that we heard the bed squeaking rhythmically.

Chuck and I turned to each other, grinning and said it in unison, “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!”—P.Y., Seattle, Washington


I’m a thirty-five-year-old female executive with a large international corporation based in the southwest. Although I do not have huge tits, I do have a nice, firm ass which goes well with my five-foot-five, one-hundred-ten-pound frame.

One of my husband’s fantasies has long been to see me go to bed with another man. I have always been resistant to this idea because I was afraid of the long-term consequences. But one night my husband and I had an argument, and in the heat of the moment I told him that a lot of men found me attractive and he should accept me for who I was, as they all did. Zach responded angrily that if I could do better than him, and find a guy that accepted me, then I should go to him. Well, little did he know that I already had one! His name was Brad, and he worked in my office. And now I decided to let Zach meet him.

About two weeks went by, and one Friday morning I was ready to set my plan in motion. I called Zach at his law office and told him to watch for a fax I was sending him. I said he should do what the fax said, and trust me. In the fax I informed him that I had arranged for the kids to spend the night at my parents, and that he should meet me at a certain local watering hole at seven o’clock that evening. I asked him not to approach me there, but to wait for further developments.

Brad and I left the office together, but not before I changed out of my conservative working outfit and into something a little more sexy. We got to the place around six-forty-five and took a seat at the bar. I spotted Zach almost immediately at the other end of the bar. When he saw me with Brad his jaw dropped, and his eyes showed his surprise and shock—and, yes, no small amount of excitement.

Brad and I ordered drinks and spent the first hour chatting and discussing the office and our work. Then Brad had to use the rest room. While he was gone I unbuttoned a couple of buttons on my blouse, revealing my cleavage and the top of my pink lace demi-bra. Immediately upon returning to his seat Brad commented on my boldness, and I replied, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Although Zach and Brad did not know one another, they were both watching my tits, along with some of the other men at the bar. One man even bought me a drink and expressed interest in me, which turned me on even more. After a few more drinks Brad wanted to go to a different bar, one that we often frequented together. I told him I had to use the rest room, and on the way there I grabbed a napkin and wrote the name of the place where we were going. As I came back I walked by Zach’s stool and casually dropped the note beside him.

As we drove to the next spot I grabbed Brad’s hand and placed it on my crotch, gently moving it back and forth against my cunt. While he was massaging my hole I could feel the juices flowing from my pussy and being absorbed into the crotch of my panties. By the time we got to the bar I was wet, excited and horny. Once inside, we ordered drinks and I awaited Zach’s arrival. Within a few minutes, Zach walked in the door and took a seat at a table near the dance floor. After a minute I grabbed Brad’s hand and said I wanted to dance. By that time I was feeling no pain and was becoming bolder and bolder. Soon I was grinding myself into Brad and rubbing against his dick until he became as hard as a telephone pole. I casually danced us over to where my husband was sitting, and then grabbed Brad’s hands and placed them on my tight ass. He gently kneaded my buttocks and began to kiss my neck as our bodies glided to the music. My thong panties were dripping as I put on a show for my husband with my unknowing boyfriend.

We spent another hour at the bar before I told Brad that I had a surprise for him. I told him that my husband was on a golf trip with his buddies, and that I had rented a room at a local hotel for the two of us to enjoy for the night. What I didn’t tell him was that I had also rented the room adjoining, and that my husband was going to be in it.

Before we left I again excused myself to go to the ladies’ room, and upon my return I gave Zach a note that I had prepared earlier in the day, along with a key to the hotel room. In the note I told him that his fantasy about seeing me make it with another guy was about to come true. I also said that if he didn’t want to see it, he should go home and that I would see him the next day. Would he or wouldn’t he, I wondered, take me up on my offer?

On the drive to the hotel, I teased Brad by massaging his stiff cock through his pants. By the time we got to the hotel he was about to blow his wad. Once we were in the room, Brad went into the john to freshen up, and I unlocked the door to the adjoining room. Zach had not yet arrived, and I began to think that, despite what he had always said he wanted, the thought of me with another man was too much for him. Maybe I had called his bluff.

As soon as Brad came out of the bathroom we embraced and went into a long passionate kiss. He eagerly caressed my breasts and slowly began to unbutton my blouse the rest of the way. As I began to undress him in turn, I heard the door to the adjoining room creak open, and then I knew that Zach had shown up after all, and that my husband was now watching me seduce my lover. That fact alone made me become even wetter, and I moaned with anticipation. Soon I had all of Brad’s clothes off except for his briefs, and I asked him to kiss my breasts, positioning myself so that Zach would have a clear view of the action.

As Brad worked his way down my neck to my tits, I looked over at the door to the adjoining room. It was only open a crack, but I knew that my husband’s eye was close behind it. Looking directly at him, I smiled, looked over to him and mouthed the words, “Enjoy the show.”

Brad attempted to unhook my bra, but I stopped him, saying that I felt sexier with it on. Zach was a lingerie freak, and I knew that he would enjoy it more if I kept my lace bra and thong panties on throughout the evening.

Soon Brad was gently licking my navel and begging me to let him eat my pussy. Who was I to deny the man his pleasure? I slowly eased out of my tight jeans and allowed him to pull them off me. As I mentioned earlier, one of my best attributes is my ripe ass, which was accentuated by my pink thong panties. I climbed onto the bed and Brad got between my legs and began to suck my pussy lips through the silk garment. By then my cunt was sloppy-wet and my musky scent was heavy in the air. I had shaved my pussy that morning, as I knew that both Brad and my husband loved a very trim snatch.

Up to that point I had been making sure that Zach could see and hear everything that was going on, but once Brad began to eat my pussy I was oblivious to everything but my own pleasure. I have had my snatch eaten by several men in my life, but Brad was the hands-down winner when it came to getting me off that way. Pushing my panties to the side, my lover spread my outer lips apart with one hand, and with that same hand pulled back my clitoral hood, exposing my pink little clit to the ministrations of his mouth. After several minutes of nibbling, sucking and licking, he slipped a finger into my cunt and began to stroke my G-spot with a slow yet forceful pressure which soon had me wailing. I came and came, screaming as the force of my orgasm overwhelmed me in its own beautiful way.

