Lets Talk Politics Revisited: History of Blacks in America Politics 1620 - 1972

Lets Talk Politics Revisited: History of Blacks in America Politics 1620 - 1972

by Norman E. Jones


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Norman E. Jones was one America's most knowledgeable African American Journalist in the 20th century. His articles and commentaries created a tremendous amount of discussion about the economic, education, political and social conditions of America's "Negro Population."
The Wall Street Journal called him the Black Don Quixote.
When Jones, who referred to himself as a "Political Junkie", founded the National Black Votes Committee for George C. Wallace for President of the United States. Former United Nation's Ambassador, Andrew Young said Jones, he said he should be in fear of his life. The NAACP's president Julian Bond called to Jones as a political whore. Jones said the "So - Called Black leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpten, phonies. "They have destroyed nearly all of America's Black communities for their own gain, said Jones.
Jones was against the forced integration of public schools. He said Thrugood Marshall a trader to his race when he won the landmark Brown the Board of Education. Thurgood received all of his education at all Negro schools Jones wrote in his columns.
He also attacked the Black preachers (Including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) and educators for various reasons - mostly because the lack of knowledge of America's free enterprise system.
"I'm against integration in every from except money, Jones said. "The only two things that count in America and the world is Money And Money!"

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