Lethal Agent (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Mitch Rapp Series #18)

Lethal Agent (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Mitch Rapp Series #18)

by Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills

Hardcover(B&N Exclusive Edition)

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This Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition includes a Q&A with the author, Kyle Mills.

An unprecedented and terrifying bioterrorism plot threatens to kill millions in the midst of a divisive presidential election in this new thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling Mitch Rapp series.

A toxic presidential election is underway in an America already badly weakened by internal divisions. While politicians focus entirely on maintaining their own power and privilege, ISIS kidnaps a brilliant French microbiologist and forces him to begin manufacturing anthrax. Slickly produced videos chronicling his progress and threatening an imminent attack are posted to the Internet, intensifying the hysteria gripping the US.

ISIS recruits a Mexican drug cartel to smuggle the bioweapon across the border, but it’s really just a diversion. The terrorist organization needs to keep Mitch Rapp and Irene Kennedy distracted long enough to weaponize a deadly virus that they stumbled upon in Yemen. If they succeed, they’ll trigger a pandemic that could rewrite the world order.

Rapp embarks on a mission to infiltrate the Mexican cartels and track down the ISIS leader who he failed to kill during their last confrontation. But with Washington’s political elite increasingly lined up against him, he knows he’ll be on his own.

“In the world of black-ops thrillers, Mitch Rapp remains the gold standard” (Booklist, starred review).

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781982140120
Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Publication date: 09/24/2019
Series: Mitch Rapp Series , #18
Edition description: B&N Exclusive Edition
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 111
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

#1 New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn (1966–2013) created one of contemporary fiction’s most popular heroes: CIA counterterrorist agent Mitch Rapp, featured in thirteen of Flynn’s acclaimed political thrillers. All of his novels are New York Times bestsellers, including his stand-alone debut novel, Term Limits. The Mitch Rapp story begins with American Assassin, followed by Kill Shot, Transfer of Power, The Third Option, Separation of Power, Executive Power, Memorial Day, Consent to Kill, Act of Treason, Protect and Defend, Extreme Measures, Pursuit of Honor, The Last Man, The Survivor, Order to Kill, Enemy of the State, and Red War. American Assassin was released as a major film in 2017.

Kyle Mills is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of nineteen political thrillers, including Red War for Vince Flynn and The Patriot Attack for Robert Ludlum. He initially found inspiration from his father, the former director of Interpol, and still draws on his contacts in the intelligence community to give his books such realism. Avid outdoor athletes, he and his wife have lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for over twenty years. Visit his website at KyleMills.com.