Panting heavily, I pulled Brad up to me and began to stroke his long, hard cock. My other hand went down to my wet curt, and as I jacked off my lover I proceeded to caress myself to another orgasm.

After I came again I looked over at the door, which had drifted open a bit more, and I could tell that my husband was jacking himself off with vim and vigor. Obviously Zach was not disappointed with my activities on this wonderful night.

Soon I was licking my stud’s eight-inch tool while keeping an eye on Zach’s reaction to my cocksucking. This is one activity that I didn’t do very often, but tonight I wanted to make sure that I put on a wild show to prove to him that I was desirable to other men. Slowly I relaxed my jaw muscles, and little by little I took all of Brad’s manhood in my mouth. In order to heighten the experience for my lover, I began to massage his anus, then slowly inserted a finger in his butthole. After a few moments Brad shot his wad in my mouth, and I eagerly swallowed every bit of his come with delight and pleasure.

Soon Brad got up and went to the bathroom. I quickly jumped out of bed and went over to the slightly opened door and my lusting husband. The first words out of his mouth were, “You’re so hot! I want you now!” I told him he’d have to wait, because this was not his night. And with that I smiled and went back to the bed to await the return of my lover.

Once Brad rejoined me in bed I quickly got him aroused again, then pleaded with him to stick his dick in my wet cunt. Soon I was on my knees, facing my husband, as Brad pulled my thong to one side and slowly entered my cunt with his eager cock. Within seconds I was moaning and urging him to fuck me harder than he had ever fucked me before. As he rammed his cock into my hole I was able to watch Zach pounding his meat in unison. After several minutes of fucking me like a porn star, Brad announced he was going to come, and soon we both climaxed at the same time as he shot his hot jism into my squirming cunt.

I still wasn’t finished. Within minutes I got him hard again, and I began to gently suck and lick his cock and balls. After a while he moaned that he was going to come again, so I took his dick out of my mouth and finished the job by hand, letting him shoot his wad on my tits and body.

As we lay resting in each other’s arms I heard the door close softly, and I knew that Zach had finally had all he could stand for that night, even if I hadn’t.

Early the next morning, as I drove home, I wondered what kind of reception I would get from my husband. Upon my arrival, I found him still asleep in bed. So I removed my still wet panties and placed them over his face, then crawled into bed and snuggled up to him. He woke up instantly and fucked me more passionately than he had in months. Afterwards he swore that he would never take me for granted again—as long as I continued to prove to him how attractive I could be to another man!—F.V., Lexington, Kentucky


About fifteen years ago I met a Cuban-American couple named José and Anita, with whom I became really good friends. After a few years I moved to another state and lost contact with them. Last November I moved back to Florida and found out that they had divorced a few years ago. I looked up Anita, and we went out partying together a few times, as friends. One weekend we were out at the county fair when we met up with a girlfriend of Anita’s named Roseanne. After a few hours of drinking beer and Jell-O shots, we decided to go to Anita’s house and carry on the party.

Anita was wearing a tight-fitting miniskirt and a silk blouse that showed off her perky little braless tits. Roseanne had on tight blue jeans and a white T-shirt you could almost see through. Both of them were about the same height, around five feet four, petite, dark-haired and brown-eyed. Anita was in her thirties and Roseanne about twenty-two.

When we got to Anita’s house the girls decided they wanted to change into something more comfortable. I said that they looked perfectly edible just the way they were, so why change? They just giggled and disappeared into the bedroom.

After about five minutes they called to me from the bedroom, asking me to come in and to help them out. When I walked in, Anita had removed her skirt. Her blouse barely covered her crotch and her pretty little ass. Roseanne was in just her T-shirt and panties.

I stopped just inside the door, looking at them and feeling my cock getting stiff. Anita came over to me and said she thought I had too much clothing on, and that maybe I should get more comfortable too. As she started undoing my pants Roseanne came over, and I started kissing her and rubbing her firm ass. I slipped my right hand inside the back of her panties and worked my way down to her sweet little pussy. Anita got my pants down and began giving me a blowjob, and my knees felt wobbly. We ended up on the floor, with Anita’s beautiful mouth around my cock and Roseanne’s crotch in my face. Roseanne’s pussy was sweet and small and nicely shaved. When she started coming in my mouth, Anita reached up to play with her tits. This made Roseanne come even harder.

After she regained some of her composure, they both got on their hands and knees, shaking their asses at me, and told me to take my pick. I chose Anita first, since I had known her longer and had often fantasized about her pretty little body. I crouched behind her and eased my cock into her soaking-wet pussy. Oh God, it felt so good! Roseanne crawled up under us and started licking my balls while I fucked Anita. Then Anita began licking Roseanne’s pussy. Thank god for mirrors, because I got to watch her eating that pretty little pussy while I fucked her.

After a while we changed positions, and Anita got to have a good tongue lashing while I got my cock into Roseanne’s tight little pussy. When I said I was going to come they both moved around and started licking and sucking on my cock. Anita didn’t like to swallow, but Roseanne did, and she deep-throated my cock while I came.

We all fell asleep on Anita’s bed, with me in the middle. The next morning I woke up with my cock in Roseanne’s mouth, and we started all over again.—L.K., Tuscon, Arizona


It was the first day of June, but it certainly was not going to be a typical day. Jason, my lover, had persuaded me to take part in a conditional threesome with his friend Stan, the masseur. The condition was that Stan’s participation would be limited to giving me a full-body massage, and complementing Jason’s efforts to bring me pleasure. Jason told me that Stan would not actually have sex with me, or even remove his clothes. I didn’t quite understand why Stan would agree to this, but Jason assured me that he was perfectly happy with the arrangement.

Jason and I began to undress in my bedroom as Stan set up his massage table in another part of the house. As we did so we kissed passionately, confirming our love for one another. Then we walked slowly down the hallway and into the room where Stan was waiting.

I was still wearing my panties. Stan never took his eyes off of me as I slowly slipped them down and off. There I stood, totally nude in front of two men for the first time in my life. I was almost as nervous as I was aroused. My emotions were mixed as Stan asked me to mount the table and lie down on my stomach.

Jason stood at a distance of about five feet while Stan’s hands roamed gently over my body. I began to feel uncomfortable, until Stan invited Jason to join us. Jason walked over to the side of the table and gently touched me. I raised my head immediately and looked into his eyes, recognizing the message of assurance he was sending.

So there I lay on the table, naked in the presence of two men, one fully clothed and one beautifully nude. Two sets of eyes were wandering over my body, and two sets of hands caressed me. Jason leaned over and gave me a kiss, which relaxed me, and I surrendered fully to the exploring hands. Stan placed his hands side by side on my body, palms down, then moved them smoothly upward. His fingers fanned out, molding to the contours of my body. Expertly he caressed my flesh, leaving a trail of heat wherever he went.

Jason was also generating heat, and his very touch was making me wet. As he trailed his fingertips down over my sensitive skin, I reached out for his throbbing erection. I held it tenderly, then stroked it lovingly. I love to give this man head. I am totally mesmerized by his engorged cock. I started feeding it into my mouth, wrapping my lips around the shaft, swirling my tongue against the underside. The taste of him made my body tingle. I felt him grow even harder as I took him deep, and then deeper, in my mouth. I grabbed his balls with one hand and began to squeeze them gently. His cock-head felt enormous in my throat as I hungrily engulfed it. In a matter of seconds my lips were rising and falling on his ruddy shaft. Shortly thereafter I came. I came just from the excitement of what I was doing to his beautiful cock, doing it under the eyes of another man who was playing with my body. I was satisfying one man and entertaining another. How absolutely exciting!

Stan’s hands were on my legs now. After I came he ran his hands slowly up my thighs to my ass cheeks and began to knead them as if he were kneading dough. He placed the heel of his hand between my buttocks and pushed, first in one direction, then the other. I purred noisily beneath his touch. I felt the excitement gathering between my legs again. The more Stan massaged my ass cheeks, the wider I spread my legs. As Jason watched, his hand slid seductively over my body in a warm caress. Jason felt between my legs and fondled my wet pussy, igniting my passion further, while Stan watched in turn.

Stan now asked me to turn onto my back. As I did I made eye contact with him, and a jolting surge of lust almost made me reach out and touch him. My tits were now on display to the worshiping eyes of two men. Jason began to caress my right tit as Stan started on the left. For a minute they continued, each of them massaging a breast and a swollen nipple. Then Jason took charge, caressing both of them reverently, then sucking each of them into his mouth. He then proceeded to take first one nipple, then the other between his lips, sucking gently. Instantly I came, kissing him wildly.

I lay there panting hard, sprawled on the table, seeing their eyes traveling down my tanned body. Stan put his hand on my leg and confidently moved it upward. He rubbed my inner thigh while Jason put his hand on my crotch. My clit was hard and throbbing like a second heartbeat. Jason parted my labia with his fingers and barely touched my trigger, and off I went into another moaning orgasm. Once I recovered, I spread my legs wider so he could take my pussy lips between his fingers, pulling them apart to expose my wet interior. As he fingered me I started shaking uncontrollably, feeling another climax inexorably approaching. I could see that Stan was startled by the intensity of my reaction. Each time Jason touched my hard clit, my hips would buck. Each time he played with my pussy, I would go crazy.

Stan was staring into the open folds of my pussy. As Jason paused and withdrew his hand, Stan’s fingers brushed against my soft inner thighs. I spread my legs wider, inviting him to explore further. His hand slid nearer to my crotch and touched my swollen cunt lips, but then moved away. Stan was an effective tease. He would periodically apply pressure to my pussy, then move elsewhere. This tantalizing form of massage left me aroused and eager for more.

Stan continued to slide his hands over my body. I spread my legs even wider, and my knee encountered the hardness in Stan’s trousers as he stood at the side of the table. I looked up into his face and saw his eyes devouring my body like a piece of chocolate cake. I was very turned on by his obvious arousal. He slid his hand up my thigh again, just brushing my muff and caressing my cunt lips. My legs were as far apart as they could get, but I tried to spread them still further as I felt his fingers stroking and probing through my trimmed red bush. I held my lips apart with my fingertips, showing him the slippery pinkness inside. Now Stan didn’t move away; he cupped my breast with his other hand as he slid two fingers directly into my juicy channel. After a minute he retracted them and ran them up and down my slit, looking me square in the eye. I began to moan as he tweaked the wet folds of my vaginal lips, and when he rubbed my clit I felt the tingle of approaching climax. I gasped as his fingers entered my pussy again, and my hips started to gyrate as I fucked his hand. Soon I was jamming my pussy down on his hot hand with spastic thrusts. I was completely out of my senses. Animal noises escaped my lips. My legs flew straight up and I started jerking and thrashing through another screaming orgasm. That one was for Stan.

Jason had watched with pleasure, but it was he who was my lover, and now he meant to show it. I reached to embrace him as he climbed onto the table. He slid his knees between my thighs and placed his shaft at my open pussy. My cunt lips puckered up and kissed the head of his dick. Moving forward, he eased the gentle giant of his masculinity into my hungry furnace. As he did so, Stan slipped his hand between our bodies, his fingers strongly massaging my pussy. The feeling of lust that rippled through me as he rubbed my hot wet cunt, while Jason’s long cock worked in and out of my soupy snatch, was beyond words. Jason rose and fell on me with long powerful strokes, hard enough to rock my entire body. Chills ran through me as he filled my pussy with his wonderful cock. I thought of how excited it must make Stan to think of my wet pussy, wrapped around Jason’s cock, and that thought excited me even more.

Suddenly Jason slowed his powerful movements, and I moaned with disappointment as he withdrew from me. My lover really knows how to drive me over the edge. After a moment he reentered me, slowly this time, but I wouldn’t have any part of that. I wanted every inch of his glorious cock buried in my hungry cunt. I locked my ankles around his muscular back and pulled him to me hard, until that big monster was once again buried inside me.