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Lethal Agent 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Best one yet by Kyle Mills. All Mills' Rapp books have been good and true to the Flynn Universe, but Lethal Agent was the one where I could have sworn Vince was typing through Kyle's fingers. GREAT READ!
Anonymous 22 days ago
As a Mitch Rapp Ambassador, i recieved my ARC of #LethalAgent and once i started reading it i could not put it down. Kyle Mills has done another outstanding job with Vince Flynn's legendary Mitch Rapp. This was a thrill ride from start to finish, it was edge of your seat reading and it does not disappoint.#MitchRappaisBack and better than ever!!! This is a must read for all Rapp fans
Anonymous 4 days ago
Couldn't put it down, great thriller with all the trimmings; Rapp, crooked politicians, cartels, Arab extremists, biological scares. Gimme more and soin!!!!!
Anonymous 6 days ago
great story and relevent for these times
Anonymous 7 days ago
Despite a couple of murky descriptive paragraphs, this IS a Mitch Rapp story! Thank you Mr. Mills for your hard work. The story was pulled right out of the headlines and believable. I think the American people are smarter than the greedy politicians give them credit for and when fiction begins to look like reality, enough is enough. Looking forward to next story. Let's hope every American gets an opportunity to read this series.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Excellent job Mr. Mills. I think Vince Flynn would be proud.
Anonymous 20 days ago
never a dull moment
ROBUSN 1 days ago
First off, I would like to thank the publishers for an Advance Reader's Copy of LETHAL AGENT. I thought that this was one of the BEST in the Mitch Rapp series, definitely the best in the Kyle Mills era. Starts where the last book in the series left off, and takes off like a rocket. Very different settings than past books, and quite interesting because of it. Plot was very well done, moving along at a great pace until the crescendo at the end. I defy you to put down this book in the last 60 pages - can't be done in my opinion. Keep up the great work, Mr. Mills - Vince Flynn would be proud!
Anonymous 8 days ago
Anonymous 8 days ago
That's a good one.
Anonymous 8 days ago
EileenHutton 9 days ago
A divided country in the midst of a toxic campaign season. An ISIS leader determined to use that division to bring America to its knees. Only Mitch Rapp can stop the death and destruction. When a shipment of anthrax is found hidden among drugs being smuggled macross the border, a presidential candidate sees an opportunity to create distrust of America’s intelligence agencies, and further her ascent to power. But Mitch Rapp is sure that this is just a distraction. When the CIA finds that ISIS is manufacturing a bio weapon that will kill on an unprecedented level, Mitch must go deep undercover with the Mexican cartels to stop the virus from reaching the US. Filled with nonstop action and nail biting suspense, this may be the best entry ever in Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series. Kyle Mills is a hell of a writer!
Anonymous 12 days ago
An anti-conservative diatribe by "Hillary Clinton-Mills" with some Mitch Rapp thrown in. Claudia is a load; she wants to change Mitch instead of change for him. Ever since Mills got involved, Rapp is some philosophical wreck; Stan Hurley would kick Rapp's a**, and tell him to take off his mother's apron. Rapp is dead, long live mediocre writing.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Flynn lives. With magic and the imagination of Kyle Mills, Mitch Rapp once again saves the world. This time it's timely and believable to the extent that it's down right scary it could actually happen and there would be no Rapp or Kennedy to stave the day.
Anonymous 12 days ago
PunkPrincessLA 12 days ago
Another exciting entry in the Mitch Rapp series timeline. I love what Kyle Mills has done with Rapp and his path, with this entry truly harkening back to older novels in the series. It was a fascinating take on potential future "non-traditional" warfare with an often chilling look at what our country and planet could be in for. Additionally, the political elements in this novel really highlight and mimic the divisiveness that exists now in several countries. I found myself agreeing with both Mitch and Claudia in their various assessments of the state of the United States and I love that Kyle did not shy away from the topic. As usual, there was a good deal of Mitch being Mitch and doing things the rest of us mere mortals could not hope to do, but that is a good part of the reasons he is such a beloved character. This was truly a wonderful entry in his ongoing life.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Awesome book, builds up the characters then goes into non stop action! Loved it, read it in 3 days
ctgblue 12 days ago
Vince Flynn – Lethal Agent, A Mitch Rapp novel by Kyle Mills Mitch Rapp is back in this “too close to home to not be frightening” new book. Mitch is after an old nemesis who has regrouped and is about to unleash a terrifying biological attack on the USA. The scariest part of this book is that you can see the current political drama where one group is purposely weakening America’s ability to protect itself, strictly for Political Gain. Then using tragedies to push an agenda. Making its way from the middle east and Africa, the porous southern border becomes the last stand to keep this disease from being unleashed on an unsuspecting public. It’s another “can’t put down” book for me, as many of the Mitch Rapp books have been. Order it now, wherever you get your paper copy books or ebooks. #MitchRappIsBack, #LethalAgent
Anonymous 13 days ago
Very slow read at first. Wondering if it really was a Mitch Rapp story. Not a real Mitch Rapp read until about midway through, then, fasten your seatbelts for one of the best Mitch Rapp finishes yet.
Anonymous 13 days ago
The book started slow but continued to pick up speed until the end. The ending was great. I would recommend this book to be read
Anonymous 14 days ago
Anonymous 14 days ago
I was devastated when Vince Flynn passed away. A fantastic author and, from what I understand, human being, and I feared I would never have new Mitch Rapp books to enjoy. Boy, am I glad to have been wrong! The Rapp books Kyle Mills has written have all been very good. "Lethal Agent" is my favorite so far. I didn't want to put it down. The story was fun in that Mitch Rapp was working in an unfamiliar environment (Mexico instead of the Middle East) trying to stop a pandemic. There were several unexpected funny moments, too. It's a page turner I'd definitely highly recommend.
Anonymous 14 days ago
Great read finished in 3 days
Anonymous 15 days ago
Anonymous 18 days ago
I'll be the first to admit that when Vince Flynn passed, I thought that the Mitch Rapp series was done. But Kyle Mills has continued to take Mitch Rapp and the other characters that Vince created and create great new adventures for them. Some of these characters have developed in ways I never would have dreamed (Mitch and Claudia Gould for example). "Lethal Agent" is another great story that is new and relevant, whiles staying true to Vince's vision. I would recommend it to anyone that is a fan of Vince Flynn.