I filled my hands with the warm flesh of his ass cheeks. Jason has amazing staying power, and now he sent me through half a dozen climaxes while remaining hard as steel, while Stan watched intently, his hand still between our bodies, stroking my pussy lips and presumably Jason’s cock as that magnificent instrument continued to fuck me rhythmically.

After yet another orgasm, Jason and I changed places. I straddled his recumbent form as he ran his hands gently up and down my body, circling my breasts and teasing my nipples. Stan came around the table and put his hands on my ass, kneading it as I moved rhythmically up and down on Jason’s mammoth cock. Again and again I rose high on his shaft and then sank down with tremendous force. Jason’s stomach muscles tightened and his ass rose off the table, pumping up forcefully to meet me. His cock was pulsating madly, sending messages of pleasure through my body. The muscles inside my cunt began to contort. Jason grabbed my waist and pulled me down on his hardness. I wanted to—no, I needed to—feel his hot seed rushing into me. “Come with me, baby,” I panted. “Come with me.” I fucked him hard and I fucked him fast, ramming myself down on his cock, taking it deeper with every stroke. I started rocking my pelvis, totally lost in giving and receiving pleasure. “Now, baby!” I screamed. “Come with me now!”

Let me tell you, he came like a champion. He shot his load so hard I thought I’d go blind. Our bodies convulsed and collapsed on the table. Our mouths met in a heated embrace of abandoned passion. I told him I loved him then, and he said he loved me too.

That scene is still vivid in my mind. It was absolutely marvelous. I’ll remember it forever, and so will Jason and Stan. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drifted off to sleep at night with my fingers in my twat, recalling that spectacular afternoon.

But I felt a twinge of sadness for Stan as he watched our passion. He had taken such good care of me, but no one had taken care of him. However, he left with a huge smile on his face, and a promise from us for further encounters. It may be that our next threesome will not be conditional.—Name and address withheld


I’m one of those guys who works twelve-hour days, so I don’t have much down time. What I do have is a great girlfriend named Lindsay, and a money-hungry ex-wife named Megan.

When I pulled up to my house one Friday night a while ago, I was not very happy to see Megan’s little blue car parked next to Lindsay’s Buick in our driveway. I knew there had to be a money-based battle going on inside. Megan always wants more, and Lindsay feels the need to defend me against her avarice.

But when I entered the house it was quiet, except for some slight muffled sounds from the upper bedroom. There were no lights on, and there was a scent of Patchouli in the air. I went up the stairs and peeked into the bedroom. There I found my beautiful girlfriend lying on the king-size bed, with her face buried between my ex-wife’s thighs. A large dildo was on the bed table.

Megan is a slight woman, five feet tall, with naturally curly chestnut-brown hair reaching to the middle of her back. She has big brown eyes, full lips, small perky tits and a tight ass. She often uses sex as a weapon, and is more of a taker than a giver. Lindsay, on the other hand, is five feet six, with dark auburn hair reaching to her shoulders. She has these flecked hazel eyes that get greener when she is feeling horny. Her tits are very large and firm, and her ass is nice and round. She is a sensual person, and very giving in life and in bed. And she sucks a mean cock.

When I walked in Megan was moaning under the ministrations of Lindsay’s tongue. She was rubbing her own tits, tweaking the hardening nipples between finger and thumb. Her eyes were closed, her legs wide open. Lindsay, propped on her elbows with her ass up in the air, looked up at me, her mouth and lips shiny and sticky with Megan’s juices. Both women were buck naked.

“Wanna taste?” Lindsay asked. I leaned over and kissed her, tasting Megan’s sweet pussy on her lips. The taste brought back memories of how tight and juicy that pussy could get in the throes of passion. I could only hope that this wasn’t just a dream.

I then joined Lindsay between Megan’s legs. Her clit was already enlarged and throbbing. The two of us double-tongued my ex as her ass came up off the bed. Our tongues interacted with Megan’s clit, and with each other. Megan’s hands came down, one on each of our heads. Lindsay gently held Megan’s lips apart while I inserted my tongue and moved it around and in and out of her pussy. At one point Lindsay poured just a bit of chilled wine onto Megan’s cunt, which made Megan thrust her pelvis upward. We lapped up the wine like kittens, our tongues whipping in and out of her hole and around her clit. When she came we both licked up her juices, sharing them with each other as Megan panted and moaned through her orgasm.

“Can we fuck you?” Lindsay asked, as Megan refocused after her hard come. “Let us fuck you, okay?” Megan nodded, still breathing hard.

Lindsay and I stood up now, and Lindsay deftly positioned my ex-wife at the edge of the bed. Her legs still spread wide, Megan lay there quietly playing with herself, inserting her finger into her cunt and using her thumb to stimulate her clit. Lindsay quickly undressed me and urged me into position, guiding my cock to Megan’s opening. I slowly fed my dick into her hot pussy. As I did this, Lindsay came up behind me. I could feel her bush grinding against my back. She wrapped her arms around my waist like she was about to go on some sort of a bike ride. She then began to thrust her pelvis into my ass, ramming my cock further into my ex. The two of us then began to fuck Megan rhythmically. To my surprise, Lindsay really started ramming her hips against me, which made me ram deeper into Megan, who twisted with pleasure and moaned louder the harder I fuckéd her. Her pussy was so wet and hot it was unbelievable as Lindsay and I pumped together back and forth.

Then Lindsay’s grip around my waist loosened and her hands began running up and down my chest, stopping at my nipples. Before I knew it she was on her knees behind me, licking my ass, rimming my anus as I went on steadily fucking my ex. This went on for a few minutes, until Megan came again. I then turned around and began to fuck Lindsay’s mouth. I wasn’t ready to come yet, though. I really wanted to save that for her cunt. At this point I heard the buzz of the vibrator. Megan had picked it up and was using it on herself. I alternated between watching my ex-wife fucking herself and my girlfriend sucking on my big sticky cock. She slurped up and down on it, stopping at the head to work magic with her tongue. All this stimulation was overwhelming, and I had to pull out of Lindsay’s mouth to keep from shooting my load then and there.

Now Lindsay lay down on the bed and demanded to be fucked. “You want this cock?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I want that cock,” she said, and then, pointing to Megan, added, “and that pussy.”

Megan climbed up and sat on Lindsay’s face, and Lindsay’s hands clutched at her ass, holding her there. I got between Lindsay’s thighs and began to fuck her tight wet pussy. She hummed steadily as she lapped at Megan’s cunt, and when I put in a good stroke she moaned and sucked harder, which made Megan arch her back and bite her lip, which turned me on even more. A heavenly domino effect if there ever was one.

Before Lindsay or I could come we switched again. Lindsay was feeling left out of the oral gratification game. I lay on my back as Megan straddled me and rode my cock with this sort of frog-like hopping motion, propelling herself up and down with her legs, her tits bobbing on her chest. While this was happening, Lindsay was sitting on my face and I was sucking and licking her sweet cunt and her sensitive clit. She was facing Megan, and she kept encouraging her to ride me harder. “Fuck that cock!” she moaned. “How does it feel, girl?”

“Yeah, he was always a good fuck,” Megan replied breathlessly. “But you give better head, baby.” With that the two of them leaned forward and kissed each other. To see them swapping spit while one was giving me pleasure and the other taking it made my cock throb even harder, if that was possible.

Finally, the two of them lay side by side over the edge of the bed, their asses sticking up, allowing me to stand behind them and fuck each of them in turn. They held hands as I switched my cock from one to the other. Megan came first, and Lindsay soon followed with a cry of pleasure as I shot my load into her steaming cunt.

After Megan left I asked Lindsay how this had all come about. She told me that Megan had come to the house, bitching about money, as usual, and in the throes of her fit she had looked so sexy that Lindsay had just leaned in and kissed her. Megan’s hands had found their way under Lindsay’s skirt, and next thing they knew they were upstairs. Apparently they’d gotten in about half an hour of sucking and dildo-fucking before I arrived.

Now I make two contributions a month to my ex-wife—one with my checkbook and one with my dick,—D.F., Little Rock, Arkansas


My friend Josie and I have been best friends since high school, and even though we are both married, we are still lovers when the mood strikes. We also work for the same company, and have to travel to Dallas on business every month or so. We usually go together in Josie’s van, taking turns with the driving.

On our last trip we set out early in the morning and got to the city in good time. Our business meeting ended a lot earlier than usual, so we decided to go sightseeing.

We kept getting lost, and ended up on some back road in a kind of semi-rural area. It was kind of cool, and Josie was wearing this thin shirt and her nipples were sticking out. I started feeling horny, and I reached over and started rolling those big nipples in my fingers.

I have to tell you that Josie is a hottie! She’s five feet seven, with really long sandy-blonde hair and a great set of tits. She has really big nipples, and when she’s hot they get huge. She shaves her pussy, and we laugh about that because her husband thinks it’s for him, but it’s really for me. As for me, I’m part Native American. I have long dark hair and size 36C tits. I also shave my pussy because I love getting eaten out.

Josie started squirming in the seat as I played with her nipples, then reached over and gave me a little nipple rub in return. Pretty soon we decided we would pull over somewhere and have some fun. We found a secluded little side road that was surrounded by trees. We figured no one would even see our van, much less us.

Josie took off her shirt and then came and sat on top of me in the passenger seat. I took one big nipple in my mouth and slowly ran my tongue around it, sucking on her tittie. She started unbuttoning my shirt, and the rest of our clothes soon came off. Josie rubbed her titties against mine, nipple to nipple, because she knows how that drives me crazy. I put my finger in her pussy, feeling how wet she was as she ground her cunt against my finger.

We had bought a new double dildo before we left the city, and now we got it out. It was long and flexible. Josie put one end into her pussy and then put the other end in me. We started pumping that dick at the same time, but when Josie saw that I was close to coming she pulled it out of me. We reclined the seat back, and she started eating me out. No one is as good as Josie at eating pussy! She played with my clit till I thought I would scream, then ran her tongue along the edges of my pussy, slowly dipping it in and out.

I’m not sure what it was that made me turn my head, but when I did there was a state patrol officer standing at the window with his huge dick in his hand, stroking himself. I was a little startled but not panicked, and I calmly told Josie that we had an audience. When he realized that we had seen him, he opened the door and asked us what we were doing. Josie laughed and asked him what it looked like. He laughed too, then asked if we minded if he watched. “No,” I told him. “But wouldn’t it be more fun if you joined in?”

I thought he was going to come just at the thought of it. He went around to the side door of the van and we let him in. We told him our names, and he said his name was Phil. Josie and I started eating each other out while he took off all his clothes.

He seemed unsure of what to do then, so he just started stroking himself again as he watched us. We stopped sucking each other and asked him what he wanted to do. He didn’t answer, but he started to caress our breasts. He seemed a little shy, so I climbed on top of him and took his dick inside me. He must have been at least eight inches long. I had never had a dick so big before, and it felt so good! But he was so excited that it only took a couple of pumps before he blew his wad.

We were kind of disappointed, but Phil said that he could get hard again and last longer the next time. We each stroked him, licking his dick and sucking on his balls, and after a few minutes he was ready again. I wanted to feel more of that dick, so I climbed on board again. He put his hands on my waist pulling me further and further down on his cock. When he saw that I was going to come, he stuck his finger in my ass, which made me start yelling for him to fuck me harder. He ground himself so hard into my pussy that his dick felt like a vibrator that couldn’t turn off. I came like a wild woman.

Josie had gotten really hot from watching us, and now she bent over and begged Phil to fuck her doggie-style. As he did she asked me if I would lick her clit while he fucked her. She tasted so good, and she even managed to finger-fuck me at the same time. The two of them fucked in a couple more positions, and he finally came after she sucked him off.

I ate Josie’s beautiful pussy until she came, then put one end of the dildo in her pussy and the other in her ass, and pumped her until she came again.

Phil was ready again, and he was just about to fuck me in the ass when his radio went off. It was his patrol station, asking where he was. We all started laughing. Phil told us he had to go, but that this had been the best day of his life. He gave us his phone number and said we could call him anytime, and then he left.

We headed back home, and now we are definitely looking forward to our next business trip.—S.V., Austin, Texas


One July night last summer I experienced a disastrous double date, which turned into a very enjoyable threeway. My friend Phil and I had arranged to meet our dates at a local country-western bar. When we got there it appeared that the girls had already consumed quite a few drinks before we arrived. As a matter of fact my date, Dotty, had become quite friendly with some other guy she had met earlier in the evening. Within half an hour of our arrival, she blew me off and left with her new male acquaintance.

Phil and his date, Julie, were having a great time, and I seemed to be out of luck. I tried unsuccessfully to get friendly with several unattached girls at the bar, but finally pretty much resigned myself to a lonely night. Julie started feeling sorry for me, and asked me if I wanted to dance. Phil didn’t mind, so she and I hit the floor for a couple of fast dances, and then a slow one. I began to think that it would really be cool if Phil and I could double-team this girl, but I was reluctant to make any obvious overtures, because I didn’t know how she or Phil would react.

Finally the three of us left for Phil’s house, where I had left my car. During the ride Julie kept telling me what a great dancer I was, and how she couldn’t believe that Dotty had jilted such a good-looking guy. She was pretty drunk, and I didn’t know if she was just trying to make me feel better or if she was serious.

Taking a chance, I remarked that if she really felt that way, maybe she would let me join her and Phil for some three-way action. Julie said she didn’t know about that, because she had never done it with two guys before. Phil offered no opinion at all. I brought up the possibility several other times during the ride, but she remained noncommittal and Phil neither rejected nor supported the suggestion.

When we got to Phil’s house, he asked me if I wanted to come in for a drink, and I accepted. Once inside the house, Phil asked me to help him fix the drinks in the kitchen while Julie waited in the living room. While we were fixing the drinks Phil told me that he would find an excuse to leave Julie and me alone for about ten minutes, so I could try to talk her into letting me join them in bed. If I couldn’t, he said, I should take off and leave them alone so they could get down to some serious action.

Phil excused himself to go upstairs and straighten up the bedroom, and Julie and I enjoyed our drinks while I continued to try to convince her that she would really enjoy having sex with two guys. I told her that if she became uncomfortable at any time all she had to do was let me know, and I would leave. When Phil called down and told her to come on upstairs, she smiled at me and invited me to go up with her.

In the bedroom, things progressed rather quickly. When the three of us had removed all our clothing and got into bed, Julie took turns French-kissing us while Phil and I got busy squeezing her tits, playing with her nipples and fingering her pretty blonde pussy. When Phil started sucking one nipple while I sucked the other, her moans of pleasure let me know that I was not going to be asked to leave. Phil left me to enjoy her rather small tits with their perky little nipples, while he kissed his way down her body toward her pussy, which was covered with a nice little tuft of light blonde pubic hair. When her whole body suddenly jerked, I knew that his tongue had found her clit.

Before I knew it I was kneeling next to Julie’s head, sliding my hard cock in and out of her wet, warm mouth while Phil continued to tongue-lash her pussy. Each time I slid my cock into her mouth she took a little more, until finally her nose was nesting in my pubic hair and the head of my dick was actually in her throat. She continued to take me into her throat until I knew that it would not be long before I let loose with a load of come. I could tell from the way she was hunching Phil’s tongue that she was about to have an orgasm of her own. I told her that I was ready to come, and she deep-throated me one more time before I blasted a massive load of jism into her waiting mouth. She was still gulping it down when Phil’s tongue took her over the edge, and she began to shake all over. My cock slid from her mouth, trailing a ribbon of come that she hadn’t managed to swallow. It was a real turn-on, seeing my cock dangling in front of her face, with that small stream of come dripping into her mouth as she orgasmed.

After we had recovered somewhat, Phil asked if I would mind leaving them alone so they could get into some serious one-on-one fucking. Julie started sucking Phil’s dick while I put on my clothes. As I was leaving the room, Phil was sliding a condom onto his cock as Julie spread her legs in anticipation of the fucking she was about to get.

Because of our work schedules, I was not able to talk to Phil about our adventure until almost two weeks later. When I did, he informed me that we were lucky to have had that experience when we did, because several days afterward, Julie had decided to get back together with her ex-husband, so the opportunity would never come again.—B.V., Allentown, Pennsylvania


Rob, my husband of fourteen years, has always had a fantasy about sharing me with another man. I have to admit that since, until recently, he was the only man I’d have ever had, the idea turned me on as well. We had numerous sexual sessions during which we fantasized that four hands were caressing my body, or that another tongue was licking my pussy. All I had to do while he was fucking me was to whisper in his ear that I was sucking on another man’s cock, and it would be enough to finish him off.

The problem is that every time we spoke about actually going through with it, we both got a little nervous and decided it was just a fantasy.

Last Christmas Rob booked us a romantic winter weekend at a luxury hotel. When we had checked in and gone up to our beautiful room, he said he had forgotten his cell phone in the car, and asked me to go down with him to get it. As we waited for the valet to get the phone, he suggested that I walk around the shops in the hotel and meet him in twenty minutes. I was a little puzzled, but it was obvious that he had some sort of plan, so I did as he asked. When I met him back in the lobby, he handed me an envelope and told me to take it up to the room and read it. I gave him a suspicious look, but played along.

I opened the envelope in the elevator. Inside was a piece of beautiful bond paper with a message neatly typed. It read:

“Welcome to the beginning of your dream weekend. The next few hours, I hope, will excite and thrill you beyond your wildest dreams. There will be a series of numbered packages inside the hotel room. Each of them will contain directions that are to be followed explicitly. Do not open anything without being directed to do so. When you are ready, open Number One and follow the directions inside.”

I cautiously entered the room and saw a series of small numbered packages on the bed. I opened the first one. It contained some bath salts, and another message, which read:

“Take the enclosed bath salts, and your toiletries and makeup, and your wristwatch, into the bathroom. Make sure that one of the hotel bathrobes is inside the bathroom. Draw a hot bath and add the bath salts. When the bath is running, and you have completely disrobed, open Number Two.”

The bath salts were my favorite fragrance. I started the bath and opened the second package. Inside was an aromatic candle and another note.

“By now the bath is running with the wonderful smell of your favorite fragrance in the air. Light this candle to help set the mood in the bathroom. Also, place your wristwatch nearby, and then open Number Four. Know that I will be dreaming of your soft skin soaking in the warm, scent-filled water, and that my longing to be with you will be growing by the minute.”

I wondered why he had skipped Number Three. I found out later that it was only a test. Had I opened it I would have found a note rebuking me for not obeying instructions. However, I opened Number Four, in which was a copy of Penthouse Letters, along with the expected note.

“Take this magazine and enter the bath. Do not open any other packages until your bath is complete. Relax, enjoy your soak, read your magazine and dream of all the possibilities that might follow. After thirty minutes, wash your hair and get out of the tub. Once you have dried off and put on the robe, open Number Five.”

I settled into the warm bath and opened the magazine. Rob had folded over a particular page, obviously to draw my attention. On it was a letter that described a threesome with two guys and a woman. It was really hot. I read it and stroked my pussy. I wanted desperately to come, but I also wanted to save it for Rob. Or whatever. I couldn’t help wondering—he couldn’t be planning an actual threesome, could he? My heart raced. I finished my bath, dried off and opened Number Five, to find a bottle of my favorite lotion. The note read:

“I am dreaming of how sweet your skin smells after your bath. Apply this lotion liberally to all those areas that I will want to explore. Then prepare yourself for the rest of your evening. Put on the robe, but do not leave the bathroom until you have applied your makeup and dried your hair. Then, when you are ready to get dressed, leave the bathroom and open Number Six.”

When I was ready I sat on the bed and opened Number Six. A pair of sheer black stockings.

“You know what stockings do to me!” the note read. “I am dreaming of how hot you will look when they are on. I only wish I were there to slide them slowly up your thighs. Put them on and then open Number Seven.”

Number Seven was a black lace garter belt. “The only thing that can make stockings hotter is a garter belt. I hope you like this new one. Put it on and attach the stockings. Know that wherever I am, my breath comes faster as I think of what you look like in this arrangement. Once you have the stockings fastened, open Number Eight.”

Number Eight contained a push-up bra with holes for the nipples. “I love the appearance of your nipples. My heart still races when I glance at them. I long to caress them. I hate when you hide their existence. Please put on this bra so that I may look longingly at them when I see you next. Once you have it on, open Number Nine.”

By now, I had assumed that I was getting dressed in this sexy manner to go out for an evening on the town. When I opened the next package and found a beautiful pearl necklace, that suspicion was reinforced. Until I read the note.

“If there could be any way to make your breasts more beautiful, it would be to highlight them with a new necklace. I hope you like this one. I look forward to seeing it against your soft skin.

“At this point, I hope your excitement has built to the highest levels of arousal and anticipation as to what may follow. But know that you can trust me not to let anything happen that you really don’t want to happen. Now open Number Ten to set the evening in motion.”

What did he mean by not allowing anything to happen that I didn’t want? I wasn’t sure, but I knew that if he meant to fulfill our fantasy, I did want it. I was more than ready for it. I held my breath as I opened Number Ten.

There was only a note. “If you wish to go further, phone my cell phone from the room. I will not answer the phone, so wait for the message request and then say only: ‘I am ready to continue.’ If you do not call, I will cancel the rest of the plan and we will go to dinner. If you do, once you have hung up you may open Number Eleven.”

My heart was racing as I picked up the telephone. But I barely hesitated before dialing the cell phone. When I heard the message request, I whispered hoarsely, “I am ready to continue.” I was breathing hard. With shaking hands I reached for the last package.

Inside were three flavored condoms and a blindfold. The note read:

“Move a chair into position near the bed, facing the door and visible from it. Once you are seated, put on the blindfold. Presently the door will open. Remain seated, with the blindfold firmly in place, and do not make a sound. There will be no speaking, and no peeking. The blindfold must remain on until I remove it. No matter what happens, you are not to reach out and touch. Just relax, and let your mind and imagination, as well as your body, respond freely and fully to anything and everything that may happen. Now sit down on the chair, put the condom with you favorite flavor on the chair between your legs, put on the blindfold and let your fantasy roam wild.”

I put the chair in position, put a condom on the chair and placed the blindfold over my eyes. It was very effective; I couldn’t even peek out the sides. I waited patiently as instructed, but my mind raced. A condom? Rob had a vasectomy. My heart pounded as I imagined the possibilities. After what seemed like hours, I heard the door slowly open.

I felt someone walking past me, and then there was music in the room. I held my breath. A moment later a hand stroked the inside of my thigh and touched my soaking pussy.

Then I heard three distinct knocks. I gasped, and for a moment I thought of ripping the blindfold off and running for the bathroom. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I didn’t move. I was relieved to find that the man touching me was Rob, for now he whispered in my ear to nod if I wanted him to answer the door. I hesitated, and then, very slowly, I moved my head up and down, nodding. Yes.

Rob left me, and I heard the door open and then close. I wondered if maybe Rob might be playing with my mind, that he had just knocked on the wall, that no one had actually entered the room. I had almost convinced myself of this until I felt two pairs of hands caressing my breasts, one from either side of the chair. One of them removed my bra, and the caressing continued. I caught my breath as shudders of passion ripped through my body. Who could the other hands belong to?

Now I felt a hand on my head, turning it to the left. I instinctively opened my mouth and a hard cock slipped in. I danced my tongue around the head. From the feel of it I was pretty sure it was Rob’s. I sucked and licked it, tasting his pre-come. He pulled his cock from my mouth and turned my head to the right. Another cock brushed my lips. I hesitated momentarily, then opened my mouth again. My first taste of another cock! It was slightly bigger than Rob’s, and hard as a rock. I could hear a hoarse moan over the music as I sucked the cock deep into my mouth. I couldn’t tell if it came from the mystery guest or from Rob. The hard rod in my mouth started to stroke gently. Then it was yanked from my sucking lips, and I felt hot come shoot onto my breasts. Within a second, I felt Rob brush up against my left side as he spurted his own come onto my tits. To come so quickly, I thought, they must have been as excited as I was.

I sat there wondering what was next. Someone knelt at my legs and slowly spread my knees, stroking the inside of my thighs. Hot breath tickled my pussy as a tongue approached. I slid down on the seat and spread my legs further to give him access. I knew it was the mystery guest when Rob leaned over and kissed me, telling me how much he loved me. He also told me that every fantasy we had discussed was going to come true. I shuddered as I came on the stranger’s tongue.

After a few glorious minutes, I was helped to my feet and led carefully to the bed. I was guided onto my hands and knees, and someone slid beneath me into a 69 position. Again I felt a tongue lick my slit as I leaned over to find the cock I knew would be there. My instincts told me that it was Rob below me. I felt the bed sag beneath my knees as our guest took up a position behind me. Rob stopped licking my pussy and spread my cunt lips with his fingers. I felt the stranger’s cock nudge against my cunt. I was so wet from all the action that it easily slid in to the hilt—the first cock aside from my husband’s that had ever been there. As the strange cock pumped into me, Rob stroked my clit. I moaned uncontrollably around his cock, which was still in my mouth. I love doggie-style sex, and knowing that my husband was seeing the action so close was bringing me to the edge again.

Just as I was sure I was going to be rewarded with a load of come in my mouth, the action stopped momentarily. Rob slid out from under me and repositioned himself, kneeling up in front of my face and sliding his hard cock back into my mouth. Again the stroking started. I was being bounced back and forth between the cock in my pussy and the one in my mouth. Rob reached over my back and spread my ass cheeks. I knew he was watching the stranger’s hard cock thrusting in and out of my pussy. I sensed that Rob was about to come again, but again he pulled his cock from my mouth, saying that he had more fantasies he needed to fulfill before he came again.

The mystery man also pulled his cock out of me, and I knelt there, wondering what was next. A moment later I felt a lubricated finger probing my asshole. Then another finger started stroking my clit. The probing and stroking continued until I shuddered in orgasm.

Now someone slid underneath me, and someone’s hands guided me down onto the waiting cock. I could tell it was Rob beneath me, and I rode him as I had many times before. He pulled me down onto him, and my come-covered tits pressed into his chest I felt the bed sag again as the other man got into position behind me, and I raised my ass higher in anticipation. I moaned into Rob’s ear as a hot-lubed cock touched my asshole. Rob started whispering in my ear, telling me how much he loved me, how beautiful I was and how I was making him so happy, as the other man’s cock slipped past my sphincter and slowly entered my ass to the hilt.

A cock in my ass and one in my pussy at the same time! It was better than anything we had ever fantasized about. I had never felt so completely filled. They started to stroke in unison, and within a minute, I started to come. Even though I was supposed to remain silent, I moaned in Rob’s ear, telling him again and again that I was coming, that I couldn’t stop. I felt the cock in my asshole spasm as it shot a load deep into my bowels. Rob said he could feel it pumping its come deep into my ass through the thin wall separating their cocks. He stiffened and cried out as he shot his jism deep into my cunt. I collapsed in exhaustion on Rob’s chest as the cocks slowly softened and slid from my ass and pussy.

Rob kissed me deeply and continued to caress my limp body. I was happy to just lie there on his chest, wondering what was next. After a minute, I heard the door to the room open and close again. Was another man entering? We had fantasized about a gang bang once … But then Rob removed my blindfold, and I realized that the mystery man had left. We were alone.

Rob asked me what I thought of his present, and I answered him with a deep kiss. He told me how thrilled he was that we had finally gone through with the fantasy. I begged him to tell me who the mystery man was. He just smiled and said that next time maybe we could do it without the blindfold, and then I would know. I only hope I don’t have to wait for next Christmas.—Name and address withheld


Janet and I have been married for eighteen years, and our sex life is great. But like many couples we often make idle pillow talk about bringing another man into our bedroom. Janet’s always been a quiet, reserved person and much too shy to make love to anyone but me, but that all changed after her recent birthday.

When Janet came home from work, I met her at the door with a “Happy birthday!” and a bouquet of flowers, kissed her and told her that the kids were spending the night with friends so we could be alone. I ran a bath for her while she got undressed, then put some music on the stereo as she went into the bathroom.

After a few minutes I peeked in at her. She was in the tub with her head on a pillow and her eyes closed. Her entire body was underwater except for her legs, which rested on the sides of the tub. She had no idea I was standing in the doorway watching her. The first movement I saw was her hands massaging her breasts just below the water. She gently rolled a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. I watched her pinch them and pull them upwards, moaning low in her throat. One hand moved to her cunt. I could see the water rippling, but as her crotch was lower in the water, I could only guess that she was giving her love button the same treatment as her nipples. Judging from the smile on her face, I’m sure I was right.

I was ready to come in my shorts, so I left her to her own devices. In the bedroom, I set out her sexiest black negligee, then returned to the living room just as her present arrived. It was my good friend Carl. He’s a very muscular six-feet-two with a dark tan and sandy hair. From what I’d seen at the gym, I was sure he carried at least nine inches of prime rib.

I fixed us both a drink, and we sat down on the couch for a few minutes. I told him what Janet was doing in the bathtub, and explained my plans for the three of us. Then I told him to make himself at home while I went to talk to her.

Her eyes opened with a start when I entered the bathroom, but after she saw me she smiled. I kissed her passionately as she played with her pussy.

“What do you think about trying a threesome one night?” I asked.

“Okay,” she replied. We’d gone through this before, and she probably thought I wasn’t serious.

“When?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. One night soon, I guess.”

I moved my hand under the water until it was covering hers as it lay on her crotch. Slipping a finger between hers, I eased into her open pussy. She gasped when I wiggled it, and she continued to manipulate her clit. “Is tonight soon enough?” I asked her.

“What do you mean?”

That’s when I told her that Carl was waiting on the couch. She was embarrassed at first, but the more I told her about my plans for the night, the faster her fingers moved over her cunt. Grabbing my hand, she plunged my finger deep into her pussy and said, “Okay! I can’t wait to get started!”


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